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Week 13
Week 13
Week 13
Week 13
Week 13
Week 13
Week 13
Week 13
Week 13
Week 13
Week 13
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Week 13


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  • 1. Week 13: 6 April 2011 WRA 110.742
  • 2. Today's Agenda
      • ICYDK
      • Readings
      • When media collide
      • Introducing Project #5
      • Sample book trailers
      • More readings
      • Planning, Scripting, Storyboarding
      • Wrap-up: Choosing texts, groups, etc.
  • 3. In Case You Didn't Know
    • I'm out of town attending a conference in Atlanta right now. So that's why we're having a virtual class.
  • 4. Let's start with some readings...
      • Before you go any further, please read the following:
        • Carr, "The Fall and Rise of Media" (BTW 2010)
        • The Onion, "Area Eccentric Reads Entire Book" (BTW 2009)
  • 5. When media collide
      • We've all seen films that are based on books (recent feature films include  Lord of the Rings , Harry Potter , The Time Traveler's Wife , Eat, Pray, Love, The Road, Green Zone , etc.) 
      • What kinds of texts are easy to transform into video form?
      • What makes them easy to transform?
  • 6. When media collide
      • What if we take that further? 
      • What kinds of texts are difficult to transform into videos?
      • Why are they difficult? Why do they resist the transformation?
      • Why do *we* resist the transformation?
      • What kinds of questions do we need to ask ourselves about the whole process?
  • 7. Project #5: The Book Trailer Video
      • Project #5 asks us to do those things. 
      • We will wrestle with the kind of print text that generally resists a video transformation.
      • We will wrestle with the questions that arise from transforming media.
  • 8. Let's look at some sample book trailers...
    • Pride and Prejudice and Zombies: Dawn of the Dreadfuls:
    • Packing for Mars:
    • Going West:
    • I Am In The Air Right Now:
  • 9. Let's read a bit more:
      • Baker, "In a World...Where Books Are Hyped Like Movies"
      • Jaszi, "Watch Before Reading"
  • 10. How to Start With Video
      • To create a coherent Project #5, you need to do a significant amount of planning and preparation before you begin shooting footage or entering into the video editing environment. 
      • Once you've chosen your text (and your group, if you go that path) planning and scripting/storyboarding are a good place to start. Take a look at's discussion of planning, scripting, storyboarding .
      • Here's a sample of a storyboard in someone's book trailer creation process.
  • 11. Wrap-Up
    • I am starting a document in Google Docs where we will add everyone's groups (if any) and choice of texts for the projects. Please add yours as soon as they are chosen. I will respond with my approval, any comments, etc.
    • On Monday I will post a survey of tech access and literacy for all of us to take. Please watch for it.
    • By next Wednesday: Please have your text and group members, if any, confirmed.
    • Have a great week!