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  1. 1.  The leading BER in the Indonesian language serves as forming verbs or adjectives. Formed verb has no object (intransitive), but may have complementary or description. Due to the resulting verb intransitive prefix BER , the verb can not be pacified with the prefix in-. The prefix BER will turn into: be- if the initial interest-er-containing or basic word starting with the letter r. bel- for special cases, namely: Belajar.
  2. 2.  BER- prefix meaning: 1. Have : Beratap, Beristri, Berkumis 2. Use or wear: Berpakaian, Bermobil. 3. Produce: Berternak, Bertelur. 4. In quantity or multiples: Bertiga, Berjuta. 5. Recognize or call as: Bersaudara. 6.To act or work as: Bertani, Bertinju. 7.Are in a state: Bergembira, Berbahagia. 8. Declare acts of reciprocity: Bergulat, Bertukang 9. Declare acts of the self: Belindung, Bersembunyi. The prefix areas are associated with per-prefix, such as "multifaceted" and "square".
  3. 3.  The prefix areas may turn into BE-, or BEL- fixed BER as follows : PREFIX FACTS EXAMPLE When met with words Be - rasa, Be- roda BE - that began with the Be-rumah, Be-kerja letter r or the first dan be – serta . syllable ends with er When met with ajar Bel - Ajar BEL - words When met with words Ber - ayah BER - other than those Ber – bentuk , Ber – mentioned above. bentuk , Ber –kepak , and Ber – tenaga .
  4. 4.  Meaning Prefix BER -The prefix BER- have several meanings, ex:(A) Has .... Berayah = Have Father Beribu = Have Mother (B) Wear .... Berpakaian = Wearing Clothes(C) Climbed Up or Riding .... Berkereta = Boarded the train Berbasikal = Riding Basikal(D) Use .... Berpayung = use an umbrella Bertongkat = use a stick
  5. 5. (E) Issuing or Producing .... Berbunga = Issue a flower Bertelur = Produce eggs(F) Strive .... Bersawah = Strive rice-fields Berkedai = Strive tavern(G) Say .... Berdoa = Utter Prayer Berjanji = Utter Promise(H) Shows the attitude .... Berkasar = Showed rude attitude Berlembut = Showed soft attitude
  6. 6. (I) in the state .... Bergembira = In the excited state Berduka = In the grief state(J) Acts on yourself .... Berlindung = Shaved myself Bersembunyi = Hid themselves(K) There are things ... Berbahaya = There is danger Berduri = There is barbed(L) Applies or works as a .... Berdukun = Acts as a healer Berguru = Working as a teacher
  7. 7. The prefix BER - serve as forming a verb. Meaning of prefix areas are as follows : States that active actions. For example : Berkelahi, and Bernyanyi. Stating the state. For examples: Berbelok, Berbahagia. Declare the meaning set consisting of the numbers on the basic form. For example: Berdua (sets of two) Stating the meaning of committing that which is in the basic form. For example: Berpakaian (to wear) and Bertani (field seeking). To declare the meaning of what you have is the basic form. For example: Berayah (has father) and Berpenyakit (have the disease).
  8. 8. 1) Ber - will change to be-if it is attached to the base word ends with the first syllable er. Example: Bekerja.2) Ber - will turn into a bell-when attached to the base word vowel begins. Example: Belajar and belunjur.