Business Condolence Letter


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Free Sample Business Condolence Letter is available here.

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Business Condolence Letter

  1. 1. Summary: A business condolence letter sample can at times be helpful in formulating thoseimpressive sentences, which can communicate your intended message in its true spirit after adequatecustomization.A condolence letter is always an effective way to communicate your sympathies for the concernedindividual, in situations where you are not able to personally convey the same. Similarly, in thecorporate world, one can write business condolence letter, to officially offer sympathies to the affected.A business condolence letter can be written on occasions such as deaths, and other non recoverablelosses, though the majorities are written on death alone and seldom can you find any condolence letterwritten for any other cause. This section contains business condolence letter samples, written for twodifferent occasions, one for internal communication on death of an employee, and the other on death ofa supportive business partner.Depending upon your requirements, you can refer to any of these to write a striking businesscondolence letter. However, note that, as these letters involve an emotional aspect, they don’t requireintricate language, and can be written in simple words. This will ensure that, the addressee party is ableto grasp the intended message, in its true sense. Always remember that, the prime purpose of the letteris to convey the condolences, and so these should be precisely written with no irrelevant information.Considering the professional nature of the letter, care should be taken that you don’t share personalinformation, while going overboard with your emotions.Sample business condolence letter 1(Written for internal communication on death of an employee)Alvia BrownHR ManagerHerne Steel IncAlaska – 6713United StatesDate: 13th October, 2011All (family, relatives, friends and colleagues)Herne Steel IncAlaska – 6713United StatesSub: Letter of Condolence on sad demise of Allison CoxDear All,It is with a heavy heart and sad feelings that I am writing this letter on behalf of our organization toconvey our sympathies to the family, friends and colleagues of Ms. Allison Cox.Ms. Allison was a great person and truly a dedicated professional. Over the years, she had become anintegral part of the organization, and her absence can never be fulfilled. She would be deeply missed inthe office and family. The energy she carried with her, had revived all of us many times when we weredepressed or exhausted. Her smile had a tranquilizing effect, and we all would forget all our worries.Her interpersonal skills were acknowledged and appreciated by everyone in the company. We are
  2. 2. well aware of her professional expertise and the value she added to all works undertaken by her. Aperfectionist in herself, she always ensured that quality was never compromised at any time in all herprojects.As a tribute to her, we have decided to rename the conference hall after her name as ‘AllisonConference Room’. Whoever wants to express their condolences, can put her letter on the staff noticeboard. There has been a separate space allocated for the same.Through this letter, may we all pray for her sole to rest in peace, and bring comfort to all.Sincerely,(Signature)Alvia BrownHR ManagerHerne Steel IncBusiness condolence letter sample 2(Written from one firm for another partnering business entity) Anderson Scott General Manager Hot Manufacturers Co 5650 W moose Rd Wasilla Alaska – 5412 United States Tel: (503) 474 0078 Email: gm@hotman.comDate: October 13, 2011Mr. Brian CooperManaging DirectorZagar Inc4712 NW Bloomberg StWhittierAlaska – 5012United StatesTel: (503) 332 5082Email: Letter of Condolence
  3. 3. Dear Mr. Cooper,I am writing this letter on behalf of ‘Hot Manufacturers Co’, and all its employees, to offer our deepestsympathies on the sudden demise of your General Manager Mr. Theodore Wallace.A visionary, and a simple person, Mr. Wallace has played a great role in framing the tie up between boththe firms, and taken our relation to new heights. His contribution to the growth of both the companiescan never be forgotten. A true professional, his dedication and commitment to any project was asource of motivation to all the employees. The positive vibes and energy dispersed by him would havechallenged even the young generation of employees.His guidance and ability to anticipate would be a huge loss to both the companies. We pray to God thathis soul rest in peace, and grant your company the courage and strength to bear the loss sustained.Sincerely,(Signature)Anderson ScottGeneral ManagerHot Manufacturers CoWe hope that you find the above given business condolence letter examples informative, and helpfulin drafting an influential letter for business condolence. If you are looking best resume samples we willrecommend you to check this sample resume and resume examples