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General Quiz

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General Quiz

  1. 1. Questions set by ARINDAM GOSWAMI, NALBARI COLLEGE A Short General Hub Quiz
  2. 2.  X vibration syndrome or X ringing is the sensation and false belief that one can feel one’s mobile phone vibrating or hear it ringing, when actually its not.  In 2012, the term made its way to Australia as Macquarie Dictionary’s “Word Of The Year”.  X was the first fictional superhero to wear the skintight costume that has now become a hallmark of comic book superheroes.
  3. 3.  In 1886, president, Grover Cleveland ordered that X will serve as a lighthouse. After several failed attempts, the electrical lights were lit and those electric arc lights were able to be seen from a distance of 24 miles away. X functioned as a lighthouse for next 16 years, until March1, 1902.
  4. 4. The picture had never played in a Los Angeles-arena cinema during the intervening 20 years and was not eligible for Oscar consideration until it did.
  5. 5. Fill In The Blanks
  6. 6. Name her .
  7. 7. Pramilla Rani Brahma : “The fact that the film shows Bodo militants in Manipur reflects how poorly it was researched.” Rabiram Narzary : “It makes Bodo militants look like some sort of barbarians. The film is not only slanderous but shows the entire community in very bad taste, as if we are all blood thirsty monsters.” Bharat Narah : “We cannot allow anything that depicts our own people in poor taste. The film is nothing but slanderous. Bollywood filmmakers need to be more sensitive while depicting tribal
  8. 8. Give X
  9. 9. Clay animation or claymation is one of many forms of stop motion animation. Each animated piece, either character or background, is "deformable"—made of a malleable substance, usually Plasticine clay. This technique was first used in bollywood in the movie X. Walt Disney Company Home Entertainment, which acquired 33 percent of UTV Software Communications, bought the DVD rights of X for distribution in North America, the United Kingdom, and Australia for 7 crore (US$1.68 million). This marked "the first time an international studio has bought the video rights of an Indian film.
  10. 10. ___ A micro-recipe written in 140 characters or less. Sometimes cryptic. Sometimes open to interpretation. Always textable and tweetable. ___ Ingredients: Water = H2O Flour = flr Blueberries = blubry Frozen = frzn Recipes = rcips Vegan = vgn Soy milk = soymlk Tempeh = tmph coconut Ice Cubes = CoCoIce Salt and black pepper = s&p
  11. 11. Give me the term..
  12. 12. Who was X ?
  13. 13. Who’s he ?
  14. 14. What term ?
  15. 15. Hatigaon, Bhetapara, Beltola, Dispur , Downtown, Sixmile, Noonmati, Jalu kbari, Adabari, Chandmari, Ulubari …
  16. 16. Thank you all for being a part of the quiz!