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  • 1. Data Center Solution & Migration
  • 2. Data Center Solution & Migration Part of the design Company Space Matrix Group of Companies who have a strong technology solution back ground and have implemented numerous projects for our clients across Asian Region • Founded in May 2001 • Headquartered in Singapore • 11 Offices in Asia • 250+ Team Members • 400+ Projects • 2006 Revenue S$38 Million • 2007 Forecast at S$65 Million • Strong Management Team • Strong Technical Team
  • 3. Data Center Solution & Migration CONNECTIVA Space Matrix Space Matrix Design Technologies Consultants Engineering Implementation Design Team Product Team Support Team Team Team
  • 4. Data Center Solution & Migration • Strategic Planning • Interior Design • Design and Build • Project Management • Architecture Design • Architectural Process Outsourcing (APO) • IT Services • IT Outsourced Services ( Contact Center , BPO , KPO) • Rendering and Animation
  • 5. Data Center Solution & Migration • Solutions • Technologies • Practices • Services • Storage Consolidation • Network Appliance • Storage Management • Data Protection • Symantec/SUN • Backup Assessment • Remote Backup Services • Disaster Recovery • Network Appliance/Hitachi/ • Disaster Recovery & BCP • DR Services • Storage Security • Brocade EMC • StorageAudit • • Replication Services • Enterprise Routing • Juniper Networks / Cisco • Infra. Design & Consultancy • Remote Monitoring/Remote • Application Acceleration • Citrix/ F5 / Radware • Network Audit • Management • Bandwidth Optimisation • Juniper WX/WXC • Bandwidth Audit • Content Delivery Networks • Bluecoat • Facility Management Services • Internet Optimisation • Infrastructure Security • Juniper , Cisco • Security Audit • Content Management • Trend Micro • VA/PT • Antivirus / Antispam • Identity Management • RSA • ISO27000 • Auto Patch Service • Email Security • Ironport • Blue Coat • SOX • Managed Security Services • HIPAA • Application Audit
  • 6. Data Center Solution & Migration • Turnkey IT Environment Design/Build Construction • IT Environment Construction/Project Management • Engineering Services • Data Center Design Criteria/Guideline Consulting • IT Environment Availability Analysis & Assessment • Office Environment Space Planning & Layout Design • Structured Cabling Design & Installation • Passive components sizing, Design & Implementation • Network/Server/Storage Design & Implementation • Collaborative Communication Design & Implementation
  • 7. Data Center Solution & Migration Space Matrix currently has 11 offices across Asia • Singapore (HQ) • Australia • Thailand • Hong Kong • India, Bangalore • India, New Delhi • India, Mumbai • India, Hyderabad • India, Kolkata • India, Pune • India, Chennai We have presence in China, Vietnam through tight partnerships with local companies in these countries.
  • 8. Data Center Solution & Migration Where Can we Demonstrate Business Value Deliver Utility performance The value of SPACE MATRIX lies primarily in delivering key applications Provide Better control • We will continually demonstrate the value Promote Business agility that the infrastructure brings to those key applications Provide Greater productivity •We will be able to successfully deliver the applications that are running on your required network Support Technological Complexity
  • 9. Data Center Solution & Migration
  • 10. Data Center Solution & Migration Messaging Services Desktop Help Desk Enterprise Help Desk in House Field Based agents and Mass Desktop Refresh Projects Network Printer Consolidation Enterprise Exchange/Outlook Email Enterprise technicians for Level 3 Enterprise Help Desk System and Refresh Enterprise Desktop Management Systems Collaboration tools Active Directory, DNS Security Servers Reliable, High Performance, Enterprise-Wide IT Infrastructure CVE : Collaborative Virtual Enterprise Security Operations Center Computer New HP Blade Server and the Data Center Consolidation Enterprise Security Incident Response Center Secure Internet and refresh of servers Migration of servers to the data center Gateway “People – Processes – Technology ” Certification Ready Migration Network WAN – VPN Links , Exchange Servers , Active Directory, Security
  • 12. Data Center Solution & Migration PHASE 1 PHASE 2 PHASE 3 • Mailing • MS Exchange • Video Conferencing • Virtual Desktop • WEB Hosting • Remote CRM • Shared Storage • Archival • Collaborative Communication Support 100 to Support 20000 to Support 60000 to 20000 Users 60000 Users 125000Users
  • 13. Data Center Solution & Migration 1 2 3 4 Consulting Design Procurement Execution Planning ACTIVITIES  needs assessment  preliminary design  selection of suppliers or  supervision of the  initial situation  functional schemes setting up short lists execution planning  capacity requirements  description of technical  purchasing of equipment  construction details  reliability requirements and services, or systems and building  construction drawings  handling of tendering  security requirements  client´s acceptance +  graphic projection and  tender documents  expansion plans adjustments dimensioning of  location analysis  final design  tendering installation  risk analysis  detailed drawings of  assessment  instructions for installation  functional concept systems and building  contract awards  floor concept  detailed lists of required  detailed specification of material with quantities  preliminary dimensioning  control and approval of of technical equipment systems delivery  shaft plans  cost estimate  cost calculation  time schedules and  budget cross check interfaces RESULTS  concept describing:  preliminary design  tender prepared and  construction and capacity, reliability and documents executed installation documents security, equipment, costs  client´s acceptance  equipment and services  construction drawings  road map for planning and  final design documents purchased  material lists implementation  cost calculation  basis for functional tendering
  • 14. Data Center Solution & Migration 5 6 7 8 Construction + Constant Handing Over Operation Installation Improvement ACTIVITIES  construction and  performing tests runs  IT operation (different  regular audits installation  system performance checks SLAs)  energy efficiency checks  supervision  preparing the necessary  infrastructure operation  continuous adjustment to  project management documents  security services changes of equipment monitoring time, quality  manuals, technical  facility management and of loads and costs descriptions, as is- services  certifications coordinating interfaces drawings  controlling warranty periods of different specialist operation instructions  monitoring and checking works  test certificates defined performance monitoring the  defining inspection and levels compliance with maintenance specifications, operations  training operational staff drawings and building  official handing over approvals RESULTS  data center ready for  data center ready for  operation of the data  continuously updated final checks and handing operation center data center over
  • 15. Data Center Solution & Migration 1 2 3 4 Location and Site Business Case HR Requirements Data Center Selection Inventory Mapping ACTIVITIES  options of different locations  ten year business plan with  propose organisation  mapping of IT hardware  options of different sites detailed assumptions structure inventory to physical within locations  sizing and capacity build  functional roles and infrastructure  inter-site evaluation matrix phases responsibilities  labelling, tagging and incorporating over 100 factors  capital structure and capex  job profiles signage guidelines with customised weightages deployment  ramp up strategy  transposition of As Built  opex and fill rate drawings to AutoCAD  financial analysis through scenario build RESULTS  grading of locations and  budgeting and investment  HR blueprint to commence  inventory database to sites recommendation data center operations support HelpDesk operations  recommendation for best fit and align to ITIL framework
  • 16. Data Center Solution & Migration Define Customer Goals Develop & Expectations Develop Communications Plan Manage Stakeholders Strategy, Performance Define High-Level Baseline & Planning Requirements & Targets Develop & Approve Business Case Manage Business Case & Value Assess Capabilities Realization Develop Business -Driven Strategy, Develop Performance Reporting Control Change & Manage Program Progress Define Operating Model & Infrastructure Services Review Strategy, Identify & Design Validate Develop Infrastructure Operating Model, Understand Decompose Management, Management, Standards & Service Catalogue Process Organization Management, Project & Project & Analyze Current & Role Impact Project & Operations Operations Develop Detailed Management, Project, Operations Processes Processes Infrastructure & & Operations Processes Processes Operations Procedures Analyze Target Business Process Models & Current Security Solution Application Blueprint Develop Infrastructure Workplace Design Build Test Deploy Migrate, Design & Technology Develop Application & Strategy & Infrastructure Infrastructure Infrastructure Infrastructure Re-Platform, & Infrastructure Inventories Deploy Development Detailed & Operations & Operations & Operations & Operations Decommission Business Datacenter Architecture Architecture Architecture Architecture Applications Conduct Detailed Case Performance Baseline Network Confirm Process Design Roles, Build Roles, Staff New Organization Conduct Training Designs & Assess Organization, Organization, Current Performance Performance Performance People Goals, Goals, Pilot Training Perform Detailed Training & Training & Pilot Organization & Organization Impact Performance Performance Perform Production & Training Needs Analysis Support Needs Support Needs Launch Communications Simulation Operating - Conduct On-Going Operations
  • 17. Data Center Solution & Migration Support Acceptance on support service Define Escalation Matrix Incident Management Procedure
  • 18. Data Center Solution & Migration • What’s the same •Business Drivers – Security – Maximize ROI – High availability – Reduce costs – Improve performance – High performance – Improve manageability – Hosting business critical – Greater control and Security applications • Trends – Consolidation • Change is constant Location • Need to know how Infrastructure change impacts users of data-center hosted – Virtualization applications – Cluster and Grid Computing – Service Oriented Networking – Greening (Power)
  • 19. Data Center Solution & Migration Power and cooling constraints are very real issues Changing Business Needs, Regulatory requirements Acquisitions and integration of and impact on IT Data centers Disaster recovery planning is Sprawling IT non-negotiable infrastructure is increasingly hard to manage Ability to deploy new services is Under-utilized, inefficient systems critical to remain competitive are limiting growth
  • 20. Data Center Solution & Migration Fully meshed and redundant networks powered by flagship Cisco products. Redundant power systems with back-up generators and UPS systems. Sophisticated fire detection and FM-200 gas suppression systems. Advanced HVAC systems providing optimal server operating conditions. Tamper-resistant computing hardware, designed to protect customer transactions from all possible intrusions. A sophisticated security shield to protect your data from hackers.
  • 21. Data Center Solution & Migration
  • 22. Data Center Solution & Migration  Discrete communications  Unified messaging/communications  Limited B2B Integrated B2B (eg web services)  Video Conferencing  IM / Chat
  • 23. Data Center Solution & Migration Data Centre Router QOS Customer Office Firewall Gateway Layer Firewall Layer 3 Authentication Redundancy Core Switch Core Layer eMail Security EMS Console Layer 3 Web Optimisation Redundancy Firewall Firewall Distribution Layer Access Switch WAN Link Optimise Storage Server Farm Storage Disaster Recovery Site Performance Optimisation
  • 25. Data Center Solution & Migration
  • 26. Data Center Solution & Migration •Scalable / Modular / Flexibility •Available & Redundant •“Right Size” Technology •24 Hour On-Site Remote Hands Service and Security •Under Floor Water Dams with Liquid Sensors •Conditioned Redundant Power •Automated Monitoring of Power, Environmental, Fire Detection and Prevention •Raised Floor Facility •Cooling upto 8kw Per Rack on Center ( NOC )
  • 27. Data Center Solution & Migration
  • 28. Data Center Solution & Migration PHASE 1 PHASE 2 PHASE 3 2009 2010 2011 RACKS 16 RACKS 24 RACKS 48 RACKS AREA 16 50 SQFT 1650 SQFT 3300 SQFT POWER COOLING
  • 29. Data Center Solution & Migration SERVER LOADS Power Power Cooling Power Total Number of TOTAL POWER requirement @ requirement in equipment AC requirement in Year Racks WITH AC LOAD 3kW / Rack kVA tones. kVA [Cumulative] [Cumulative] [Cumulative] [Cumulative] [Cumulative] [Cumulative] 2009 16 48.00 60.00 30.00 55.00 115.00 2010 24 72.00 90.00 30.00 55.00 145.00 2011 48 144.00 180.00 60.00 110.00 290.00 UPS SIZING FOR SERVER LOADS Power Power Total Number of Capacity required Recommanded Final with N+1 requirement @ requirement in Year Racks @ 80% loading UPS Configuration 3kW / Rack kVA [Cumulative] [Cumulative] [Cumulative] [Cumulative] [Cumulative] [Cumulative] 2009 16 48.00 60.00 75.00 1 x 80kVA 2 x 80kVA 2010 24 72.00 90.00 112.50 2 x 80kVA 3 x 80kVA 2011 48 144.00 180.00 225.00 3 x 80kVA 4 x 80kVA
  • 30. Data Center Solution & Migration Data Center Design compliant to Tier II/ III Standards as per UTI and TIA 942 Scalable Power and Cooling Infrastructure Support + for 3 Years growth Plan
  • 31. Data Center Solution & Migration
  • 32. Data Center Solution & Migration
  • 33. Data Center Solution & Migration All servers today are designed for front Cool air in, warm air out to back airflow “ Cooling Efficiency Directly Impacts Server Performance “
  • 34. Data Center Solution & Migration
  • 35. Data Center Solution & Migration
  • 36. Data Center Solution & Migration
  • 37. Data Center Solution & Migration
  • 38. Data Center Solution & Migration The CRAC Unit ( PAC) can be based on Direct Expansion (DX ) where the air circulating to and from the Data Center is cooled directly by the refrigerant There may be some mixing of hot and cold air in this Design
  • 39. Data Center Solution & Migration The CRAC Unit ( PAC) can be a Chilled water system where the air circulating to and from the Data Center is cooled by the chilled water generated at a central or dedicated chiller ( Water is cooled by refrigerant ) There may be some mixing of hot and cold air in this Design
  • 40. Data Center Solution & Migration
  • 41. Data Center Solution & Migration
  • 42. Data Center Solution & Migration Cold air entering the Cold Aisle is Contained , to avoid even minimal mixing with hot air Cold Air is delivered Under floor ELIMINATION OF HOT AIR MIXING WITH COLD BY PROVIDING CONTAINMENT OF THE COLD AISLE
  • 43. Data Center Solution & Migration
  • 45. Data Center Solution & Migration
  • 46. Data Center Solution & Migration
  • 47. Data Center Solution & Migration
  • 48. Data Center Solution & Migration
  • 49. Data Center Solution & Migration Piped special cooling fluid can be delivered to the racks from a central cooling system
  • 50. Data Center Solution & Migration The pipes then deliver the cooling fluid to cooling units mounted on specific racks where the load is high This solution generally is offered for rack densities upto 10 kw
  • 51. Data Center Solution & Migration Room Solution for rack densities up to 26 kW per rack
  • 52. Data Center Solution & Migration
  • 53. Data Center Solution & Migration
  • 54. Data Center Solution & Migration Upto 30 kw per single rack and 15 kw in dual rack Internal details of the in rack cooling heat configuration can be cooled by in rack cooling exchanger coupled to a server rack Server Rack 15kw Cooling Unit Cooling Server Rack – 30 kw Server Rack Unit 15kw
  • 55. Data Center Solution & Migration Uptime Institute Standards / Definitions Tier 1: Single path for power and cooling distribution, no redundant components – less than 28.8 hours of downtime/year Tier 2: Single path for power and cooling distribution, redundant components – less than 22.0 hours of downtime/year Tier 3: Multiple power and cooling distribution paths, but only one path active, redundant components, concurrently maintainable – less than 1.6 hours of downtime/year Tier 4: Multiple active power and cooling distribution paths, redundant components, fault- tolerant – less than 0.4 hour of downtime/year Uptime Institute; Gartner, by Michael A. Bell APPENDICES
  • 56. Data Center Solution & Migration Susceptible to disruptions from both planned and unplanned activity. May not have UPS or generator. Tier I If UPS/generator present single module system with multiple points of failure. Annual shut down required for maintenance. Single path for power and cooling distribution, no redundant components. Slightly less susceptible to disruption from planned and unplanned activities. Has UPS and generator, but capacity is “need plus one” (N+1). Tier II N+1 has single distribution path. Critical power path and other infrastructure systems require shut down for maintenance. Single path for power and cooling distribution, redundant components. Uptime Institute; Gartner, by Michael A. Bell
  • 57. Data Center Solution & Migration Tier III • Allows planned infrastructure work without computer disruption. • Planned work includes maintenance, testing, equipment replacement. • • Understanding the Tiers If chilled water used, requires two piping systems. Both mechanical and electrical distribution systems capable of carrying entire load. • Errors in operation or spontaneous failures will cause computer disruption. • Multiple power and cooling distribution paths, but only one path active. • Redundant components, concurrently maintainable. Tier IV • Allows planned infrastructure work without computer disruption. • Planned work includes maintenance, testing, equipment replacement. • If chilled water used, requires two piping systems. • Allows for at least one worst-case unplanned failure with no computer interruption. • Two UPS systems must be N+1 each. • Computer hardware must be dual power cord. • Some downtime exposure due to fire alarm, human error, EPO malfunction. • Multiple active power and cooling distribution paths, redundant components, fault tolerant. Uptime Institute; Gartner, by Michael A. Bell APPENDICES
  • 58. Data Center Solution & Migration Uptime Institute Standards / Definitions Uptime Institute; Gartner, by Michael A. Bell APPENDICES
  • 60. Data Center Solution & Migration
  • 61. Data Center Solution & Migration Below rack / Under floor installation. Above Rack / floor installation Advantages over conventional cabling system 1. No cable joints and loose connection in terminals. 2. Less number of joints and less failure. 3. No loose connection problem. 4. The area / space occupied for wire way trucking to carry cables is more and will block AC flow. 5. No loose wires will be there in floor/ceiling. 6. No shut down required for tapping additional power. 7. There is no limitation in using extra power at any point through out the length. [say more than 16A if required 32A at one place there is no changes required after installation]
  • 62. Data Center Solution & Migration
  • 63. Data Center Solution & Migration Selection Criteria Evaluation Issues • Tornadoes-Frequency & Severity • Mean annual number of days with thunderstorms 1 Weather • Annual snowfall • Hurricanes-Frequency & Severity 2 Seismic • Earthquakes-Frequency & Severity • Office Rental Rate • Utility Rates • Sale Price • Cost of Living 3 Cost • Operating Expense • Cost of Construction • Tax Expense • Office Inventory • Office Space Under Construction 4 Schedule • Office Space Vacant • Construction Outlook • Utility Rates $ per KWH; Demand & Capacity Charges 5 Utilities • Access to multiple utility substations is considered a site –specific issue • The LEC has the capability to support high speed traffic OC-24 through OC_48 6 High Band Width • Multiple carriers can support the capability • Assumes that the LEC and Customer have agreement to provide connectivity 7 Access to Fiber • Assumes Customer and LEC(s) can negotiate contract to enable access • DC Staff access to both facilities (airfare and lodging, expenses) • Commonality and consistency of maintenance task and procedures 8 Operational Synergies • VP access to technical staff • Responsiveness in an emergency situation
  • 64. Data Center Solution & Migration Selection Criteria Evaluation Issues 9 Terrorism/Military Concerns • Terrorism – potential or risk of terrorist activity • Unemployment Rate 10 Staffing/Recruitment • Labor Force Population 11 Staffing Additions • Additional headcount Cross Functional Staff • Ability to staff via existing employees 12 Access During DR Event 13 Image to Self/Staff • Image projection 14 Customer Image • Image projection 15 Public Transportation • Transportation availability PART II: Facility Considerations
  • 65. Data Center Solution & Migration Location Specific Criteria • Travel Time from Existing Facility- Rush Hour • Multi-story Building (Low Rise Desirable) • Local (site) Traffic Congestion • Low Profile (Level of Identification) • Access to State & Federal Highways • Cost of Lease/Purchase • Compatibility of Neighborhood Businesses • Construction Cost Consideration • Proximity to Industrial Facilities • Timeliness of Projected Completion • Proximity to Residential Areas • Utilities • Proximity to Existing Personnel • Communications Bandwidth • Safety/Security • Amenities Near to Site • Environmental Consideration • Access to Airport/Railroad • Freedom from Surrounding Hazards • Approval Process ( External) • Facility Hardening • Leniency from Codes/ Restrictions • Adaptability to Proposed Plan • Labor Forces (Potential) • Potential for Expansion • Quality of Police & Fire Protection • Corporate Facility Synergies
  • 66. Data Center Solution & Migration Adequate site for “at grade” development (e.g. parking, water storage, fuel storage, transformer yard or substation, generators) Easy highway access for deliveries and end- user access for maintenance Minimal risk vibration (railroad tracks, motor vehicle traffic, manufacturing or construction noise) Larger column bays (30 feet by 50 feet preferred) Minimum 14 feet from structural slab to lowest structural member Efficient floor plates (rectangular, square, side core preferable; elevator and service core on side rather than central to building) Single story preferred Minimal fenestration (i.e. few if any windows preferred for security reasons) Good roof: level roof without skylights Truck- level loading docks for equipment delivery For multiple- story building, ensure adequate riser capacity for primary/emergency power, HVAC (heating, ventilating, and air conditioning), diverse fiber entries and other vertical services (water, gas, communication cabling) Gartner, Michael A. Bell
  • 67. Data Center Solution & Migration 100 pounds per square foot live-load capacity minimum 250 pounds per square foot live-load capacity for battery backup and uninterrupted power supply equipment Rooftop area adequate for cooling systems Adequate fuel oil storage capacity ( i.e., 24 to 72 hour operational cycle for backup diesel generators) Utility power at reasonable cost Adequate site area for transformers or substation if required Site location for backup generators Perimeter roof drainage desirable Redundant domestic-water service and fire service Availability of fiber-optic service to the building from the twp separate service providers Gartner, Michael A. Bell
  • 68. Data Center Solution & Migration Site Validation Criteria: The site selection criteria of this specific location for data centers included: •Building Shell, Floor, Roof •Fiber Access (Redundant) •Fire Protection Infrastructure •Security Systems •HVAC Infrastructure •Utility Company/Building Power • Earthing / Grounding
  • 69. Data Center Solution & Migration Building Shell – • Must be code compliant • Must be designed for Zone Seismic Rating • Availability of Service Lift • Water tight construction • Blast resistant Design Floors – • Floor structural loading to be capable of 400 kgs/ sqmt. • In case of facility located at ground level, the facility landscape should be pitched away from the building’s exterior Roof– • The roof of the building should be able to support installed equipment for HVAC, antennas, satellite and microwave equipment
  • 70. Data Center Solution & Migration Fiber Access – • The building should have a minimum of two diverse and dedicated fiber access points with two (2) four-inch conduits each. These conduits are for the distribution of telecommunications from multiple carriers (when possible) and dark fiber providers. Fire Protection Infrastructure – • Local Code compliant • Availability of a Building wide Public Address System • Provision to integrate Tenant FAS with House FAS • Availability to tap into House Sprinkler system in case of Pre-Action System or to Deactivate House Sprinkler in case of Gas based Suppression system • Fire Separation for shafts / risers Security Systems – • CCTV System for common areas • General access control into the building at various levels (onion peel concept)
  • 71. Data Center Solution & Migration HVAC Infrastructure – • The building will have the ability to deliver chilled water or condenser water and /or will accommodate the mounting of such hardware necessary on the roof or other designated area to deliver air conditioning to data center space. • Space Availability at roof for mounting DX outdoor units • Provision for Pipe Routing • Provision for condensate drain at floor level
  • 72. Data Center Solution & Migration Utility Company/Building Power – • Requirement of power for UPS and Cooling needs • Required 2 diverse sources for UPS input • Dual Utility power source • Power Back-up – 100% with sufficient fuel storage capacity. • Space Provision in the shafts / risers for Dedicated Earth Strips • Space Provision in the compound for Dedicated Earth Pits • Base Building provision of General Earthing
  • 73. Data Center Solution & Migration Investment Summary Sl No Description Prices (USD) Prices (INR) 1 LAN Switching / Routing ( Cisco ) 2 Application optimization (RDW) 3 Servers (HP) 4 Storage (EMC) 5 Symantec Netbackup 6 KVM Infrastructure 7 Advance Console Server 8 Intelligent Power Distribution Units 9 Centralised device Management (Avocent) 10 Intelligent Network Cabling 11 Racks 12 NOC Display Solutions and Monitoring 13 Engineering Services • POWER • COOLING • PROTECTION • SECURITY • ALARM NOTIFICATION • ENVIRONMENTAL BUILD OUT Total Onetime installation Cost Grand Total
  • 74. Data Center Solution & Migration