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  1. 1. 1 Source File: BenGreenfieldAriMeisel-10tips.mp3 Title: 10tips Ben: Hi, I am Ben Greenfield. Ari: And I am Ari Meisel. Ben: I have twin boys. Ari: I too have twin boys. Ben: And the reason that you are hearing both Ari and myself been in this special podcast episode is that we decided we want to bring you our top tips for parenting because I specialize in things like fitness and sports nutrition and some health concepts and Ari, you also specialize in this stuff and also what’s kind of your gig? Ari: Yeah. I think my real wheelhouse is productivity and so in addition to my twin boys, I have anothersonas well sothree boysoriginallyunder the age of 1 ½ so productivity is my obsessionandIbelieve that health is a big part of that so we really kind of meshed our knowledge together to create something special here. Ben: So we are goingto give youintoday’spodcastepisode ourtop10 tipsfor raisinghealthy and smart andsuccessful kids.Andwe’re alsogoingtogive yousomething at the end of thispodcastepisode that you are only going to get if you listen to the podcast episode or incidentally watch the video because we are putting a video recording of this on Youtube. Soif you are watching thison videoIam sittinghere wearing my dorky stalker like blue light blocking glasses and sitting in my mom’s coffee shop/pub in Moscow Idaho with a dart board behind me. And I believe Ari, is that a prison you are in Ari? Ari: Prison or my lab or my gym, it depends whose perspective you take; the people who work out here with me might call it the prison. Ben: Awesome!Soyoumaywantto check thisone out on Youtube. And of course I’ve got to my teeny,tinyPellegrino that I am drinking which is quite appropriate because we are going to be talking about teeny tiny people today. So whatwe are goingto do iswe are goingto kind of go back and forth, we are going to tag team this. I’m going to give you my top five tips and Ari is going to give you his top five tipsandwe’re justgoingto try and make this stuff super practical for you and like I mentioned atthe end, we are going to give you guys something special. And of course whetheryouare listening to this on Ari’s podcast or on my podcast, we’ll make sure to put lots of resources for you in the show notes at our respective websites; Ben Greenfield or less which is Ari’s website.
  2. 2. 2 So that beingsaid,Ari doyouwant to go aheadand jumpinwithyourfirsttip for raising healthy smart and successful kids? Ari: Absolutely, thank you Ben! So myfirstone,we’re goingtokindof runthe gamuthere…We coverso manydifferent topicsbut I thinkthatmost of us have chosensortof a good variety. My very first one is about magnesium flake baths basically. A lot of people listening to our podcast are very familiar with Epsom salts and magnesiumchloridebut you can actually get magnesium flakes which are a little more expensive but it’s a much purer form of magnesium. And what I like to do is when I eithergive my sons baths or take baths with them, I really like put in a whole bunch of these magnesium flakes and it’s very, very calming, it’s a very soothing experience. Just like you use Epsom salts to deal with muscle achiness and soreness, it actually helps.Youinfuse magnesiumbasicallythroughthe skin,throughyourbodiesandthat of your children.Andalot of people are magnesium deficient; it’s one of those nutrients that people reallytendtonotget enoughof.Soas a nighttime bath routine, having sort of envelopment of magnesium seems to work really, really well for helping kids calm downand also to help with any… Not completely but help with at least a little bit with any possible magnesium deficiencies. Ben: That’s really interesting. I have used magnesium flake baths myself as an athlete like postworkout,postlong-run,posthardweighttraining.Ihave neveronce in my life or in the six years of my children’s life, given them a magnesium flake bath. So you found actually that this helps your kids to sleep? Do you promote we do it at night or…? Ari: Yeah,exactlyat nightandit’snoticeable,itreallyisnoticeable.Firstof all, and I am sure youknowthisbut youreallyhave to use a lotof Epsomsalts.It’s like one cup per gallon so you might end up using a pretty big bag. So when you put the right amount in, I do finditreallydoes act as a calming experience. In fact my son Ben who is two and a half now… Ben: I love that you named your son after me by the way. Ari: Well yes, of course; I changed it once we started doing this together. Ben: I’m flattered. Ari: So whatI reallydidnotice isthatsometimes he gets into the bath and he plays around, thrash around which is fine in itself but when we did with these like really good magnesium salt baths he’d just lie on me and just relax and it’s just such a nice experience.Butone thingIlearnedfromyou,whichwasthatyou reallydon’tabsorbthe magnesium above 102° you say or 104?
  3. 3. 3 Ben: It’sbetween103 and 105. Basicallywhenyoutouchitand it’suncomfortablyhot,you’re not going to absorb the magnesium chloride. Ari: Right. And generally it just wouldn’t want to put your kids in a bath… Ben: You wouldn’t want to toss your child into that environment anyways. Ari: Exactly. And just like for reference point, most hot tubs max out at 104°, that’s pretty hot! Anyways, that’s my first one. Ben: Cool,I like itandthe fact that you take a bath withyourkidsisreallyinterestingbecause it relates to the first tip that they wanted to give folks and that is that my kids are… I make it a point with my kids to roughhouse and wrestled with them several times per week and it’s really interesting. The research that’s been done on this is you get this release of brain derived neurotrophicfactoror BDNF,the same thingthat getsreleasedlikewhenhumans…Kids are humanstooI guess…whenadultsgo for a run or something like that; this increases neuronal growth.But they’ve done studies on roughhousing and found that rough and tumble playdoesthissame thinginkids;bothboysandgirls and of course thismade me thinkof this when you talked about taking a bath with your kids; Oxytocin is this other hormone that gets released. It’s the bonding hormone that brings you closer to your kids. You also get that say get this 1-2 hormone combo when you wrestle and roughhouse with your kids and we have all sorts of ways that we do it. For example one of the things that I will do is I will cut a workout short. So I will cut a work out short from 5 to 15 minutes, take the kids out in the front lawn and tell them that their job is to try and knock me down and then I get into all these different positions; isometric squats, isometric lounges and I have the boys basically run at me and try to take me down.I’ve gotanotherone where I getdown into like a low push-up position underground and that then get on top of me and they have to just told me down. We’ve got another one where we play zombie where I chase them around the house and I am wearing a giant blanket over my head and basically trying to grab them and hunt them down. But we fight a lot, we also and I will try and find some links for folks with them in the show notes, we also have Thai kickboxing gear. So all of us have the special shorts that you kind of pull above your belly button and the special gloves and we do Thai kickboxing; we just get in a corner, mom does the ding, ding, rings the bell and theyall go at each other. Andwhatresearchhas shownisthat itdoesnot make kids more violent. Ari: Quite the opposite.
  4. 4. 4 Ben: Yeah, it teaches social skills, it teaches them the difference between play and aggression,itteachesthemaboutkindof hostilityversus kindness,itteaches them how to play by the rules, it teaches them how to deal with things like pain and discomfort because they are going to experience that a little bit but if you aren’t currently kind of goingout of your wayto the wrestle withyour kids,evenif yourkidsare little bitolder,I would make the point. There’s a reason that I am picking the things I am picking in today’s podcast. This is one of the more powerful things that I have seen in terms of bothresearchas well aspersonal experience, to really bring you closer and to advance the developmentof bothboys and girls. So roughhousing/wrestling/rough and tumble play. Ari: So I wanted to just add to that too, it’s interesting about the oxytocin issue or connection because there is a study that... I think I shared this with you but I don’t remember... recently they came out that said that father’s who are very involved in childcare,it actuallyrewiresourbrainstobe more receptive tooxytocin,whichis really interesting.Italmost makesusmore maternal insome ways.Butthere is nothing wrong with being receptive to oxytocin, it’s the cuddle hormone basically. Ben: Exactly and incidentallywe are alsointhe processof handinga punching bag in the gym as well so we’re going to add that component in again, all meant not to meet the kids more aggressive buttoinsteadteach them how to deal with other people in physically responsible waysand help them to almost like release pent up energy and aggression. Ari: And quite honestly, to learn healthy limits actually. Ben: Yeah, exactly. Ari: Because inthat situationyoulearnthe differencebetween playing around and hurting. Ben: And how hard you can hit things before your wrist breaks. Ari: Yeah, exactly. So my next one is about sleep actually so we have… You don’t want to have white noise machinesrunningall night long, I know will it’s a very common thing. And the issue with that is that just as Ben was talking about BDNF , that the brain derived you trophic factor, white noise raises that as well for babies and you actually don’t want that when babies are sleeping. Ben: Really? Ari: Yeah.Basicallyitsupposedly,Ithendon’tknow how much and I maybe can put it in this but apparently it can lead to a lowering of IQ later on in life. Ben: So youmeanexcessive BNDFwhile mychildisasleepfromplayinglike these windnoises and whale noises and stuff like that, that’s what you’re talking about?
  5. 5. 5 Ari: Well no,so notthe windnoisesandthe whale noisesactually,it’smore the white noise. Ben: Okay. Ari: Because the white noise is almost like confusing; you really can’t pinpoint a sound. Ben: Interesting. Ari: Yeah. Because by the way, if whale noises or wind noises cause people to lose intelligence, the whole world would be like in a deficit. Ben: No one can go camping anymore. Ari: Exactly!But of course,especially with twins, you do have to try to mitigate one waking of the otheras much as possible oradog barking,it’sanissue and otherwise if they are waking up all night long you are never going to sleep and that is another issue. So we found this… There is only one company that I found that makes this actually but it is a noise activatednoise machine. And it does the white noise but it can do ocean sounds and it can do rain and I find the rain to be the most soothing personally and do them. Ben: So what do you mean by its noise activated? It is activated by when they are rolling around in their beds and stuff? Ari: Exactly. So basically if one of them starts to like rouse a little bit or roll around or yel basically,itturnsonand I had itset the lowesttimer,whichwas15 minutes.Sobasically I felt very comfortable with that, very effective. They kind of like make some noise, it turns on and it sooths them back to sleep but it’s not running all night long. Ben: Interesting. Ari: Yeah, so that is sort of like a little bit of a tech hack I think that has really helped. Because again,youreallydon’twantthemrunning on a long, it’s just not ideal for their brain development, for overstimulation and also they can get used to it basically. Ben: What aboutadults?Do you thinkadultsshould not be listening to white noise all night long? Ari: No.For adults it’scompletelythe oppositebasically.Foradultsitdrownseverything out and it actually does have that calming effect and it is almost like because of that confusionthathappensbecause of the noise,itisbasicallysignaling your brain that it is okay to just sort of like let go and give in. Interestingly enough, this is completely unrelated since we like to talk about health anyways, there is this test, and I forget the name of it but basically you put on white noise and then you take a ping-pong ball and cut it in half and you put one on each
  6. 6. 6 eyeball; so it is sort of diffused white light and apparently, that will cause visual and auditory hallucinations in about 15 minutes. Ben: You put a ping-pong ball over both your eyes and you play white noise and it causes visual hallucinations? Ari: And auditory. It’s half a ping-pong so your cutting it in half. You are basically making nightgogglesoutof the ping-pong.Soitisessentiallysensorydeprivation which is what you are doing and the brain fills in the gaps and people have reported like unicorns jumping around and colorful rainbows and all sorts of stuff. Ben: Don’t do that to your kids people. Ari: Don’t do that your kids, absolutely not. But if you had a really bad night, maybe you want to do it to yourself. Ben: I’mgoingto try this,thisisinteresting. Okay. I’m going to pull a total 180° here and talk aboutsomethingthatwe use quite a bitinour house because we like to make sure that our kids’bloodsugarlevelsare stabilized.Ihave personallydone genetictesting, I know I am at higher than normal risk for type II diabetes. I have seen my mom’s lab results; she’sgotbloodsugar levelsthatare throughthe roof, sorry mom if you are listening in. Both of her parentshadtype II diabetessowe are reallycareful with sugar in our house and we use coconut quite a bit and three of kind of they go to things that we make as almostlike dessertforthe kids that have the fats that slow down the sugar release but that alsohave lesssugarin themthanthe typical desserts that you might buy it was the store when you’re making them yourself; one is coconut popsicles. Andthese actuallyhave gelatine in them which is really good for kids bones and joints and also their stomach and it’s very easy. You just need a normal popsicle mold and then you get a can of full fat coconut milk; we use a BPA free coconut milk, a brand calledNative Forestiswhatwe use.Yougeta can of coconut milkandyou mix that with abouta tablespoonortwoof…what we use isa real maple organicssyrup;still relatively sweetnutrientdensesweetener,there isnotalot of it in there. That just gives it a little bit of sweetness and that’s for, I believe it’s an 8 popsicle mold; it might even be a 12 popsicle mold, I can’t remember but it’s not that much maple syrup okay; couple teaspoons of maple syrup. About a tablespoon of like a real vanilla extract, you put about a tablespoon of shredded coconut flakes; we use Bob’s Redmill, we buy this off Amazon,Bob’sRedmill shreddedcoconutflakes and then 2 tablespoons of gelatine. So youcan use like GreatLakesgelatine,BernardJensen is another brand and all you do is you just mix all that together and you pour it into the mold and then you throw it into the freezer and this makes these really tasty coconut popsicles that the kids love. So that’s one thing that we do with coconuts.
  7. 7. 7 The other thing that will do is a coconut ice cream and it’s a very, very easy to make basic coconut ice cream. I say coconut ice cream but it’s more like this coconut chocolateypuddingtype of stuff thatwe put in the freezer and freeze. Basically all you do is you blend an avocado with some coconut milk the desired texture, a little bit of dark cocoa powder,some cinnamon, some vanillaextractand then if you want, you can through about half a banana in there and you just blend all that up. And you can eat that rightaway as a puddingoryou can put itin the freezeranditliterallytastesjustlike chocolate pudding and if you freeze it, it tastes like chocolate, avocado, coconut ice cream. So that’s number two. And then the last thing we do with coconuts is my wife makes coconut macaroons and these are really good. What you do is you mix a couple of eggs and a little bit of honey into like a mixing bowl and you can put a little bit of salt in there and then you stir in a bunch of coconut flakes or shredded coconut, one or 2 cups of that and then you just chill all of that in the refrigerator and this makes like this coconuts flake batter. And basicallyyoucantake that batterand the form it into these little macaroon shapes and you just bake that in the oven for about 10 minutes, put it in the oven at about 350°, you bake it, the macaroons turn golden brown and they are not super sweet and the kids love them. So I will put recipes to all three of those in the show notes for folks we are big fans of coconut flakes, shredded coconut, coconut milk as ways to make like little tasty little treats for the kids that slow down the release of sugars and that are also chock-full of healthy fats. Ari: Yeah, those all sound really delicious! Ben: Yeah,I like themtooactually. Of all the onesI justdescribed, the one that is the least is the chocolate avocado pudding stuff and I will make that, leave the banana out and it pretty much has no sweetener whatsoever. You can put a little Stevia in there if you want and I like that, it’s just like I can stay ketosis eating that, really good stuff. Ari: Yeah, I know you like your Stevia. Ben: That’s right. Ari: Well so my next one is actually a food one also and it’s sort of somewhere but again I have to go with the gadgets sometimes so there is a banana… A frozen banana ice cream making machine, it’s a very specific thing and I we will have a link to that in the resource of course but it’s almost like… It’s almost like a very small meatgrinder basically… Ben: Really? Ari: Yeah. So what you do is you freeze the bananas…
  8. 8. 8 Ben: You peel the first right? Ari: Yes, please peel them first, I made that mistake twice. I don’t know how I did it twice afterlearningthe firsttime how ridiculousitisbutso youhave frozenbananasand what you usually would do is you would buy a bunch and you have like the dozen in the freezer. And this thing, it’s pretty hard-core is very… It’s a plastic thing but you basically…Itlookslike ajuice pressandyouare pushingthe bananadowninto it and it’s really grinds down to a very smooth, almost frozen yogurt-like texture and if nothing else,thatcouldbe it.That is one ingredient,bananaice creamandyou are done andthe kids can do it. Ben: What’sthisthingcalled that you are using? Is it like a specific brand or it is just called a banana ice cream maker? Ari: Well yeah, it’s called… I’m going to have the links in the show notes because I am blanking on the name. Ben: Okay. Ari: But it’s a specific one…Oh it’s called Yonanas Ben: Yonanas, okay. Ari: What it does,obviouslyitmakes the frozen banana but then that is sort of the base for everything.Youcanmix inwhateveryouwantincludingdarkcocoanibsfor instance you can put some coconut in there. What we actually do a lot of is we will put some sort of greens in there so spinach surprisingly goes well with banana. They cancel each other out in an odd way and it’s really delicious. Ben: It sounds kind of horrible when you describe it. Ari: I am surprisedtohearyou saythat! It’sreallygood!I don’tknow,it’sreally tastes good! But youcan throwinthisintothem.I feel like youcanputa lotof stuff in there that you may want to sort of sneak into your kids diet; not sneaking it in but sort of giving it to them in a subtle way. Ben: I thinkthe cool thingabout bananasiskind of like coconuts, they offer this creamy-like texture which can really… I am joking about when I say it sounds horrible with the spinachbecause Ican actuallysee givingitlike a creamy kind of sweet taste a kid might like. Ari: Yeah.But so thenthe otherthingthat youcan dowithit, and this is sort of going a little bitdeeperonthe nutrition scale but… And I don’t necessarily think that this is for kids, youcouldtry but usinggreenbananasand thenyoubasicallygetsortof like a resistance starch ice cream.
  9. 9. 9 Ben: Interesting! Ari: So whenever I use bananas… Ben: For a child with horrible gas. Ari: Well yeah,maybe.WheneverIuse bananasin mysmoothiesIalmostalwaysuse a green banana forthat resistance starch,a little bitlesssugar.Butit’ssomethingthatyoucould try if you are worried about digestive issues; although, if you follow our tips, your kids should not have too many digestive issues anyways. Ben: Yeah exactly. Okay. Ari: Yonanas. Ben: Cool. I like it. Alright so here’s my next tip. I reallypurchase mykidsa lotof books. I personally purchase a lot of books. I see them as veryvaluable investments in my mind and my body and my life. When I read a book on parenting, a lot of times as I am taking notes as I’m reading that book and a perfect example is a very good recent book I read called Mindful Parenting. And when I read Mindful Parenting, it gave a suggestion in that book. I think during the course of me reading that book, I came across 10 different books that you can get the child that will helpthembecome more mindful,thatwill helpthemtomeditate,helpthemtobreathe deeply, help them to engage in gratefulness practices and help them to do all these things that I freaking wish my parents had taught me when it comes to… These are the things that help people to live longer, to help people to de-stress and frankly, you don’t have to wait until you are 30 years old and have a stress attack or a panic attack to realize that mindfulness and meditation and deep breathing is actually goodfor you.So the problemthough,isthatwheneverIcome acrossa bunchof books,I also homeschool my kids so I’ve always got to these different curriculums that I am ordering for them, it’s a little bit time consuming for me to go and find good deals on books. So one thing that I do is I’ve actually outsourced book buying. So I have a virtual assistantandin mycase, I hireda virtual assistant off of Craig’s list but you can also get virtual assistance on all sorts of different websites. And I know you talk about them quite a bitin your book Ari and on your podcast and when it comes to productivity you talk about Fancy Hands and… Ari: Yeah Search20 and Fancy Hands... Ben: Search 20 is another one and what I do is I will send my VA a list of like 10 books and I will say, “Find the best deal on these books, I don’t care if they are used or they are
  10. 10. 10 new,andhave themsentto my house byX date.”AndI outsourcedmowing my lawn so that I can do the things that I am good at because I am crappy at mowing my lawn, outsource that and I outsource people mailing my mail at post office and all of these things but book buying for my kids, that stand out oddly enough to be something that has beenreally, really nice. Because I will read a book like this, come up with 10 books for mykids,sendthemoff viaemail andimmediatelytheyjuststartto roll inviathe mail at a really,reallygoodprice.Andinterestingly,kudostoAri because Ilearned about this from Ari actually, this new app, this Fetch App... Ari: I was hoping you would mention that. Ben: Yeah. And you told me about this and it is this app that you can download to your phone, it’s called Fetch. And what happens is you can just take a picture of something that you want to buy or just type in a quick description of something that you want to buyand somebodyfindsthe best price on it and it gets sent to your house and the app is free, you don’t pay anything; I don’t know how they make money exactly off of it. But anyways, outsourcing the purchasing of books specifically is a something that I do quite a bitwithmykidsand we have tons of books.And I don’t mind; I would rather my kids have tons of books rather than tons of toys, and we are constantly reading them and I am not spending all my time looking for a good price on books. Ari: And books are one of those things where you can get a huge range of pricing with books. You get like a slightly used to book that has no signs of wear and tear excepted there islike acorner off of one page and it’sa quarterof the price of the brand-new;it’s really kind of crazy the range that you save with books. So if you’ve got somebody working on that for you that’s great. Okay my next two are going to be productivity-based. So the first one is Amazon Subscribe and Save.Soa lotof people are notfamiliarwiththisservice becauseAmazon doesnotmarket itparticularlywell butessentiallywithAmazonSubscribe and Save,you can subscribe toany nonperishable itemthat Amazon stocks in its warehouses and you pick how often you want it and how many units you want to come. They give them a weeks’ notice and you can cancel at anytime; you get an immediate 15% discount and you can get extra deliveries whenever you want. So what can you subscribe to? Well so in the last four years I would say my wife and I have not had to shop for things like paper towels, diapers, dog food, batteries, toothbrushes,toothpaste;theyhave suchawide varietyof products now. They have all cleaning supplies for our house and they have lots of organic options, green cleaning products; Amazon stocks at some really great stuff and the thing is, you don’t have to thinkaboutthisstuff anymore.We’ve literallysavedthousands of hours and thousands of dollarsbydoingthisbecause notonly do we not have to worry about when we go to the store and forgettingsomethingthatwe thought we needed but we also don’t have
  11. 11. 11 to come back from the store and having bought something that we already had and didn’t need either, it’s just such a real waste of time. Andthenthe other side of it is that things that have a timing associated with them, for instance we don’t have one of these anymore but having a Brita water filter that you have to change every 60 days, why set a reminder that you then have to get reminded then go get it and then do the thing? Why not have it show up every two months? You are supposed to replace your toothbrush every three months so I don’t even think about it. Every three months we get an order of toothbrushes in the mail and it’s like, “Oh okay,”throwout the oldonesor we will recycle the oldones,take the new ones.So it’s just a huge stress reliever, timesaver and money saver honestly. Ben: Yeah.A couple of thingsthatI have alreadymentionedwe have on Subscribe and Save; coconut milk, BPA free coconut milk, I’ve got that on Subscribe and Save. We’ve got Bob’s Redmill coconut flakes on Subscribe and Save… Ari: Oh, and they have all off Bob’s Redmill stuff. Ben: Yeah,yeahit’s pretty cool. If you haven’t yet tapped into Amazon Subscribe and Save I totally agree. Ari: Sorry andI want to add one more thingto that butI forgot;the newestAmazon app has a search function called Flow, have you seen this? Ben: No. Ari: Okay.So you’ve alwaysbeenable to scan a barcode with the Amazon app and this kind of gone through a lot of controversy about this because they were stealing business from places. But with the Flow app, you put it up and you use the camera to look at somethingandithas all these blue dotsanditbasicallyrecognizesthe product;whether it’sa Thomas the traintoy or a bookor whateverit isand youliterallyjustgolike boom, boom, boom and it makes a whole shopping list based on that and usually is a better price than Amazon and you could just go add them all into your cart, it’s really cool. Ben: Of course, I like it. Amazon flow. Ari: Yep. Ben: Cool. So my next tip is about essential oils. And the reason that I want to talk about essential oils,andthisisa perfectillustration;Iwasat one of my friendshousesacouple of weeksagoandon hiskitchencounterwasthisgiantplastic box that was full of drugs; ibuprofen, Advil, Pepto-Bismol, kids Tylenol, Adult Tylenol, antihistamines, like you name it.And I don’tknow how manyAmericans have a similar medicine cabinet or box intheirclosetor intheirhome or maybe onthe kitchencounterbutit’s shocking what’s goingon whenitcomesto kids’guts,kids’livers,kids’ immune systems and everything
  12. 12. 12 else thathappenswhenyouare dumpingthese drugs as well as antibiotics, etc. as well which is completely turn a child’s gut and an adult’s gut into a floral wasteland. So one thing that I really tapped into my actually came down with a staph infection a couple of years ago. I did a triathlon out in the wilderness, I got some cuts, it got infectedatthe gyma few dayslaterand I got this nasty MRSA staph infection. And I did not want to go on these big gun antibiotics necessary to knock it out because I knew whatthat was goingto do to mygut. I alsowantedtomake sure that theyprotected my kids and protected my family because it is a fairly… It’s something that your kids can catch, it’s kind of nasty but its skin to skin contact and that type of thing, MRSA can spread. So whatI didwas I startedto researchessential oils.AndinitiallywhatI did in our home back then was to kill off MRSA and to kill off staph. I bought a cold air diffuser and in that cold air diffuser, I put these special botanical blends. So I used oil of oregano and thenI usedan antifungal blendandantibacterial blendof essential oils. And I will put a linkinthe show notes to kind of like the story of exactly what I used and I ended up… I am not part of this multilevel marketing company but there is this company called Be Young essential oils and they sell these different blends that are very, very good for addressing certain sicknesses, certain illnesses, certain bacteria, certain fungus mold, etc.And it’samazingthat whenyoutake the plantextract and you concentrated into an oil how effective that can be and how say that can be for either topical or diluted oral use. So inour house,some of the big ones we use, we use a lavender oil to help with sleep and that’s something that you can put on the kid’s pillow. When our kids were babies, my wife actuallymade itthese little lavenderoil tothose.We use oil of oregano to help with fungal and bacterial issues and may also use that as a household cleaner. We have anotherblendof essential oil calledThievesEssential blend and that’s a blend of cloves and Rosemary and basically a bunch of these ingredients that are very, very good as antibacterials, antifungal’s. They can be put in a cold air diffuser when somebodyissickinthe house.Theycan alsobe usedorally like in a glass of water but if you as a mother or a father have not yet started to tap into essential oils or educate yourself on the use of essential oils as an alternative to common medicines, then you are reallymissingoutona huge,huge partof whatthe planetEarth has to offeruswhen it comes to health. So it essential oil blends are really important. So we basically, we go to either this Be Young websitesto get essential oils. There is another good website that sells certified organicessential oilscalledMountainRose Herbsandbothof those websites have really good resources on them that help to educate you on which essential oils are good for
  13. 13. 13 what.But I wouldrecommendthatyougo to those websitesthatyoustartto outfityour house. And if you open the pantry, it’s the hallway closet, the linen closet in our house, we literallyhave thisplastic container, kind of like the one at my friends house except it’s not full of pharmaceuticalsandthe drugs,it’sis just full of about 20 different bottles of differentblendsanddifferent essential oil extracts. And those are incredibly powerful for a wide variety of conditions and I highly recommend that if you’ve got kids, that those form the crux of your health treatments rather than drugs. Ari: Yeah and I can’t say kind that enough. And actually I really like this company called Eden’s Garden; they have over 140 different oils. I mean it’s just kind of shocking actually. Ben: You said that one is called Eden’s Gardens? Ari: Eden’sGardenand theyare a therapeuticgrade essential oilsandmywife reallygotinto that too. I personally love eucalyptus oil for anytime I get like stuffy or anything, eucalyptusoil isagreat butit’sprettyamazing.There isa lotthat you’ve probablyheard of but there is way more beyond that you haven’t heard of. And as Ben was saying, there isblendsthatthese companiesmake thatjustmagnifythe power of these things, it’s pretty incredible. Ben: Absolutely. And by the way I did not mention; kids get warts, it happens. Lemon oil is awesome forwarts. It will knock out a wart in literally just like three days. You just put them on oil on it in the morning and at night and it makes kids’ warts disappear. And anotherone that’sreally,reallygoodif youasa parenthave like bacteria,yeast,fungus, overgrowth, that type of thing; peppermint oil in a glass of water a few times a day is super effective. So I am kind of geeking out on oils right now and studying them more and I am a huge, huge fan of these. Ari: And I know this is going to touch on another topic that you like what have you tried lemon balm? Ben: Lemon balm, is it topical? Ari: No. Ben: I have not, I have not. Ari: So lemonbalmfirstof all hasnothingto do withlemon.It’sactuallymore likeamint but it’s actually got neurotrophic factors to it. It’s supposed to be very helpful for calming anxietyandstresstosome extentbutitactuallyhasmemoryimprovingqualitytoit,you can have it as a tea.
  14. 14. 14 Ben: Interesting! So lemon balm; is this something that you can just purchased like on Amazon or something like that? Ari: Yeah, totally. Ben: I have to look into this. Ari: Lemon balm tea and even one of the blends that Onnit Labs makes, it has got lemon balmin isand it’sreallyinteresting and there is really good evidence actually about its memory enhancing effects. Ben: Interesting, okay, cool. The show notes are going to be golden today for sure. Ari: Yeah, totally. Ben: I’ve got my 20 things written done already. Ari: Alright. My last one is two websites which are very similar, actually they are identical but they work with different services. So one of themis calledIFTTTand the otherone is called Zap Your. And IFTTT stands for If This ThenThat and as I said,theyare both identical servicesbut what they do is there is a trigger and an action and what I mean is you have… With IFTTT, there is like 90 different Web services, so a lot more consumer-based stuff and on Zap Your, there is more of the business side thing. So with IFTTT, you will see things like Twitter and Facebook, Google docs, Google calendar,Dropbox,thatkindof stuff.Andthenwith ZapYour, youare goingto see more of the Harvest Invoice Tracking and Salesforce and Yammer and those kinds of things which depending on what you’re doing, they are both very useful. Ben: Okay. Ari: But IFTTT is free and you can create these automations that it’s the kind of thing that youwill findyourselfsaying,“Oh,butthatjusttakesme a minute to do… I do that and it just takes a minute.” But that’s the problem. It’s that not only do you do that probably 50 times a day and those minutes really do add up but just like when you have a stoppage of traffic on the highway, one minute of stoppage of traffic on average 40 minutes to have traffic flow return to normal. If you take a minute to stop doing what you’re doing, that high-level thing that you really should be doing, it takes about 20 minutesto get back into the flow of what you are doing so there is a huge opportunity cost there. Andof course,whenyouare takingcare of twokidsand you’re goingcrazywith all sorts of things and you have a lot of stuff going on in your life, the more that you can automate, the better. So things that are simple as I said like if you post something on
  15. 15. 15 Twitterthenitcan automaticallypostiton Facebook.It’savery,very basic one. You can get weather alerts, very specific weather alerts. It actually integrates with The Philips Hugh light bulbs that can do color changing, the nest thermostats so you can change temperatures.Personally,Ihave an alert that is set up that if the temperature gets to a certain…We are verylike conservative buteco-friendlyaboutusingourair-conditioning and heatingsoand I have these alertssetupso that if the temperature gets too high or too low in the kids bedrooms, I get a text message immediately. Ben: Really? Ari: Yeah; which is just one of those things that you can act upon really quickly. There is the Belkin wemo switches which is an automated or I would say Wi-Fi controlledlightswhichthatwe have at our frontdoor.And it’sa basic lightswitch;itwill turn on andoff the lightbasicallybutif youhookitup with IFTTT, first of all you can use it still to do the basic stuff but if you hold of this switch for two seconds, that’s a difference trigger. So inmy case,if I holdthisswitchfor twoseconds,itsetthe temperature in all the boys roomsfor basicallysleepingtemperature so 68°-69°. It can change all of their lights to a nice low reddish light which is not going to affect their sleep and all of that just from pushing one button. And again it’s like to these things are so… You might say like oh well,what’sthe point,it’sridiculous.Butitreally doesaddupand save you a lot of time and it’s just great. So there is the personal stuff there of course but then you can use thisinyour business as well because as far as I am concerned, if you can save a minute anywhere inyourday,itwill addup and make youmore effective andallow youtofocus more on the things you want to do. So this is one of those things which is like a secret weaponthat you can get so much stuff to do on a daily basis out of your hands and out of your life. Ben: You are like George Jetson dude! Ari: I know, that’s crazy. Ben: Okay.So before Igive mylasttip,letme remindyouthatonce we finishup,we’re going to be giving you guys this pretty cool thing that again nobody, except for those people who hang around for the end of the podcast are going to get to grab. And if you have kids, you’re going to dig this. Okay, so my last tip is… And this is going to sound very simple but let me give you the specifics. I work out with my kids a lot. Recently, this morning I was practicing monkey bars at the park up by the house now some of the things that I do with my kids; for example,we gotoa park withsoccerballsand frisbeesandthe waythatit works is they practice their soccer ball kicks so they will kick the soccer ball, they will both kick and
  16. 16. 16 what I have to do is I am standing behind them. As soon as they both kick, I have to sprint and retrieve one soccer ball, Sprint and bring it back, Sprint and grab the other soccer ball, bring it back and then we all do five burpees together. We will dothe same thingwithfrisbeesaswell where one of them will throw a frisbee. I’ve got to run and try and get to the frisbee before it lands and then I run and bring back to the frisbee andthenwe all have todo five squats.Soit’s basicallylike fetch with a dog where dad is the dog and then we just through in these special bodyweight exercises so I get a really good workout and they get to practice their soccer skills and their frisbee skills. We’ve got this other one that we do where we are in more traveling and we are at a hotel pool.Whatmy wife andIwill doiswe will dohypoxicsets,we will dokicksets and underwatersetswiththe kidsridingonourbacks.So it’slike weightedtraining in a pool because hotel pools are short, they are crappy, they are no good for lap swimming but thisadds in an element that’s really hard. So what we will do is this hypoxic set where we will swimunderwaterwithourkidsridingonour back like daddy and mommy turtle or daddy and mommy whale and then when we get to the end of the pool we do pullouts. So we will dopullouts with the kids on our back and then go back hypoxic and then we will getoutof the pool and we will do some other things like crocodile crawls with the kidson ourbacks and push-upswiththe kids on our backs and we do overhead presses with the squats as we push the kids but basically using your kids as resistance and specifically using your kids as resistance in the pool; because I know we have a lot like triathletesand stuff listening, that’s another really, really good one. And again, all the stuff similartoroughhousing;increasesoxytocin and brain derived neurotrophic factor and things like that. The other thingthatI will dois since Iam out inmy garage a lot of the time doing things like kettle bell swings and medicine ball slams, both of my kids have a mini kettle bell and a mini medicine ball; maybe you can just get these off of Amazon or whatever. So when I am doing those exercises, they know that it’s totally free reign. They can come out andtheysee me doingit; mykidshave beendoingkettle bell swingssince theywere three years old and they see dad doing it and they have their own equipment. If your kids don’t have this equipment they are not going to do it but if you just kind of add a fewlittle kidthingstoyourhome gym and your kids see you doing something, the cool thing is that as a kid sees their parents exercise, they themselves, and research has proven this, are more likely to be physically fit and active. It simply hits this switch in them and I have found that as my kids get older, they are more and more excited to come and join with me in my workouts.
  17. 17. 17 And I will give you one more that I do with my kids. I take them on hikes but I can hike way faster than a six-year-old can. So I’ve got a 50 pound weighted vest and an elevation training mask that I wear; my kids love it, it’s like hiking with Bane from Batman. Ari: Yeah, exactly. Ben: But I will take themona hike.Iget a killerworkout and my kids like it because they are gettingthe hike,they are getting into nature, they are with dad and I of course am just gettingkilledtryingtokeepupwiththemandI will evenmake itharderbypicking them up whentheygettiredandlettingthemtake turnsridingonmy back or having me carry them over my head like a weighted sandbag. But basically, what I’m getting at here is that the skyis the limitwhenitcomestoworkingoutwithyour kidsand there are some people that think that kids are a barrier to working out; they want to get everything done inthe morningbefore theirkids get out of bed or at night after the kids go to bed but I foundthatI’ve beenable tospenda greatdeal of qualitytime withmykids andget myself a very fit in the process. So everything from double jogging strollers to bike trailerstoany of the othertips that I just gave you, I highly recommend that folks work those in and work out with your kids! Ari: I pulled all three kidsthree milestoday in a radio Flyer wagon and that was interesting. Ben: Yeah, it’s tough hauling kids. We had the double bicycle stroller for a while so it was really tough. And I remember my kids like I don’t treat them to that anymore just because they are too big for it but they used to just shout at us and shout at us as we were goinguphills;“Go,go, go,go, faster,faster!”Anditwas just like having these tiny little mini bald personal trainers on the back of your bike trailer. Ari: Those are good ones! Ben: Shall we give folks a recap of our tips? Ari: Yeah, perfect. Do you want to start or me? Ben: Go for it. Ari: Alright so my five tips were: 1. The magnesiumflakesbaths,sothatisreallycalmingtoyour kids;itgivesthemthat sort of nice rush of magnesium. 2. The noise activatednoise machine sothatyou’re notgettingwhite noise running all night; used to get sort of the soothing effects and the sound masking effects that you get from those machines. 3. The banana ice cream maker from Yonanas that becomes a base for all kinds of stuff.
  18. 18. 18 4. The Amazon Subscribe and Save service where you can subscribe to all of those different products that you might otherwise have to spend time buying. 5. And then the last one was those two websites: IFTTT and Zap Your which will automate an enormous amountof the thingsthatyou do on a regular basis for your family and your business. Ben: Sweet. And my five tips are: 1. Roughhouse, wrestle and rough-and-tumble. 2. Use coconutsand coconutproducts frequentlyforyourkids.Especiallyfor desserts. 3. Outsource and get your kids a lot of books by outsourcing book purchases. 4. Use essential oilsandeducate yourself onthemand we’ll put all these resources in the show notes for you. 5. And then work out with your kids. So there you go. Ari: Awesome! Ben: So the moment everyone has been waiting for. Ari: Yes. Ben: Here we go. So Ari and I,for the past three months have been working on a brand-new online curriculum called Double Dad: The twin dad’s ultimate guide to raising healthy and smartstwins. And in this guide, kind of what you are just listening to today, we go intoeverything.We gointohow to bulletproof yourkidsimmunesystemto sleepingtips to holisticnutrition,totonsmore.Ari islike a geniuswiththese productivityandmoney- savinghacks. I have honestly learned like a ton from him in the past three months just recording these videos and audios and transcripts that we are doing. Creating socially enhanced children and pregnancy tips, we go into everything like it’s pretty much of the most comprehensive course that a dad could ever have access to. Any parent could use this. We are calling it The twin dads ultimate guide to raising healthy, smart and successful kids frankly because we want to differentiate it from all the other parenting products that are out there but it’s called Double Dad’s and it’s a Udemy course. Ari, you introduced me to Udemy. Ari: Yeah. So I have had all my courses have been on Udemy for a while now and its really great online learningplatformand it’s a really great platform. It’s self-paced. Once you have access to it, you can access it forever and you can go through it as you want. You can downloadsowhatwe’ve done iswe have the videosof ustalkingaboutall this stuff and then we have audio and then we actually have the transcripts and PDFs of all the
  19. 19. 19 things that we talked about and every lesson has the resources that we talk about. I thinkwe’ve gota total of 29 lectures,several hours.We put a lot into this and has been said,we have beenworkingonitfor three months.Andalsothisisnotobviouslyjustfor people with twins, is also not just for people who have kids. It’s for people who are thinkingaboutcase or are aroundkidsor grandparents or aunts and uncles and singles, multiples; we just happened to both have twins. Ben: So here is the deal; first of all, if you are listening or you are watching us on YouTube, youare codedthat youcan use.Firstof all,it’snot an expensive course, is 49 bucks. We are giving you guys at $10 discount code that you can use on it and the discount code that youcan use overat,yourcouponcode ispodcastVIP.And if you use the code podcast VIP, you’ll get that entire course for 39 bucks and it really is… We spat out all of the knowledge that we’ve accumulated, the both of us have accumulated trying to basically get our kids as healthy and smart and a successful as possible. And I don’t know about you Ari, I’m actually dang proud of the course, it turned out really well. Ari: I am reallyproudof it.As yousaid,we put a lot of time intothisand we covered and lot includingpregnancy and how to make them smarter and socially enhanced, fitness for them and for you, this productivity. We’ve covered a lot. Ben: And we sat down this afternoon to record this for you because it just went live this morning. So this course literally just launched. So you are going to dig it, check it out, dads. If you are listening to this episode on my Ben Greenfield fitness.comwebsite oronAri’slessdoing.comwebsite, we are also going to have some handy-dandyshownotesforyou for the stuff that we went over today which is kind of newstuff,alittle bitof whatwe coveredinthe course anda lotof this stuff isnewsoit’s almostlike alittle bonusepisode for the course. So that being said, I think that’s about everything we wanted to cover. We did it all Ari? Ari: Yeah, absolutely. So check out the course. We would love to hear feedback and that’s another thing by the way, once you get in to the course, it has its own sort of question and answerthings.If there isquestionsthatspecifically come upona specific video or a specific lesson that we talk about, you can actually ask it right there and one of us will probablygetin there and answer you personally. So it’s a really great value and I think that it’s the kind of thing that you can probably share with anybody you know who wants to help them do better with their kids. Ben: Yeah,so checkit out,,code podcastV.I.P and you can thank us when your kids are 30 years old and you can retire because they are so successful and healthy. So there you go. Ari: Ben,I justwant to sayit was reallyfunmakingthe course withyousoI hope people like it.
  20. 20. 20 Ben: It was all fun too Ari. And Ari and even recorded a special video for you when we got together in Toronto a couple of weeks ago so you get to see both of us in the same place. Ari: Exactly. Ben: So there you go! Ari: With steel drum music in the background. Ben: With steel drum music in the background, that’s right because we were in like a mall and a band wasplayingbutwe still banged it out. So thanks for listening folks and best of luck with you and your kids. Ari: Take care! ***End***