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  • 1. Business Schools with an integrated vision for local community development
    By: YouthDavosteam
    Image: FreeDigitalPhotos.net
  • 2. Idea description
    This idea is based on inclusion of community development into the educational curriculum of the IEDC School of Business and Management.
    The solution is focused on that students make reflexive analyzes of developing countries comparing them with developed ones in order to identify its principal needs in terms of business education and management.
    IEDC students will work along  with rural communities of developing countries to offer them basic knowledge of resource management and enterprise establishment.
    This enables people from developing countries to learn about sustainability, leadership, entrepreneurship and development supported by IEDC students that will also improve their better understanding of sustainability while  developing sustainable projects in rural communities to face the most emerging issues of the living context.
  • 3. Objectives
    To increase awareness of current disparity between developed and -in growth economies of the world.
    To promote relationships between IEDC students of economy, finance and management with social entrepreneurs of developing countries to generate sustainable projects of change in these communities.
    To enhance local-rural leadership and sustainable enterprise projects, potentiating strengths of communities and transforming weaknesses into opportunities for development.
    Image: FreeDigitalPhotos.net
  • 4. Goals
    To establish a concrete structure to study a real economical situation working with communities in developing countries.
    To promote the formation of IEDC business people with social awareness, environmental sensibility and community development consciousness as a basis of an education as agents of change.
    To create groups of leaders in each community that can continue with their enterprise projects during and after the development of this initiative by IEDC School of Business and Management.
  • 5. Project sustainability
  • 6. Stakeholders
  • 7. Resources
  • 8. Execution plan
  • 9. Execution plan
  • 10. Results and Continuation
    Every year, the IEDC will celebrate a an international forum to present achievements in each community and to promote global youth partnership among students and participants (global and local impact).
    Image: graurrazvanionut / FreeDigitalPhotos.net