9 Digital Strategies to tell your CSR story


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In this presentation, I talk about 9 digital communications strategies to help tell your company's corporate social responsibility story more effectively.

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  • 49ers tour: http://storify.com/49ers/levis-stadium-vine-tour; http://storify.com/aviswetryharder/treating-people-like-people
  • 49ers tour: http://storify.com/49ers/levis-stadium-vine-tour
  • 49ers tour: http://storify.com/49ers/levis-stadium-vine-tour
  • 49ers tour: http://storify.com/49ers/levis-stadium-vine-tour
  • 49ers tour: http://storify.com/49ers/levis-stadium-vine-tour
  • 49ers tour: http://storify.com/49ers/levis-stadium-vine-tour
  • 1,500+ pics on IG
  • Tools: http://abullseyeview.com/video-target-feed-usa-launch-party/ --- video of gala under Brooklyn Bridge Multiple posts on Bullseye View blog http://abullseyeview.com/infographic-feed-usa-target-collection-feeding-america/
  • Infographic breaks down issue by the numbers Shows what your donations go toward (what a purchase means in terms of meals) Use pieces of infographic and individual posts on Facebook
  • Capture Euphoria: http://www.dmnews.com/ben-jerrys-serves-up-instagram-awesomeness/article/286049/# Asked B&J IGers to take photos that capture the euphoria of eating B&Js; Then used the best in print ads with a shout out to the IGer (and featured ads in the IGers hometown)
  • Burberry: https://vine.co/v/hBP0MggOb5j Diabetes UK: https://vine.co/v/b1Lqr7xV1He/embed/simple Plan Uk: https://vine.co/v/b6HbTIOrFwZ
  • Burberry: https://vine.co/v/hBP0MggOb5j
  • Plan UK
  • Diabetes UK
  • 55 photos and captions serve as the report.
  • 9 Digital Strategies to tell your CSR story

    1. 1. 9 digital strategies to tellyour CSR storyArik C. HansonPrincipal, ACH Communications
    2. 2. Why is storytelling soimportant to CSR andemployee volunteerism?
    3. 3. Net Impact survey said 53%of workers said “a job whereI can make an impact” wasimportant to theirhappiness.72% of students agreed.
    4. 4. And, in 2020,millennials will makeup a whopping 50% ofthe workforce.
    5. 5. Bottom line: Tellingyour CSR story(online) is moreimportant than ever--for your business.
    6. 6. But first, you need thedigital basics inplace…
    7. 7. Company blog (your hub)
    8. 8. Content generators(your engine)
    9. 9. Social media outlets(your distribution machine)
    10. 10. 8 strategic ideas19 minutes
    11. 11. Here goes
    12. 12. Idea: Make like a reporter and write compellingnarratives about your own company-basedevents.Example: Bike Walk Move campaign, 2010-2011Tools: Blog, iPhone, InstagramResource Level: $#1: Tell your story by coveringyour own events
    13. 13. Idea: Use Facebook page post ads to amplify thereach of your CSR stories.Example: On The Green Line eventsTools: Facebook, Facebook page post ads, BlogResource level: $$#2: Tell your story by usingFacebook ads to amplify it
    14. 14. Idea: Use Storify as a content aggregation toolto tell CSR/employee volunteerism storiesthrough social media content to internalaudiences.Example: AvisTools: Storify, Twitter, YouTube, Slideshare,InstagramResource level: $#3: Tell and recap your story(to employees) via Storify
    15. 15. Idea: Use Instagram and Twitter to tell yourstory via live shots/tweets (as told by anemployees/influencers/customers)Example: #ToyotaGiving campaignTools: Webstagram, other tracking toolsResource level: $$#4: Tell your story (and raisemoney) through photos…in real time
    16. 16. Idea: Tell your story through hard data by wayof compelling, rich and visually-pleasinginfographics.Example: Target + Feed USATools: Blog, Infogr.am, Piktochart (paid), ManyEyes (beta—IBM)Resource level: $$$#5: Tell your story through“consumable” infographics
    17. 17. Idea: Ask employees to tell your CSR story foryou through tweets, photos or video—thenpublicly recognize them for their hard workand commitment.Example: Ben & Jerry’sTools: Twitter, smart phone, Instagram, VineResource level: $$$#6: Ask your employees to tellyour story for you—thenpublicly recognize them for it!
    18. 18. Idea: Recap your events in just six seconds—via video.Examples: Burberry, Plan UK, Diabetes UKTools: Vine, Twitter (and now Instagram video)Resource level: $#7: Tell your story…in just 6 seconds
    19. 19. Idea: Tell your story exclusively through thepower of photos—one day at a time.Example: Calgary Zoo Annual Report.Tools: Instagram, iPhoneResource level: $#8: Tell your story…one day at atime…via photos…on Instagram
    20. 20. Questions?
    21. 21. More?Web: arikhanson.comTwitter: @arikhansonTalking Points:http://bit.ly/11q1vcB