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The Viz Quiz : Remember Remember the 5th of November!

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  1. 1. 1.• The word comes from the Anglo-French meaning "farm hand”, in the sense of someone who is bound to the soil of a ____, which is to say, worked on the equivalent of a plantation in Italy or Gaul. The word has been corrupted into the present usage form largely by fiction. Word? Blank?
  2. 2. Villain
  3. 3. 2* • What in the world of symbols/code did this inspire?
  4. 4. Venus symbol
  5. 5. 3.• The name is ultimately Portuguese meaning "wine of garlic." Portuguese sailors brought their garlic- flavoured vinegar stew to Goa and this resulted. Although we have corrupted the name somewhat and included potatoes as a result, still it remains one of the spiciest in the country
  6. 6. Answer
  7. 7. 4.Who?• He had five career wins over Jimmy Connors in their 11 matches• He reached his career high ranking in singles of World No. 16 in July 1980• He beat the best, including John McEnroe at his peak in 1984• In 1973, at the US Open, lost to Ken Rosewall after having beaten Rod Laver two rounds earlier• has been a judge at the Miss Universe pageant
  8. 8. Ever seen him Eh?
  9. 9. 5.• Movie? 1:48 secs• Shares the name with a novel
  10. 10. 6.
  11. 11. answer
  12. 12. 7.• Dendrobates X is a type of poison dart frog found in the forests of Suriname and northern to central Brazil. It is widely known as the Blue Poison Dart Frog and is one of the most poisonous creatures in the planet. X is a company and recently changed its name to V. V’s current logo is the frog Give me V (X would not account for marks)
  13. 13. 8.• There are varied • V is also a distributed meanings in the data store(under internet for V , but development) by basically it means: LinkedIn flight from • death, theft of death or flight of death‘ basing on French, German and Danish roots
  14. 14. British labor party politician, Peter Mandelson is nicknamed V
  15. 15. Now, don’t say that U never saw him
  16. 16. 9.• ______ Yajna includes Ashwamedha, Rajsuya and Gayatri Yajnas. _______is regarded as particularly important. When its yajaman(a) (sacrificer) comes after having had his ritual bath (avabhrtha snana) at the conclusion of the sacrifice, the king himself holds up a white umbrella for him. Indian history study reveals that Sawai Jai Singh performed at least two yajnas namely _____ and ashwamedha.Hence he ascended to the titular ‘Samrat’. FIB
  17. 17. answer
  18. 18. 10.connect
  19. 19. answer
  20. 20. Print ad :o
  21. 21. 11.• Latin for ‘Shaggy hair’, V are primarily classified into 3 types- Intestinal, Chorionic(oute rmost membrane of the fetus ) and Arachnoid (a brain membrane). In the intestines these help in the release of enzymes for digestion, increase the surface area on the intestines for more absorption.
  22. 22. • That was a tough 1 Villi/Vilus is the answer
  23. 23. 12.
  24. 24. answer
  25. 25. 13. • Claim to fame of a Sailor named Carl Muscarello and a nurse named Edith Cullen Shain about 66 years prior? Just give me the occasion(It starts with gas allowed)
  26. 26. V J(victory over Japan day)
  27. 27. 14.connect
  28. 28. Viper 
  29. 29. 15. What on earth?
  30. 30. Answer
  31. 31. 16.• The following are 2 print ads targeted at New Zealand 2008. Note that this was a very successful campaign launched by Saatchi and Saatchi next slide… 2 pics
  32. 32. Answer
  33. 33. 17**.
  34. 34. Answer• These are the 4 basic ‘Vagaries’ words like humour/moods/emotio ns have made it obsolete
  35. 35. 18.*1 Term
  36. 36. answer• Velocipede (fast + foot)
  37. 37. 19.• John ____(1834 – 1923), was a British Logician and philosopher. He is famous for introducing the ______, which is used in many fields, including Number theory, probability, Engineering, logic, statistics, management and computer science. ____ also had a rare skill in building machines. He used his skill to build a machine for bowling cricket balls, which was so good that when the Australian Cricket team visited Cambridge in 1909, ____’s machine clean bowled one of its top stars four times. Now which V is he ?
  38. 38. John Venn
  39. 39. 20*
  40. 40. Versace  • He was killed by Andrew Phillip Cunanan, a serial killer who murdered at least five people, including fashion designer Gianni Versace, during a three-month period in 1997, ending with Cunanans suicide, at age 27.
  41. 41. 21.• The ____ logo also represents the integration of analog and digital technology with the 1st 2 characters representing an analog wave and the latter 2 characters representing a digital binary code- aiming for a perfect integrated audio and video output. What ? Clue: its surely here, in the room 
  42. 42. Answer
  43. 43. 22*
  44. 44. Answer
  45. 45. 23.
  46. 46. Vincent Van Gogh
  47. 47. 24.• Which city/place’s etymology? Earliest scriptures: Ankottaka 300-600 AD: Vadapatraka 600-900 AD: Vatpatrak(Leaf of Banyan) 1000 AD: Virakshetra 1500’s: Brodeyra Hint: it’s sobriquet is ‘Sanskari Nagari’ or Cultured City
  48. 48. Answer• Vadodara
  49. 49. 25.*• V is one among relatively few Hindi films that is not a musical, instead the soundtrack is primarily used as background. The highlight of the film’s mahurat, was the presence of celebrities who have actually made an attempt to fight against the establishment or the system successfully. These include Medha Patkar, T N Seshan, Anna Hazare, Tarun Tejpal and Sundarlal Bahuguna. Which V, of the year 2005?
  50. 50. 26.connect • Video_4(1 min 30 secs)
  51. 51. • Voodoo voodoo-by Black Sabbath Voodoo child-By Jimi Hendrix Voodoo economics- referred to Regan’s economics policies
  52. 52. 27*1st Patent of ?
  53. 53. Some things changed.. didn’t they?
  54. 54. 28.connect• Connect the person to the left named David Lloyd and to the right(U know him eh?) with the poster of the civil disobedience activist group named ‘anonymous’ pics follow..
  55. 55. V mask
  56. 56. 30*.Endorsing what?
  57. 57. Vye Vye 