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Answers vulture culture

  1. 1. Vulture Culture : Rules Quiz on (popular) culture• If you thing some questions might be boring to you, you might be summarily sent off to a wormhole. Dont ask me how!• The QM is the Pope. Thou shalt beseech him for any queries!• Answers should not contain ‘marketing gas’.• As the cliché goes, answers should be legible . However, no bonus points for calligraphy• The contents of some questions might offend you. Just take it as a ‘Culture Shock’! QM: “Cest la vie” Arif
  2. 2. 0• “Somehow you made it in the big wide world And youre absolutely home and dry You got away from a one horse town And the only way out was to fly You heard a lot about an easy street And it seems like the place to be You heard some talk about a slippery slope But you think "it cant happen to me" ________________ Use it or you lose it ________________ Choose it or refuse it Hollywood is calling wont you join the dance Moving onto Wall Street why not take a chance Its a ____________ Never lend a loser a hand Just a _____________ Living off the fat of the land”• ‘Alan Parson’s Project’ song.Just fill in the blanks with a phrase
  3. 3. • Vulture Culture
  4. 4. 0.5• (n) What’s the good phrase?1. someone whom one considers to be excessively interested in the (classical) arts2. “Originally designed as a "distortion box" to simulate distortion in valve amps, the Thermionic________ has found lots of uses beyond this. We know that some owners use them on drum loops, vocals, piano sounds and even across entire tracks (it is a stereo unit). We know its recently been rented to mix a JAMES BOND movie!”
  5. 5. 0.5(contd.)• 3) Music album of British Band-Jesus Jones
  6. 6. • Culture vulture
  7. 7. 1. (Dreams of the sun and the moon by the river!)• “To have not seen the films of X is to have lived in the world without ever having seen the moon and the sun.”- a famous comment made by Y.• According to X : “Through my stay in London, the lessons of Bicycle Thieves and neo-realist cinema stayed with me”.• Meeting the French director Z, who came to India in 1949 to find locations for his film The River, was “one of the most dramatic events” in X’s life• Identify X, Y and Z. All are famous directors.
  8. 8. • X – Satyajit Ray ( The Apu Trilogy fame)• Y – Akira Kurosawa (Seven Samurai , Ran , Dersu Uzala fame)• Z – Jean Renoir , son of the Impressionist painter, Pierre-Auguste Renoir (Rules of the game , The Grand Illusion , etc Fame)
  9. 9. 2. (The answer to life and everything ,my friend ,is 27.)• "His meeting with Y was a classic. Around this time Paul Rothchild decided he should get X and Y together since he was working with both of them. He described what happened to Blair Jackson in Bam Magazine: I thought heres the King and Queen of rock n roll. They should meet. So I got them together at a party in Hidden Hills. They both showed up sober and are getting along great. X is fascinated by this remarkable girl... Y loved to fuck. That was her single greatest pastime. She saw this hunk of meat …and said, I want that.
  10. 10. • X – Jim Morrison• Y – Janis Joplin• Both of them died at the age of 27!
  11. 11. 3.(So long and thanks for the liver!)• X is a food product made of the liver of a duck or goose that has been specially fattened. This fattening is typically achieved through gavage (force-feeding) corn, according to French law, though outside of France it is occasionally produced using natural feeding. X is a popular and well-known delicacy in French cuisine. Its flavour is described as rich, buttery, and delicate, unlike that of a regular duck or goose liver. French law states that "X belongs to the protected cultural and gastronomical heritage of France."• Animal rights and welfare groups such as PETA, Farm Sanctuary and the Humane Society of the United States contend that X production methods, and force feeding in particular, consist of cruel and inhumane treatment of animals. Consequently the production of X has been stopped in many countries , though it continues to be produced in France.
  12. 12. • "foie gras" (which literally means "fatty liver")
  13. 13. 4.(I want you for…)• xkcd comic. What is the satire on?
  14. 14. In July 2007, the popular webcomic xkcd publisheda comic called Wikipedian Protestor, which showeda political protester holding a “citation needed” signat a public speech, probably in reference toPresident Bush’s 2007 Fourth of July speech. Thisillustration is the earliest known instance of usingthe Wiki meta-tag outside of its original contextThis subversive practice of using “citation needed”tags in public soon became known as “Wikiffiti”
  15. 15. 5(Lock , stock and a freaking joke!)• Soap is telling a joke in the car. Theres this brass standing on the corner. A dwarf walks up carrying a suitcase says, -How much? She says, -A oner He says, -All right Takes her to the room, says, -Take clothes off, get on the bed She lays down on the bed. Dwarf opens the suitcase and pulls out four springs. Puts one on each hand and foot, bounces over and gets on top of her. Boing, bouncin up and down, boing boing, gives her the best shag shes ever had in her life. Hes on her for two hours, boing boing. Bounces off after a while and it was the best fuck she has ever had in her life. Shes like, -Im sorry but that was just amazing, that was the best fuck Ive ever had in my life. What technique dyou call that? He says,• -Four Spring Dwarf Technique
  16. 16. 5(contd.)(Cockney like only Fools and horses) • Del Boy: • Right listen, when did you start • getting the pains darling? • Lady: • They come this morning. • Del Boy: • This morning - dont worry, dont worry because the • ambulance is gonna come any minute and dont worry.... • - Its alright darling. • Lady: • Danke! (Thanks in German) • Del Boy: • Thats alright. __________________
  17. 17. 5.(contd.)(Achtung baby!) • Connect all three !
  18. 18. • Vorsprung Durch Technik (Audi’s Tag Line)• Meaning• This German phrase is usually translated into English as progress through technology. A literal translation would be advancement through technology.(spring forward through technology.) Theres no single English word which is an exact English equivalent of vorsprung; to leap ahead comes close.
  19. 19. U2 -Zooropa• (what do you want?) (what do you want?) Zooropa...Vorsprung durch Technik all that you can be Be a winner Eat to get slimmer Zooropa...a bluer kind of white could be yours tonight Were mild and green And squeaky clean
  20. 20. 6. “ Es Gamowt wieder”: English translation: "It Gamows again", Wolfgang Pauli joking on Gamow in German!”• There was a young fellow from Trinity, Who took the square root of infinity. But the number of digits, Gave him the fidgets; He dropped Math and took up Divinity.• There was a young girl named Miss Bright, Who could travel much faster than light. She departed one day, In an Einsteinian way, She came back on the previous night (while explaining relativity. Taken from other source)This book consists of many limericks and was illustrated by theauthor George Gamow himself. It remains one of the most wellreceived ever in the popular science genre. The book winds frommathematics to biology, to physics, crystallography and more.
  21. 21. One , two , three….infinity
  22. 22. 7. Connect the pics.
  23. 23. 7(contd)
  24. 24. Scientology
  25. 25. 8• Video-movie clips• What is the connection between the videos? A popular culture terminology.
  26. 26. • A Rube Goldberg machine or device is a deliberately over- engineered machine that performs a very simple task in a very complex fashion, usually including a chain reaction. The expression is named after American cartoonist and inventor Rube Goldberg.• Since then, the expression has expanded to denote any form of overly confusing or complicated system. For example, news headlines include "Is Rep. Bill Thomas the Rube Goldberg of Legislative Reform?“ and "Retirement insurance as a Rube Goldberg machine"
  27. 27. 9• “But like their male counterpart the Samurai, the X and her world continue to fascinate people around the world as part of their image of a mysterious and timeless Japan. While many people assume that X is just a Japanese word for a prostitute, the somewhat more romantic word courtesan is probably closer in nuance, though even that is misleading when you consider their history. The word X itself literally means person of the arts - indeed the earliest X were men - and it is as performers of dance, music and poetry that they actually spend most of their working time.”
  28. 28. geisha
  29. 29. 10• There’s hockey. There’s ice-hockey. And then there’s Underwater Hockey, originally known as ‘_XY(composite word)____’, the sport was invented in 1954 by Alan Blake of the Southsea sub-Aqua Club, England• The original rules required a team of eight players, thus supplying the first part of the name, ‘_X__’, a heavy bat called ‘___’ was used and also provided the latter part of the name ‘_Y__’. An uncoated lead puck christened ‘squid’ and lastly a goal initially known as a ‘cuttle’ but soon after renamed ‘gully’ were what were required to play the game.
  30. 30. Octopush
  31. 31. 11• X is ranked No. 13 on a list of greatest film villains of all time on the AFIs 100 Years... 100 Heroes and Villains.• X’s French name is Cerveau Analytique de Recherche et de Liaison ("Analytic Brain for Research and Communication")• “However, about once a week some character spots the fact that X is …ahead of IBM... As it happened, IBM had given us a good deal of help, so we were quite embarrassed by this, and would have changed the name had we spotted the coincidence.”-Y( a famous author)
  32. 32. • X-HAL• Y- Arthur C. Clarke• HAL 9000 is the sentient on-board computer of the Discovery One spacecraft in Arthur C. Clarkes fictional Space Odyssey saga.• Clarke more directly addressed this issue in his book The Lost Worlds of 2001• As is clearly stated in the novel (Chapter 16), HAL stands for Heuristically programmed ALgorithmic computer. However, about once a week some character spots the fact that HAL is one letter ahead of IBM, and promptly assumes that Stanley and I were taking a crack at the estimable institution ... As it happened, IBM had given us a good deal of help, so we were quite embarrassed by this, and would have changed the name had we spotted the coincidence.
  33. 33. 12(Experimental vs Theoretical Physics)
  34. 34. 12(contd.) Connect to a popular series and also funda
  35. 35. The Big Bang Theory• Real Genius (1985). – Van Kilmer• Prof. Martin Gundersen, the science consultant for Real Genius (1985). He recognized the whiteboard in Leonard and Sheldons apartment during the taping of this episode.• The blackboards are identical (almost)
  36. 36. 13 Identify the director and the related movie
  37. 37. "And when the Lamb had opened the seventh seal, there was silence in heaven about the space of half an hour" (Revelation 8:1).• The Seventh Seal (Swedish: Det sjunde inseglet) is a 1957 Swedish film directed by Ingmar Bergman. Set during the Black Death, it tells of the journey of a medieval knight (Max von Sydow) and a game of chess he plays with the personification of Death, who has come to take his life.
  38. 38. 14. Indian Bob Dylan!• During his time at Columbia University, X was a friend of Paul Robson, the black American singer, actor and civil rights activist whose zealous crusade for social justice greatly moved him. Inspired greatly by Robson’s rendition of the song ‘Old Man River’, X composed his own powerful ode to the river ____.• His Bengali song ‘manushe manushor joinney(Mankind for mankind’s sake)’, adopted from his own rendition of the song in his native language, was named the best Bengali song of the last millennium by the BBC.
  39. 39. Dr. Bhupen Hazarika
  40. 40. 15• “If life becomes too real, take a little time to dream.”• He started his career in the Kolkata of the Sixties. In the 70s, he was part of the Great Society, a band that would play only original music and nothing else. In his signature hot pants and guitar in hand, he has been spreading the spirit of music in Shillong for the last six decades.• Inspired by Bob Dylan’s music, he later organized a "Dylans birthday concert" in Shillong on 24 May 1972. Since then he has organized the concert each year on 24 May to pay homage to Dylan, with the shows generating national and international interest.
  41. 41. Lou Majaw• The Great Society Band
  42. 42. 16. Howzzat!( Claim to fame of this match?)
  43. 43. • Only match when the ‘Spin Quartet’ of India played in the starting XI• 1) Bishen S. Bedi, slow-left arm, only known proficient top-spinner of his time 2) Bhagwat S. Chandrashekhar, natural leg- spinner, could unknowingly bowl a flipper 3) E. A. S. Prasanna, off-spinner, bowled loopies and slider. 4) S. Venkatraghavan, off-spinner, could bowl arm balls.
  44. 44. 17• Paul Jackson Pollock was an influential American painter and a major figure in the abstract expressionist movement. He generally painted with his canvases laid out on the studio floor, and he developed what was later called his "drip" technique. His technique of pouring and dripping paint is thought to be one of the origins of the term X. In 1956, Time magazine dubbed Pollock "Jack the Y" as a result of his unique painting style. X is also sometimes known as gestural abstraction
  45. 45. Pizzicato Five• Throw some blue love Its like ____X________ Dash yourself against the canvas Its very __X_________ An inimitable Style Beautiful art Nobody will buy Your work Well if its upside down I might buy it A scarlet heart bursts Extremely __X______ What youre gonna name it? _____X__ what else?
  46. 46. Y- Jack the DripperX- Action Painting
  47. 47. 18.Come in here, dear boy, have a cigar…• “Music is a treasure hunt. You dig and dig and sometimes you find something. In Cuba, the music flows like a river”- American guitarist Ry Cooder on his experiences with working withthis group
  48. 48. Chan Chan
  49. 49. Buena Vista Social Club
  50. 50. 19.(a) Tintin and the Picaros____________Pyramid or step pyramid
  51. 51. 19 (b)Mesopotamian pyramid or _________
  52. 52. • A) Mesoamerican• B) Ziggurat
  53. 53. 20.Connect
  54. 54. American Pie – Don McLean
  55. 55. American Pie -• But February made me shiver, Buddy Holly died on February 3, 1959 in a plane crash in Iowa during a snowstorm.• The birds flew off with the fallout shelter Eight miles high and falling fast The Byrds Eight Miles High was on their late 1966 release Fifth Dimension. It was one of the first records to be widely banned because of supposedly drug- oriented lyrics.• So come on Jack be nimble Jack be quick A reference to Mick Jagger of the Rolling Stones; Jumpin Jack Flash was released in May, 1968. Jack Flash sat on a candlestick The Stones Candlestick park concert.
  56. 56. • "Drove my Chevy to the levee" alludes to a drive "along a levee" mentioned in a series of popular 1950s Chevrolet television commercials sung by Dinah Shore:• Drive your Chevrolet through the USA, Americas the greatest land of all On a highway or a road along a levee...• And moss grows fat on a rolling stone Dylans Like a Rolling Stone (1965) was his first major hit,• And while Lennon read a book on Marx, Literally, John Lennon reading about Karl Marx; figuratively, the introduction of radical politics into the music of the Beatles. The Marx-Lennon wordplay has also been used by others, most notably the Firesign Theatre on the cover of their album How Can You Be In Two Places At Once When Youre Not Anywhere At All?
  57. 57. 21.More connect…
  58. 58. Ian Fleming• Count Zborowskiwith Chitty Bang Bang 1 at Brooklands• Ian Fleming worked as journalist for the Reuters news service• Eton College logo (he did his schooling)• Ursula Andress• Original author and ornithologist – James Bond
  59. 59. 22 Still more connect…
  60. 60. Chacha Choudhury• Lotpot magazine: First appeared• Jupiter –Sabu• Rocket- Dog• Pran – Creator (but obviously not this actor Pran!)
  61. 61. 23• "Westerns. A period gone by, the pioneer, the loner operating by himself, without benefit of society. It usually has something to do with some sort of vengeance; he takes care of the vengeance himself, doesnt call the police. Like Robin Hood. Its the last masculine frontier. Romantic myth. I guess, though its hard to think about anything romantic today. In a Western you can think, Jesus, there was a time when man was alone, on horseback, out there where man hasnt spoiled the land yet“• Whose words?
  62. 62. Clint Eastwood
  63. 63. 24• This dance form traces its origins to the nomadic bards of ancient northern India• These bards, performing in village squares and temple courtyards, embellished their recitals with hand gestures and facial expressions.• The technique of the dance today is characterized by fast rhythmic footwork set to complex time cycles. The footwork is matched by the accompanying percussion instruments such as tabla and pakhawaj, and the dancer and percussionists often indulge in a virtuoso display of rhythmic wizardry. The dance movements include numerous pirouettes executed at lightning speed and ending in statuesque poses.• Sangeet Natak Academy currently confers classical status on this dance
  64. 64. Kathak
  65. 65. 25.• Video (Indian Tribe)• What’s happening ? Funda?
  66. 66. • A "hidden" language has been documented in an isolated hill tribe in a northeastern Indian region considered a "black hole" in the study of languages.The new language, Koro, is spoken by about a thousand people in Arunachal Pradesh• Koro belongs to the Tibeto-Burman language family.A team with the National Geographic Societys Enduring Voices Project discovered that Koro was distinct from all other languages in its family.• Only about 800 people are speakers—most of them older than 20—and the language hasnt been written down.
  67. 67. 26 Id the person marked
  68. 68. 26• Vid• Same person appears in the video.
  69. 69. • Georges Prosper Remi or Hergé (creator of Tintin)
  70. 70. So long and thanks for the Cult!