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Cv muhammad arif nasution
Cv muhammad arif nasution
Cv muhammad arif nasution
Cv muhammad arif nasution
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Cv muhammad arif nasution


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Published in: Technology, Business
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  • 2. Personal Particular Name : Muhammad Arif Nasution Place / Date of Birth : Jakarta, 18 Oktober 1990 Gender : Male Marital Status : Single Religion : Islam Height / Weight : 167 cm / 68 kg Nationality : Indonesia HP Number : 0852 9425 7375 Email : Blog : http://a089lp.wordpress.comEducation History Education Institution Major Year TK Islam Qoryah Kindergarten - 1994-1996 Thayyibah SDN 01 PG Kebun Jeruk, Elementary School - 1996-2002 West Jakarta Mts. Daar El-Qolam, Junior High School - 2002-2005 Tangerang, Banten SMA Daar El-Qolam, Senior High School - 2005-2008 Tangerang, Banten Bachelor Program (S1), College IT Telkom, Bandung Informatics Engineering 2008-2012 GPA : 3.30Final Project : Analysis & Implementation Of Integrating Genetic Algorithms & Tabu Search for FlowShop ProblemProject Experience Company Department Position Year Websquare - Programmer 2012Job Experience Company Department Position Year PT Telkom Business Service Staff / Gladi IT Telkom 2010 Division (DBS) PT Smartfren Network Division Programmer 2011 PT Ebdesk - Programmer March – June 2012
  • 3. Personal Soft Skill Soft Skill Specification Operating System Windoxs : XP, Vista & 7 Linux : Ubuntu, Linux Mint, Backtrack 4 & Zenwalk Office Microsoft Office 2003/2007/2010 Open Office 3.1 Programming JAVA, C# & Matlab Design Corel Draw X5 & ScribusOrganization Experience Organization Institution Position Year Qotrul Jihad Public Mts. & Member 2003-2006 Speaking Club SMA Daar El-Qolam PASUS 07089 Mts. & Member 2003-2008 (Boy Scout) SMA Daar El-Qolam El Markazi Mts. & Member 2006-2008 Public Speaking Club SMA Daar El-Qolam Biological Environment PMPA ASTACALA IT Telkom 2008-Now Division COT (Community Of IT Telkom Member 2009-Now Trainer) Aikido IT Telkom Member 2009-Now Computer System Lab.,Laboratorium Assistant Study Group Director 2011-2012 IT Telkom IF Laboratorium, IT Practicum Assistant Practicum Assistant 2011 TelkomCommitee Experience Commitee Institution Position Year Buka Puasa bersama IPM Organizing Committee anak Yatim 2005 (Ikatan Pemuda uslim) (Secretary) Ponpes Assurur IPM SANLAT SDN Rajeg Organizing Committee 2006 (Ikatan Pemuda uslim)P3 (Panitia Pergantian SMA Daar El-Qolam Organizing Committee 2007 Pengurus) ISMI 2007PHT (Panitia Haflah At- SMA Daar El-Qolam Organizing Committee 2007 & 2008 Takhrij) X-CUP HMIF, IT Telkom Organizing Committee 2009 Masa Bimbingan HMIF, IT Telkom Organizing Committee 2009 (MABIM) 2009Astacala Lintas Alam 8 ASTACALA, IT Telkom Organizing Committee 2009
  • 4. Ekspedisi Caving Organizing Committee ASTACALA, IT Telkom 2011 Nusakambangan (Secretary) Organizing Committee Pendidikan Dasar ASTACALA, IT Telkom & 2009-2012ASTACALA 18, 19 & 20 Long March Commander Hari Bumi 2012 ASTACALA, IT Telkom Steering Committee 2012 ASTACALA- I certify that all of information above is true and reliable to support my application - Sincerely Yours, Muhammad Arif Nasution