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Vaatsalya Times Final Issue


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Hi all Here we are with our new issue of our magazine and ofcourse with a new look. Don\'t forget to send us your valuable suggestion and comments regarding the magazine to

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Vaatsalya Times Final Issue

  1. 1. Health Tips Learn a English Word COGNITION : The process of thought, Eg: Human cognition is well set up to process unclear concepts Spinach (Palak) The presence of calcium, vitamin K, folic acid, and iron in spinach makes it nutritious and thereby, good for health. MAY 2011 VAATSALYA TIMES MAY - JUNE 2011 Expert Interview - All you wanted Vaatsalya is Not to know about Just About Work Health Insurance Daniel Reddy Dr. Talha Siddiqi Page 4 Dr. Ashwin Naik is an Page 2 Multidisciplinary Critical Care The Need of the Hour “Ashoka Fellow for Page 3 2010”!! Page 4Dr. Golivi Mohan - Medical Director,Vaatsalya Hospital, Narasannapetta, Mr. Shanmugam felicitated by Vaatsalyabeing awarded the InternationalPresident’s letter of commendation by the Mr. Shanmugam, Chief engineer,international association of lions clubs. Vaatsalya was felicitated on the occasion of the formal inaugurationVaatsalya welcomes their of Vaatsalya’s Viziangaram unit on new consultants April 4th 2011. Mr. Shanmugam has over forty years of experience and has been part of many major projects in India and abroad. Upgraded Vaatsalya Hospital Inaugurated in Vizianagaram Staff Correspondent Vizianagaram April 2010 Dr. CS Patil Medical Director & Consultant Diabetologist The upgraded Vaatsalya Hospital, Ashwin Naik (Co-founder & CEO), Paediatrician, Rajasimha Children’s Vaatsalya Hospital, Hubli Vizianagaram, a Mother and Child Dr. Veerendra Hiremath (Co-founder Hospital, Parvathipram, Dr P Damodhar specialty hospital was formally inaugurated & COO), and Mr. Rocky Philip (Co- Reddy, District Governor - Rotary Club on Monday, March 4 by Dr. G Samamram, founder & VP Business Development) Viziangaram, Dr K Radha Krishna, National IMA President. welcomed the gathering. Special Director, R K Children & Perinatal Care Dr. M Venkateswara Rao, Medical delegates like Dr P Visweswara Rao, State Center, Visakhapatnam, Dr B S R Murty, Director Vaatsalya Hospital, Vizianagaram, President, Andhra Pradesh Nursing Home Medical Director, Lions Cancer Hospital, with founding team of Vaatsalya Dr. Association, Dr Bogi Eswara Rao, Senior Visakhapatnam, and hundreds of other guests attended the function. Vaatsalya has created intensive care units (ICU) to service surgical andDr. Pruthvi B.C. Dr. Vijay MahanteshConsultant Physician & Intensivist Consultant Paediatric Surgeon pediatric patients. A children’s play area Vaatsalya Hospital, ShimogaVaatsalya Hospital, Shimoga has been added to keep the children occupied while visiting the hospital. The new facilities and doctors were introduced to the people of Vizianagaram through this grand inauguration function. Vaatsalya’s promise to bring quality healthcare services to Andhra Pradesh is continuing and Vaatsalya thanks Dr. Venkateswara Rao, Medical Director, Vaatsalya hospital, Vizianagaram, for his continuing interestDr. Gopinath Dr. Manu M.G. and commitment in making this hospitalConsultant Surgeon Consultant PediatricianVaatsalya Hospital, Shimoga Vaatsalya Hospital, Shimoga a success. Dr. G Samamram, National IMA President Inaugurating Vaatsalya Hospital Vizianagaram Dialysis and Surgical Suite Inaugurated at Vaatsalya Hospital Shimoga Photo : Mahesh, Vaatsalya ShimogaDr T Renu Kumar Dr. PavanConsultant Paediatric Surgeon Consultant NephrologistVaatsalya Hospital, Vizianagaram Vaatsalya Hospital, Hassan Clockwise - Dr. Shivamurthy Murugha Sharanaru Inaugurating Surgical Suite, Sri Sri Mallikarjuna Murugharajendra Mahaswamy Inaugurating Labour Theatre, Dr. H Sudarshan Ballal MD,FRCP Inaugurating Dialysis Unit For online version visit -1-
  2. 2. VAATSALYA TIMES MAY - JUNE 2011 KNOW ? YOUR DOCTOR If not Practicing medicine we would have known you as ? Your day always starts with Whom do you consider as a role model in your profession or life ? A book that made a lasting impression Your favorite Movie Star or Cricketer ? How do you de-stress ? Dr. CS Patil Medical Director & “Hospital” Architect Pranayama Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Mahendra Singh Dhoni Playing Golf Consultant Diabetologist by Julie Salamon, Vaatsalya Hospital, Hubli Dr. Raveendra Madraki “Veer Narendra” by Medical Director & Swami Purushottamanandaji Praying and Playing with Teacher With a cup of Tea My Teacher Dr. Rajkumar Consultant Nephrologist and “Story of My my Children Vaatsalya Hospital, Bijapur Experiments with Truth” Dr. H I Mali Medical Director & Never had second “The Last Lacture” With a cup of Tea Dr G N Prabhakar Kamal Hassen Meditation Consultant Anaesthetist thoughts on it by Randy Pausch Vaatsalya Hospital, Gadag Dr. B N Prabhavathi Medical Director & Prayer and calling up my My Professor of Medicine “Mega Living” By chanting Consultant Obstetrician Industrialist Dr. N Lalitha Kamal Hassen and Gynaecologist daughter by Robin Sharma. OM Nama Sivaya Vaatsalya Hospital, Mandya Dr. Bharathi Rajashekar Medical Director & “Prophet”’- Amitabh Bhacchan has Sleeping and going for a Consultant Obstetrician Civil Service Prayer and a cup of cofee My Father always been my favorite and Gynaecologist by Khalil Gibran holiday Vaatsalya Hospital, Hassan Dr. Manjunath Doshetty My kid wakes me up and Medical Director & Metallurgy Engineer we together start with My Medical Textbooks By playing with my son Dr Sudarshan Ballal Ameer Khan Consultant Nephrologist prayer Vaatsalya Hospital, Gulbarga Dr. Dhananjay Sarji Dr Nalini Bhaskarananda Medical Director & Professor & Head Dept of Social Worker A Prayer Sai Charitra Amitabh Bhacchan Yoga Consultant Paediatrician Pediatrics, Vaatsalya Hospital, Shimoga KMC Manipal Dr. R Sridhar “Jonathan Livingston Meditation Medical Director & Good Sports Persons Seagull” Browsing Business Man With a cup of Coffee G R Viswanath Consultant Physician by Richard Bach Playing Tennis Vaatsalya Hospital, Mysore Dr. M Venkateswara Rao Jayaprakash Narayan - Medical Director & MBBS, IAS “The monk who sold his Politician A Prayer N.T.Ramarao Meditation Consultant Paediatrician Converted Genuine ferari” by Robin Sharma. Vaatsalya Hospital, Vizianagaram Politician. My teachers Books written by Dr. Golivi Mohan Mr.D. Narshimha Murthy Mr. Pattabhi No such particular only Medical Director & Mainly by self realization Dairy Farmer Body fitness exercise (maths teacher) on psychology enjoy the moment or Consultant Surgeon Mr. A.Suryanarayana and introspect related subject situation Vaatsalya Hospital, Narasannapet (head Master) Continuing Nursing Education Programme Conducted at Vaatsalya Hospital, Hassan I n the endeavour to strive for excellence in healthcare delivery, Vaatsalya focuses and emphazises on continuous education and training programmes to its staff by regularly conducting continuous nursing education and other such similar “ It was a really nice interactive session. Everyone got a lot to learn and share. I would like to thank all of them who have activities focussed towards professional helped to make this programme a success. and personal growth of the individuals With all your extended cooperatation, I and are conducted by most eminent plan to conduct similar sessions so thatPhotos : Asif Ahammed, Hassan experts and qualified professionals in Vaatsalya becomes the best quality health their own field. care provider in the country”. Dr. Haroon, Consultant Physician _______________ & Incharge of MICU of Vaatsalya Special Correspondent Hospital, Hassan was quoted as saying Hassan Expert Interview - All you wanted to know about Health Insurance by Mansi, Staff Currespondent, VT Bangalore We have recently renewed Group Health Insurance Policy with National Insurance hence all the insured can avail services from Sexually transmitted diseases, congenital excluding service tax. Co to extend the healthcare services to the empanelled hospitals of Mediassist TPA defects, mental disorders and self injuries. 3. The maximum expense on each all our employees and their dependents. which are almost most than 4000 + across Mansi: Whether Maternity and child birth admission is restricted to a maximum Dr.Talha Siddiqi has been associated india and ofcourse Vaatsalya’s chain of expenses are covered?? of 60% of the balance sum insured. with health insurance industry, before hospitals are also part of it. Talha: Yes. Maternity benefits are covered Mansi: Is the 60% restriction applicable on being part of vaatsalya family. Here he Mansi: What is the difference between with a maximum of Rs 25000/- in case of cardiac surgeries also. will answer some of the commonly asked cashless and reimbursement process? normal delivery & Rs 30000/- in case of Talha: The 60% restriction is not applicable questions on employee health insurance. Talha: In Cashless, the patient does not pay Caesarian sections. Maternity benefits are for the expenses on Cardiac Surgeries, the hospital bill except for the non medical extended only to first two children only. Organ Transplants and Cancer related expenses. In case of Reimbursement, Mansi: What is the co-payment paid by the treatment. The expenses are covered up to Mansi: First, Who are covered in this policy? Patient pays for the hospital expenses and patient? the maximum of balance sum insured. later gets reimbursed by Mediassist upon Talha: Co-payment is not applicable to Mansi: Is there anything you would like to verification of the documents. employee but if a dependant ie father, share. Mansi: Does policy cover the incurred mother, spouse or children is admitted they Talha: I would like to request all the Talha: Presently, those expenses on Outpatient services? have to pay 15% of the total bill as co- employees to kindly use the health employees who have Talha: The policy covers only the Inpatient payment. For instance, if the final inpatient insurance benefit diligently and verify completed six months in the admission with at least 24 hours stay in bill is Rs.10000/- then the patient will have the Inpatient bills before discharge with organization or whoever is hospital. Expenses related to outpatient to pay Rs.1500/-. itemized bills. Get the preauthorization services and admissions only for diagnostic Mansi: What are the other features of the before hospitalization in case of planned confirmed. Six members of a family are purpose are not covered. policy? admissions to avoid inconvenience. covered under this plan. The Mansi: Tell me about the Sum Insured and Talha: Upon analyzing the previous year’s Mansi: Last question, whom to contact in Employee, his/her spouse (Husband or room rent cap? claims and suggestions from the insurance case there are any problems /queries? Wife), Father and Mother who are aged Talha: Each employee is covered with a company, Talha: In case of any queries/problema, 75 or below and first two kids aged 25 or family floater of 1 lac sum Insured. The 1. The expenses for the treatments of you can contact local health insurance below. room rent is restricted to maximum of Cataract, Piles & Fistula, Tonsillitis, coordinators of the hospital. Or, you can call Mansi: So, Which are the hospitals where Rs.1000/- per day and ICU with Rs.2000/- Open Appendectomy, Septoplasty, and the toll free customer care of Mediassist. one can take treatment? Mansi: If somebody is diabetic can he avail Closed reduction of bones, are payable Also, can leave your query with vaatsalya Talha: Vaatsalya’s Group health insurance the health insurance benefits. only upto Rs 25000/- Cares–9686676741 with your contact policy is serviced by Mediassist TPA and Talha: Yes, the policy covers all the pre 2. Expenses on Open Hysterectomy are details, we will get back to you. existing diseases and conditions except for covered with the maximum of Rs.30,000 For online version visit -2-
  3. 3. VAATSALYA TIMES MAY - JUNE 2011 Multidisciplinary Critical Care The Need of the Hour I t is recognised world over today that availability of good antibiotics and bridges this gap. A team dedicated for clock critical care support are manifold the specialists of various disciplines antidotes, tropical diseases like falciparum such kind of care is the need of hour where 1. High Survival Rates are overworked professionally which malaria, leptospirosis, dengue, snake they can actually do the job of babysitting 2. Drastic reduction in cost to patients, make them unable to meet the growing bites, Organo Phosphorous poisoning when the primary physician has to attend referral to expensive higher centres need of critical care. continue to have significant mortality to many outpatients. This is where the are avoided. In modern medicine, despite the because of lack of comprehensive and critical care specialists called intensivists 3. Low complication rates come into the fore. 4. Time saved for the primary clinician Today let it be surgery case of which has bearing on improving the perforation with septicemic shock or outcome on noncritical cases. physician’s case of Pneumonia with Acute 6. Training of local paramedical staff respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) Critical care is an emerging specialty – intensivists manage it smoothly. by itself. We are glad that many primary Similarly, let it be neonatologist case or clinicians across all disciplines are obstetrician’s case of Pregancy induced recognizing it and supporting it actively Hypertension (PIH) with organ failure or neurologist’s case of subarachnoid hemorrhage – primary clinicians can rest peacefully. Intensivists are trained in all aspects right from ventilator, dialysis, managing blood pressure and doing the most difficult procedures under stressful circumstances. Intensivists just do not have to manage the patients, we also have to manage the family. Counselling the family from time to time in patients who have “Counselling the family from organ specific support. It’s not only about unpredictable prognosis is a skill learnt time to time in patients who nonavailability – many die because they by experience. It’s a challenge to do that cannot reach higher centres or many and at the same time being sensitive to have unpredictable prognosis is cannot afford the expensive critical care Clock Wise - Dr Roopa Patil, Dr Santosh family’s expectations and their financial Kamshetty, Dr Manjunath Doshetty and Dr a skill learnt by experience.” in urban cities. situations. Sudarshan Lakhe - Department of Critical A critical care centre within the town The advantages of having round the Care, Vaatsalya Hospital, Gulbarga Chronic Kidney Disease Overview Dr Manjunath Doshetty Consultant Nephrologist & Medical Director, Vaatsalya Hospital, GulbargaC hronic kidney disease (CKD) CHRONIC KIDNEY DISEASE Fasting Blood Sugar less than 110 also called kidney failure RISK FACTORS and Post Prandial blood sugar less is a condition in which the • Diabetes mellitus than 180kidneys lose the ability to remove • High blood pressure Salt restriction in diet – Intakewaste and excess water from the • Chronic glomerulonephritis less than 5 grams of salt per daybloodstream. (inflammation of the The most common causes of glomeruli), No Smokingchronic kidney disease are diabetes • Polycystic kidney disease (cysts Good Proteinaceous dietand high blood pressure. In the early in the kidneys) Avoid being overweight – Regularstages of CKD, there are no obvious • A family history of kidney exercise / walking / jogging /symptoms. The disease can progress disease meditation is good for the bodyto complete kidney failure, also CHRONIC KIDNEY DISEASE Avoid Drugs harmful to kidney –called end stage renal disease. SYMPTOMS Drugs like NSAIDs (Pain Killers The main goal of treatment is Figure -1 Most people with chronic kidney commonly used over the counter),to prevent progression of CKD to filters waste from the body’s blood disease do not have symptoms until Antibiotics like Amikacin,complete kidney failure.The best way supply. Each nephron is composed the kidney function is severely Gentamicin can be harmfulto do this is to diagnose and control of a glomerulus and a tubule. The impaired. The symptoms are mild to kidney. Also many medicinethe underlying cause. glomerulus filters wastes and excess and nonspecific which include dosages have to be modified in NORMAL KIDNEY FUNCTION fluids, while the tubules modify the Fatigue, Nausea, Generalised Chronic Kidney Disease. Please The kidneys function to remove waste to form urine. Weakness, Swelling of Feet, consult Nephrologist before takingwastes and excess water from the Urine is made by the kidneys. Increased frequency of urine at any medicines.blood. Not only this, kidney maintains night, Mild loss of appetite Female Male WHERE TO GET MOREnormal blood pressure. Further, it In later stages, one develops INFORMATIONproduces hormones like Vitamin D difficulty in breathing, and severeand Erythropoietin which is necessary loss of appetite Nephrologists available in ourfor Bone – Mineral Metabolism and DIAGNOSIS Hospitals:Hemoglobin respectively. In short, Serum Creatinine. Based onkidney maintains the chemical Dr Ravindra Madrakki this, there is a formula to calculatebalance in body and many vital body Vaatsalya Hospital, Bijapur. percentage functioning of yourfunctions are dependent upon the Ph : 08352 260943 kidneysproper functioning of the kidneys. Dr Manjunath Doshetty Urine tests — The presence of For the filtering process to occur It passes from the kidneys into the Vaatsalya Hospital, Gulbarga . albumin or protein in the urineproperly, the blood pressure and blood bladder through two tubes called the Ph : 9632422711 (called albuminuria or proteinuria)flow to the kidneys must be adequate. ureters. Then it leaves the bladder is a marker of kidney disease. Even Dr Venkatesh MugerIf the arteries leading to the kidney through another tube, called the small amounts of albumin in the Vaatsalya Hospital, Hubli.are diseased, the filtering process will urethra. urine, called microalbuminuria, may Ph : 0836 4254333be affected. The nephrons, including When the kidney filters are be an early sign of chronic kidneythe glomeruli and the tubules, must working properly, the result is aproper Dr Dayanand A S disease in some people, particularly be healthy, and balance of fluids and chemicals in Vaatsalya Hospital, Shimoga . those with diabetes and high blood the path from the body. If an imbalance occurs, Ph : 08182 408100 pressure. the nephron to many critical bodily functions can Dr Pavan the urethra must be affected, possibly producing CHRONIC KIDNEY DISEASE Vaatsalya Hospital, Hassan. not be blocked. symptoms associated with kidney TREATMENT Ph : 08172 265033 This figure disease Tight control of Blood pressure – No. 1 shows the Target BP < 130/80 structure of the Tight control of Blood Sugar – nephron, whichFor online version visit -3- -2-
  4. 4. VAATSALYA TIMES MAY - JUNE 2011 Congratulations HMS implementation experts & Appreciation The new HMS software has been days itself is a herculean challenge,Vaatsalya Hospital Administrators rolled out successfully and with a lot with training of staff, mastersand Admin Officers were recognized of hardwork from our billing and creation, coordinating with vendorsand awarded by the corporate team front office teams. In the next few and fixing bugs. Sharief has to befor their extra ordinary initiatives and days I am sure we all will be 100% especially commended for a fantasticcontribution. Sharief Dr. Talha Dr. Deepali transitioned to the new HMS and all job done in ashort time and Dr.Talha to ensure smooth implementation. the startup glitches will be ironed for being the backbone of HMS These people are Hemlatha from out by then. On behalf of all of you, implementation and not giving up! Hubli, Susan from Mysore, and I would like to to thank Sharief, Dr. In addition, Sharief and Talha have Pratap from Narasanapetta. We are Talha, and Dr. Deepali for their also identified few people from our very proud of their achievement and hard work and ongoing support to all team who have shown exceptional congratulate them on behalf of the our units. While things are not done initiative and openness to adopt the entire company. yet, but getting 11 units live in 15 new software and also to train others Vaatsalya is Not Just About Work Vaatsalya is not just about work... It Sketching & Painting, Singing & Personnel can identify talents lying has always believed in encouraging Dancing, and Sports etc., can be dormant among Vaatsalyans and talents as well. covered along with elaborate details make it happen for all Now, this magazine is here to and pictures of awards/certificates. our unsung heroes. showcase and promote unique, We will now be able to present this hidden talents of individuals/teams to an audience of more than 10K!!! Daniel Reddy across Vaatsalya. Talents like Poetry, All the Administrators/HR Senior Manager Human ResourceHarish Rai I V Ramana Dr. Ashwin Naik is an “Ashoka Fellow for 2010”!!Administrator Administrator Ashoka is an international the problem at hand; commitment known nameHassan Vizianagaram foundation started by Bill Drayton, towards the idea; social impact of the in the Ashoka an eminent public leader, in 1980. idea; and the entrepreneur’s ability fellows list is He named the foundation “Ashoka” to lead by convincing others to trust Dr. Devi Shetty because Ashoka was the first emperor him/her. Naturally it is difficult to of Narayana in the world focused on social find entrepreneurs who have all the Hrudayalaya, advancement over 2000 years ago. qualities. So Vaatsalyans were very Bangalore who is Though the organization is named pleased when Dr. Ashwin Naik was changing the cost after an Indian emperor, it is present selected recently as an Ashoka fellow. and quality of all over the world recognizing and Since instituting the fellowshi p 30 tertiary healthcare. encouraging social entrepreneurs. years ago, about 2200 people have What is interesting about Ashwin/Felix Vallabh These entrepreneurs most of whom been recognized worldwide by the Vaatsalya’s selection is Vaatsalya isAdministrator Admin Officer are associated with non-profit foundation. Some 287 fellows were a for-profit private enterprise andMandya Bijapur foundations have found innovative selected from organizations operating works in the primary and secondary solutions in the areas of health, in India and 47 of them were for healthcare areas. Obviously education, or economic development. their work in the health related areas this is a recognition the whole UBQ An entrepreneur is selected based primarily in mental and sexual health Vaatsalya family is proud off!! Process Champions on his/her idea; creativity in solving and HIV/AIDS. Another well- “Congrats Dr. Ashwin”! Vaatsalya wins Vaatsalya, features as a case study from Dare Inspiring Harvard Business Publishing. Entrepreneurs Award structure and the challenges of operating in small towns of India. The MBA students will debate within This case study is written by Prof themselves and present their viewsHemalatha Susan Vinay Sourav Mukherjee and PD Jose of on the case as part of their training.Hubli Mysore IIM, Bangalore, and will be used by “It is a significant milestone for business schools around the world us and I want to congratulate all to teach their MBA students, who employees, who keep putting in are seeking examples of healthcare hard work day after day, in spite impact through business. The case of all the challenges and constraints. outlines the history of Vaatsalya and Keep it up!” said Dr. Ashwin Naik, what challenges lie ahead, in terms CEO Dr. Ashwin Naik receiving Dare Inspiring of replicating the model in other Entrepreneurs Award from Mr. Prashanth Hebbar states, building teams, process, (Senior Editor—Dare CyberMedia India Ltd)Pratap JOB OPPORTUNITIES Be part of ourNarasannapetta Editorial Team Volunteers are invited to contribute and help with the publications of the English, Kanada, Telugu, Tamil, and Marathi Editions of Vaatsalya Times. Only 2-3 hours of quality time required per month. RequestingNABH Meeting in Full Swing : interested Volunteers to send theirThe 1st committee meeting of NABH was held : 9008489022 details to, oracross Vaatsalya Hospitals in the month of April call 9611118479.initiating the NABH accredition process. : “We like to hear from you” send your valuable suggestions & queries about Vaatsalya Times toFor online version visit or call 09686676741 -4-