Legacy Games 2013 - Leader in Branded Games


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We are small, but pack a powerful punch. Check out all the great branded games that Legacy has launched in the past year, plus new ones on the horizon like Tarzan Unleashed and Crayola Color My Song.

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Legacy Games 2013 - Leader in Branded Games

  1. 1. 2013
  2. 2. About Legacy Games • Experience: Founded in 1998 in Los Angeles, California by industry veterans who specialize in fan engagement through gaming! We make popular licenses interactive, e.g., House, M.D., ER, Twilight Zone, Criminal Minds, Ghost Whisperer, Law & Order, etc. • Scale: 2013 Games in development include PC/Mac (6) and Mobile (6) • Robust publishing/distribution platform for PC Games: - 250+ games from 35 developers - Strong digital revenue growth, year over year at 15% - Strong Retail revenue growth, year over year at 45% • Licensing partnerships with NBC, CBS, BBC, A&E, Edgar R. Burroughs, Paramount, Crayola, etc. • Legacy’s 2013 new releases include: Murder She Wrote 2 (iOS), Atlantis: Pearls of the Deep (ios/android), Paranormal State (PC/Mac), Psych (PC), Tarzan Unleashed (PC/mobile), The Lost Cases of Sherlock Holmes (iOS), Austen’s Estate of Affairs (PC), Crayola’s Color My Song (PC/mobile), and League of Mermaids (PC/mobile).
  3. 3. We “Gamify” Brands! z
  4. 4. Q2, 2012 When the FBI needs a criminal profile for their most shocking and bewildering cases, they call on the Behavioral Analysis Unit. As a member of this elite team, players scour crime scenes for clues, interview witnesses and suspects, and carefully analyze evidence and the unknown subject's motives to pinpoint the predator before they strike again.
  5. 5. Q2, 2012 Based on the hit TV show of the same name, Ghost Whisperer stars Jennifer Love Hewitt as Melinda Gordon, a medium who can communicate with the dead. In this light adventure/hidden object game, players use their keen eyes to solve clever puzzles, locate clues, and help the spirits find emotional closure with unresolved issues in their earth-bound lives.
  6. 6. Q4, 2012 Q4, 2013 When the police can't find the murderer, they turn to acclaimed mystery-writer Jessica Fletcher, whose keen eye and intuition lead her to see clues that others overlook. In this light adventure/hidden object game, players take on the role of Jessica to solve puzzles and ultimately find the murderer in beautiful, but lethal, settings throughout Cabot Cove, Maine.
  7. 7. Q2, 2012 Q3, 2012 A terrible fate looms over the legendary city of Atlantis, but the Queen is determined to save her people, with your help! In this time and resource management game, players must use their wits to help the villagers evacuate. Collect gold, build bridges and roads, fight off robbers, and test your luck on the fortune machine!
  8. 8. Q4, 2012 Q1, 2013 Awarded the #1 Best Match-3 Game of 2012 by Gamezebo!! This casual match-3 title combines both physics based puzzles and other popular casual game genres. Atlantis: Pearls of the Deep is an innovative cross between Angry Birds and Bejeweled, with a hidden object twist!
  9. 9. Q2, 2013 Q3, 2013 Created by the same people who brought you the award-winning Pearls of the Deep game, League of Mermaids extends the gameplay and fun! Utilizing a popular game play mechanic, i.e., match 3 with physics, you match wits with Poseidon to save four worldly mermaids, and in the process, stretch your strategy muscles. Available on PC/Mac, iOS and Android.
  10. 10. Q2, 2012 Q3, 2013 Jane Austen’s keen observations and wit have made her one of the most beloved novelists of all time. In this lush hidden object mystery game set in Regency England, Jane’s niece is in search of a lost manuscript that will stop the unlawful sale of her aunt’s estate. Romance and adventure ensue.
  11. 11. Q4, 2013 Q1, 2014 Ryan Buell and his team investigate and solve dangerous paranormal cases that involve ghosts, demons, and spirits from beyond the grave. In this casual hidden object puzzle adventure game, the player explores a sinister former Civil War battleground and all its ghostly inhabitants.
  12. 12. Q4, 2013 Shawn Spencer is a private detective who has an almost supernatural gift for crime-solving – so much so that the local police department hires him as their Psychic Advisor! Spencer quickly finds that his gifts, although formidable, don’t exactly keep him out of trouble. Players help Shawn and best-friend Gus find clues, solve puzzles and unravel mysteries in this humorous light adventure/hidden object game.
  13. 13. Q4, 2013 Q1, 2014 The original jungle running king is invading the popular Endless Runner genre! Join Tarzan and his friends as they race through the jungle, swinging through the trees, jump over dangerous pitfalls, dodge deadly animals, and gather fruit! Connect with friends and see who can last the longest in the deadly African jungles! Coming soon on PC, iOS, and Android.
  14. 14. Q4, 2013 Q1, 2014 Crayola’s Color My Song is a fun musical art app for mobile devices and tablets that incorporates music and fanciful sound effects into the drawing activity, resulting in a unique single and multiplayer experience that will captivate children of all ages. Coming soon on PC/Mac, iOS, and Android.
  15. 15. Q1, 2014 Players explore the creepy world envisioned by Rod Serling in this casual light adventure game based on the cult-classic television show. t Solve challenging puzzles, find hidden objects, and complete minigames across several different “episodes” in the alternate reality known as the Twilight Zone.