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Translating Judaism Presentation To Brandeis v4
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Translating Judaism Presentation To Brandeis v4


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Published in: Business, Spiritual

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  • 1. Intro Slide Translating Judaism for the Post-Digital Age Presentation on the Jewish Future Brandeis, 2008 Ariel Beery Co-Founder, PresenTense
  • 2. Our Motivation Why? In an age of unprecedented opportunities, and rare if any boundaries, every Jew in effect chooses to live a Jewish life – and there better be a good reason. As young Jews raised fully integrated into our societies, we kept on coming back to one question:
  • 3. Radically New Context Youth knows only the empowered Jew; the victim, powerless Galut self-image is a thing of the past – and messages of alarm do not work for this generation Digital social networks and global opportunities lead to erosion of local identity Creation of a Jewish Homeland raises existential questions about Judaism as a whole
  • 4. Post-Digital Blessings Post-Digital Blessings Creative Economy = unparalleled growth in nearly every sector Since Industrial Age models do not speak to new generation, empowered entrepreneurs are creating not only their own projects, but their own project-generating capacity (ROI, Bikkurim, Reboot, Joshua Venture) New generation is made up of prosumers seeking participation and co-creation Unparalleled popularity of social networking platforms proves importance of community to post-digital generation Global communication generates globe-spanning communities
  • 5. Key Challenges Key Challenges Attention economy pulls young entrepreneurs in various directions Culture clash when Institutions modeled after industrial age organizations meet youth interested in co-creation and open-source culture Enormous resources – human, intellectual and financial – are drawn away from a Jewish organizational world that seems closed and is not “hackable” Jewish community’s highly-developed capacity is not being brought to full potential due to change in paradigm – hurting the younger generation as much as that generation now in power
  • 6. How to think Post-Digital Keys to Post-Digital Win
    • Focus on Value and enable Creativity in a Jewish Context: to act in the Image of the Creator is to be Creators ourselves
    • Invest in opportunities to bridge the old and new: the richness of tradition with the new vehicles for the future
    • Create an information-age platform to enable each and every Jew to grow their unique spark of holy creativity so that we can realize our collective potential as the Jewish People
    • Value results from an interaction between person and product, but must be bounded by clear statements of core purpose
    Tikkun Olam through Yetzirat Ha’Adam
  • 7. Platform Platform according to pmarca : “a system that can be programmed and therefore customized by outside developers -- users -- and in that way, adapted to countless needs and niches that the platform's original developers could not have possibly contemplated, much less had time to accommodate.” = Not an organization  an organizing framework . We need a Platform
  • 8. Macro: Organizing Framework London Buenos Aires Paris Bombay Moscow Our vision: A network of creative spaces sharing value, so the whole is more than the sum of its parts This network enriches current institutions and connects them worldwide New York Singapore Jerusalem
  • 9. Micro: Node Structure Community Space Creative Space Resident Space Gathering creative sparks = lighting the Eternal Fire Each node radiates new energy to its host community
  • 10. Proof of Concept 18 Fellows from around the world, 12 Projects 4 Projects come to proof-of-concept in 5 months Proto-Node in Jerusalem for 6 Week Period Summer 2007 Institute Space + Network + Enabling = Creativity
  • 11. Some Projects Launched Came with: Talented rap skills and an idea for Bible raps Developed this: A Bible Rap curriculum that can affect youth on a national scale Matt Bar Came with: Successful local model for engagement, Challah4Hunger Gained this: Paradigm for decentralized activism, and acquisition by more established organization Eli Winkelman Came with: An idea for a trip to Israel and a passion for the Jewish State Developed this: An impressive proof-of-concept leading to acquisition offers and investment opportunities Avi Bass
  • 12. Proof of Concept, cont. Grassroots events in cities across the world Arts, culture and discussion fomented Global network of volunteers developing shared vision PresenTense Magazine
  • 13. What We’ve Learned
    • Don’t provide the answer, provide the space to question and resources for others to answer
    • Focus on value – and enable others to co-create
    • Enable risk-taking for start-up ventures
    • Learn from established organizations, and work to spread knowledge acquired
    • Be the platform
    • Encourage hacks
  • 14. To bring the next age The PresenTense Big Idea: Translate Judaism’s value into an Information-Age structure Realize the collective potential of the global Jewish People through fostering creativity In three words: Network for Creativity