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Git Basics at Rails Underground

Git Basics at Rails Underground



My Git Basics presentation at Rails Underground.

My Git Basics presentation at Rails Underground.



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    Git Basics at Rails Underground Git Basics at Rails Underground Presentation Transcript

    • GIT BASICS Ariejan de Vroom – Kabisa ICT http://kabisa.nl http://ariejan.net http://twitter.com/ariejan
    • WHAT THE GIT?! “I'm an egotistical bastard, and I name all my projects after myself. First Linux, now git.” – Linus Torvalds
    • GET GIT! http://git-scm.com/
    • SURVEY • Who is NOT using version control? • Subversion? Mercurial? • Anything else?
    • WHY GIT?! • Distributed Repositories • Non-linear Development • Very fast branching and merging • Toolkit Design • Scales • Cryptographic authentication of history.
    • LET’S ROCK! ~/gitbasics $ git init Initialized empty Git repository in /Users/ariejan/gitbasics/.git/
    • LET’S ROLL! ~/gitbasics $ git clone git@github.com/ariejan/gitbasics.git
    • ~/gitbasics $ echo "Live long and prosper" > README ~/gitbasics $ git add README ~/gitbasics $ git commit -m "Added README" [master (root-commit)]: created 8e60b09: "Added README" 1 files changed, 1 insertions(+), 0 deletions(-) create mode 100644 README
    • WHAT JUST HAPPENED? ~/gitbasics $ git log commit 8e60b09d3082e9473944075cc01b3b67bb97d5c3 Author: Ariejan de Vroom <ariejan@ariejan.net> Date: Mon May 11 21:51:24 2009 +0200 Added README
    • HOW GIT WORKS Working Directory git add Staging Area git commit Repository
    • WORKFLOW • Hack! ( TextMate, vim, ... ) • Stage your changes ( git add ) • Review your changes ( git status | diff ) • Commit (locally) ( git commit ) • Repeat
    • USING BRANCHES • Very, very fast • Keep different code paths separate • Try new things • Atomic merges!
    • SURVEY • How many of you use branching? • Do you work exclusively on trunk/master? • NEVER work on trunk/master?
    • BRANCHING c1 c2 c3 c4 master c5 c6 new_feature
    • LET’S BRANCH! ~/gitbasics $ git checkout -b new_feature Switched to a new branch "new_feature" ~/gitbasics $ git branch master * new_feature ~/gitbasics $ git checkout master Switched to branch "master" ~/gitbasics $ git branch -d feature3 Deleted branch feature3
    • MERGING • Merge two branches together • Add new features • Add bugs fixes
    • MERGING c1 c2 c3 c4 c7 master c5 c6 new_feature
    • MERGING ~/gitbasics $ git checkout master Switched to branch "master" ~/gitbasics $ git merge new_feature
    • REBASING • Bring a branch up-to-date • Rebasing is rewriting history! • Don’t use rebasing on a branch you’re sharing!
    • REBASING c1 c2 c3 c4 master new_feature c3’ c4’ c5 c6
    • REBASING ~/gitbasics $ git checkout new_feature Switched to branch "new_feature" ~/gitbasics $ git rebase master
    • REMOTE • Store and share your code! • github.com • gitosis ( self-managed over SSH )
    • PUSH ~/gitbasics $ git add origin git@github.com/ariejan/ gitbasics.git ~/gitbasics $ git push origin master
    • FETCH / PULL ~/gitbasics $ git fetch origin ~/gitbasics $ git pull origin master
    • WORKFLOW Working Directory add Staging Area commit checkout merge Repository push fetch pull Remote
    • TAGGING • Mark a point in history • Optionally sign it cryptographically with GnuPG
    • TAGGING v1.0 c1 c2 c3 c4
    • TAGGING ~/gitbasics $ git tag -a -m "Tag v1.0" v1.0 Switched to branch "new_feature" ~/gitbasics $ git tag v1.0 ~/gitbasics $ git push --tags
    • USING TAGS ~/gitbasics $ git checkout -b fix_1.0 v1.0 Switched to branch "fix_1.0" ~/gitbasics $ git rebase v1.0 ~/gitbasics $ git log v1.0..HEAD
    • BISECTING • Binary search for a bad commit • Find out where it when wrong (and who to blame!)
    • BISECTING v1.0 Good or Bad? HEAD c1 c2 c3 c4 c5 c6 c7
    • BISECTING Good or v1.0 HEAD Bad? c1 c2 c3 c4 c5 c6 c7 ~/gitbasics $ git bisect start ~/gitbasics $ git bisect bad ~/gitbasics $ git bisect good v1.0 ~/gitbasics $ git bisect bad | good ~/gitbasics $ git bisect reset ~/gitbasics $ git bisect start HEAD v1.0
    • RELEASE MANAGEMENT • Manage your DTSP environments • Branches to the rescue!
    • RELEASE MANAGEMENT ~/gitbasics $ git branch production master ~/gitbasics $ git push origin production ~/gitbasics $ git checkout --track -b production origin/production
    • RELEASE MANAGEMENT ~/gitbasics $ git checkout production ~/gitbasics $ git rebase master ~/gitbasics $ git push origin production
    • TAGGING RELEASES ~/gitbasics $ git checkout master ~/gitbasics $ git tag -a -m "Tag v1.0.3" v1.0.3 ~/gitbasics $ git push --tags ~/gitbasics $ git checkout production ~/gitbasics $ git rebase v1.0.3 ~/gitbasics $ git push origin production
    • THE STASH • Stash away uncommitted changes • Ideal for quick bug fixes!
    • THE STASH ~/gitbasics $ git status # modified: README ~/gitbasics $ git stash ~/gitbasics $ git status nothing to commit # Hack, stage, review, commit, etc. ~/gitbasics $ git stash pop ~/gitbasics $ git status # modified: README
    • GITHUB.COM • Share your code! • Hardcore forking action! • Crowd Sourcing
    • PULL REQUESTS ~/imdb $ git add -f boscomonkey git://github.com/boscomonkey/imdb.git ~/imdb $ git checkout -b boscomonkey/master ~/imdb $ git pull boscomonkey master ~/imdb $ git checkout master ~/imdb $ git merge boscomonkey/master ~/imdb $ git push
    • SURVEY • Who is going to try Git? • Stick with Subversion?
    • WE’RE HIRING! AWESOME CODERS recruitment@kabisa.nl
    • THANKS! Slides will be posted to http://slideshare.net/ariejan Contact me at ariejan@kabisa.nl or follow me at http://twitter.com/ariejan