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Coles Arie Presentation Coles Arie Presentation Presentation Transcript

  • Unfair? Unsafe? How do you feel about lane sharing motorcycles?
  • Don’t get mad or resentful. Cars provide a comfortable, protected, climate controlled environment.
  • Given the size ratio between cars and motorcycles, lane sharing is a legitimate action with benefits for both cars and bikes.
  • 4,200,000,000.00 34316967@N04/3856630108/sizes/n/in/photostream/ Amount of hours Americans spend in traffic in 2007.
  • Top of Class MSC graduate. Personally witnessed a near tragic accident involving a close friend. Over a decade behind the wheel and handle bars.
  • Take a moment to realize how much time and stress could be avoided if we added an HOV like lane for motorcycles.
  • Unlikely-hood of an accident by lane sharing motorcycles Stress on local infrastructure Motorcycle performance far exceeds that of a car
  • Think This looks bad? Imagine taking away 2 wheels, the magnesium alloy roll cage, 8 of 8 airbags, and traction control.
  • Lane sharing has the potential to save lives. 18,000 injuries could be avoided if lane sharing was implemented in all off the united states.
  • 84% of riders who have engaged in lane sharing have never had contact with another vehicle.
  •">Richard Masoner / Cyclelicious</a> via <a href="">Compfight</a> <a href="http://">cc</a> With more congested roadways, you can see just how much room motorcycles have to utilize as a lane between cars.
  • $750 per person in wasted fuel and productivity due to traffic congestion in recent years. In 1982 it was $290 per person in contrast (adjusted for inflation)
  • 15-70 hours a year stuck in traffic. Just as people choose their vehicle based on MPG, soon they will chose motorcycles based on mobility.
  • Motorcycles are no wider than a persons shoulders. There is more than enough room if you consider the size relation. In fact, Motorcycles take less space in between cars than cars take in their own lanes!
  • Motorcycles can easily maneuver through the most congested traffic jams without putting others at risk.
  • 2:1 reduction in motorcycle rear-end collisions in states where lane sharing is lawful
  • What would you do?
  • Sitting at congested red lights feels unbearable at times. Imagine the sweltering heat sufficating you with hot engines running all around you...
  • Lane Sharing, lets commit to being altruistic and reap the rewards of smoother traffic.
  • Wouldn’t it seem a bit selfish to deny them the use of a perfectly suitable lane of travel? Let’s all do our part to open up our roadways