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Lg conf   upgrade migrate and virtualisation with share-point 2010
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Lg conf upgrade migrate and virtualisation with share-point 2010


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Published in: Technology

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  • 1. Upgrade / Migration & Virtualisation with SharePoint 2010
    Dave Coleman & Alan Richards
  • 2. About the Speaker….
    Dave Coleman
    Twynham School
  • 3. About the Speaker….
    Alan Richards
    West Hatch High School
  • 4. Why virtualise when upgrading/migration to SharePoint 2010
    Simple way to move to a 64bit environment.
    Cost savings in a time of budget cuts.
    Increased flexibility in growing and managing your server stock.
    High availability of e-learning resources.
    Improved protection against server failure (if in a fail over cluster).
  • 5. SharePoint 2010 Software/Hardware Requirements
    64 Bit edition of SQL 2005 With SP3 or
    64 Bit edition of SQL 2008 With SP1 and Cumulative Update 2 or
    64 Bit Edition of SQL 2008 R2
    64 Bit edition of windows server 2008 with SP2
    64 Bit edition of Windows server 2008 R2
    64 Bit processor, 4 Cores
    8GB Ram
    80GB Hard Drive Space
  • 6. Single Server Deployment
    One server farm
    Runs all SharePoint roles
    Central admin
    Web front end
    SQL Server
  • 7. Two Tier Farm
    Single SharePoint Server
    SQL Server could be MIS Server
  • 8. Upgrade
    In place upgrade
    Patched SQL
    X64 architecture
    High availability upgrade
    Patched SQL
    Copy MOSS 2007 database and attached to new server
  • 9. Migration Tools
    Metalogix SharePoint Site Migration Manager 2010
    Quest Software Migration Manager (2003 to 2010)
    TzunamiDeployer for SharePoint 2010 migration
    AvePointDocAve SharePoint Migration Manager for 2001/2003/2007 to 2003/2007/2010
    MetaVis Migrator for SharePoint
    Xavor SharePoint 2010 Migration Tool
    SharePoint Joel
  • 10. Virtualisation – The Basics
    Market players
    Microsoft Hyper-V
  • 11. Virtualisation – The Basics
    Standard Model
    One server = One role
    New role = New Server
    New Server = More Money
  • 12. Virtualisation – The Basics
    Virtualisation Model
    Start small
    One server
    Large memory and storage
    One server runs multiple guests
    Expand as necessary
    Multiple servers
    Centralised storage
  • 13. Failover Cluster Manager
  • 14. Failover Cluster Manager
    • Live Migrate
    • 15. Create New Virtual Servers
    • 16. Start VM
    • 17. Shutdown VM
    • 18. Manage VM’s With HyperV Manager
    • 19. Manage Failover and Failback
  • System Centre Virtual Machine Manager
  • 20. System Centre Virtual Machine Manager
  • 21. System Centre Virtual Machine Manager
    • P2V (Physical to Virtual)
    • 22. Manage Your Virtual Machines
    • 23. Live Migrate
    • 24. Create and Manage Snapshots (Checkpoints)
    • 25. Stop
    • 26. Shutdown
    • 27. Restart
    • 28. Create templates to easily create virtual servers
    • 29. Manage ISO Storage
    • 30. Manage Your VMware VirtualCenter Server
    • 31.
  • HyperV Monitor Gadget for Windows Sidebar
    • 32. Monitor Memory Available on your Hosts
    • 33. Shutdown
    • 34. Start
    • 35. Restart
    • 36. RDP Support
    • 37. FREE
    • 38. Download From
    • 39.
  • Our SharePoint Topology
    Load balanced Web Front Ends
    Application Server
    Central Admin
    Clustered SQL Server
    Search Database
    Central Admin Database
    Content Databases
  • 40. Virtualised Environment
    Domain Controllers
    Hyper-V Servers
    2 x Quad Core
    72 Gb RAM
    12 x 1TB disks in RAID 5 configuration
  • 41. How It Stacks Up
    Virtual servers installed on Hyper-V boxes
    Clustered SQL
    Load balanced web front ends
    Easily add additional servers
  • 42. Hyper-V Licensing
    Windows Server 2008 Standard
    1 free licence for guest Windows OS
    Windows Server 2008 Enterprise
    4 free licences for guest Windows OS
    Windows Server 2008 Datacentre
    Licensed per processor (platter NOT core)
    Unlimited licences for guest Windows OS
  • 43. Additional Benefits
    Automatic failover
    Hyper-V server fails all virtual server moved to another server
    User sees no loss of service
    Easily and quickly add servers
    Store ISO of operating system on Hyper-V servers
    Live migration
    Migrate virtual server to another Hyper-V server while its online
    User sees no loss of service
    Cost effective
    Not asking for more money every time you need a new server
    Prolong server lifecycles
  • 44. Thank you for attending!
    Alan Richards & Dave Coleman