Cost Cutting Using ICT - NAACE Conference 2012

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Slide deck of presentations given at the 2012 NAACE conference

Slide deck of presentations given at the 2012 NAACE conference

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  • Visualise how much paper an average School usesThe office ladies spending time stuffing envelopes, franking etc They can spend this saved time on something elseEverything on paper meant a nightmare to access it, going through filing cabinets, transpose it to ExcelEasily export data from SharePoint 2010 to Excel.
  • Student are emailed a live copy of the form for their recordsTheir targets are on the main page of the Learning gateway


  • 1. Cutting Costs Using ICT Alan Richards
  • 2. About MeInformation Systems Manager @ West Hatch High SchoolWorked in education ICT for 18 yearsSharePoint MVP
  • 3. Cutting Costs Using ICT VirtualisationThe Paperless School Power Management
  • 4. Why ? 1.5 million sheets of paper a year Printing costs for letters, reports Postage costs for letters, reports Admin time Increase availability of data Data analysis Easier than paper Export to Excel
  • 5. Academic Review Day Drop down day for students All students, along with parents, attend interview with teacher Fill in an online form Data collected is emailed to student and parent Data is all saved to SharePoint 2010
  • 6. Getting At The Data • Easy navigation items on the Learning Gateway • Year Managers • Form Tutors
  • 7. Getting At The DataSimple search for teachers to find targets set for students in their classes
  • 8. Getting At The DataSimple images show if targets met or not
  • 9. A Constant ReminderStudents log onto the Learning Gateway and see their targets
  • 10. Online Homework • Staff Set homework using a form based on our Learning Gateway • Students see the homework on their main gateway page • Parents view the homework set when they log onto the gateway
  • 11. Online HomeworkBoth students and parents can see the homework set by logging onto the Learning Gateway
  • 12. Progress Data
  • 13. What Else• Staff Absence Requests • Easy completed forms • Workflow deals with approval process • Users can see their own requests and status• VET Requests • Easy completed forms • Workflows deal with approval process • Users can see own requests and status • Deals with reminders for risk assessments etc
  • 14. QuestionsEmail me: arichards@edutechnow.comCheck my blog: www.edutechnow.comTwitter: @arichards_Saruk