5 Secrets to Sales Success


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Learn the 5 Sales Secrets that all top performers know in engaging and winning with today's empowered customers.

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  • Today's customer no longer want, or have to, go through a predetermined sales process that is determined by the seller. Customers today have much more choice and power than ever before.As a consequence, research from Sales Executive Council states that 57% of buying process occurs before a potentialcustomer first engages with a sales rep. A buyer does research on the Web, leverages their business social network and online communities to get guidance and the inside scoop on how to address their challenges.Ultimately, while the customer still needs to complete their own traditional activities to make a decision; the way they do it, moving forwards and backwards through buying process, engaging socially, is different than ever before.It is therefore crucial salespeople have the tools that deliver the insight needed to quickly establish an understanding of who the customers is, what their distinct pain points are and what is possibly driving them and their organizations decision making process.
  • And we can’t afford to waste time. Although existing sales methodologies provide a process and framework, they don’t address the non-structured activities that consume a large chunk of a salesperson’s day, which includes activities such asFinding the right customer contacts & people in my social network who can provide a warm introduction Learning my prospect’s personal preferences, what he cares about, what’s being said about his company that impacts his organization?Searching my own organization for the right experts who know my customers’ industries, or other salespeople who have won with customers similar to mineSearching for relevant presentation, product information, competitive reports that will help me communicate unique value to each of my customersCommunicating and orchestrating my extended sales team in order to drive the team sell/complex sellMaking phone calls & firing off emails to find the latest pricing, quotes and sales orders so that we’re prepared for every call and every closeLosing precious minutes and hours on the road where we could be productive if only we had the right toolsThese are just a few of the activities a salesperson does on a daily basis in an effort to have meaningful engagements with a customer, while also tracking their business and keeping an eye on their sales target. In order for sales people to be effective, they need to leverage their extended sales network and new tools designed to help them complete this myriad of unstructured activities faster and with better results.
  • Yet, sales force automation or CRM tools that are in use today are designed on the traditional CRM paradigm, and weren’t designed for how salespeople need to sell today. Instead, they were designed to provide management visibility and to control sales behavior. CSO Insights reports 74% of sales organizations have poor SFA adoption. So we need a tool that Salespeople will use, a tool to help them better understand their customers, have more meaningful interactions, and ultimately drive more revenue.
  • Extend your investment in SAP ERP or CRM by giving your salespeople an easy-to-use sales application with hassle-free access to back-office information Tailor your SAP Sales OnDemand to your sales teams’ preferences Mobilize your sales force by giving them 360 customer view and insights anytime, anywhere on any device
  • Now, there are some good news and some bad news. Good news is that there is a lot of information out there and Social Media is one of the best weapons a salesperson can use today.Decision-makers (from the CEO level on down) leave a trail of clues all over the web – in social networks, blog posts, tweets – even job postings. Companies are sharing their strategies and challenges openly on the web like never before. -Next slide.
  • The Bad News is that there is so much info out there that staying on top of it – in a timely manner – can be completely overwhelming.This tsunami of data is having, and will have, a dramatic impact on both those who sell and on those who buy.-Next slide.
  • This is where InsideView comes in. We have made it our mission, our sole purpose in life, to create intelligence out of all this. Intelligence that will allow you to be more productive and more competitive. Intelligence that will allow you to find that right person, with that right message, and at that right time.
  • Getting social intelligence in an efficient and productive way is a key advantage in sales today.No one likes to be “sold”. Selling is really about solving problems and helping people reduce the pain in their business life.The more intelligence you have to do that, the more likely you are to uncover the real problems and offer relevant solutions.Navigating all the information today can be daunting – unless you can use technology, like InsideView and Sales OnDemand, to harness it.
  • Information is Power…Knowing more than the competition – and knowing it sooner, is key to success in business (and often in life)Use Social Media monitoring tools to follow companies and people of interest.Get proactive alerts about key business issues that matter.Example: A coach must monitor their opponents and watch the opponent game tapes from the game the week before. IF they don’t have that intelligence, they will surely lose more often and likely get fired. Intelligence is key to success in sports and in business.
  • Always interesting to look at these type of statistics, but let’s bring it back to the basics. A study conducted by the business school at the University of North Carolina found this eye-popping statistic:92% of the people you want to build a relationships with will not take a cold call or look at a cold emailSo what are you to do? Go with that 8% hit rate and start dialing? That is not the answer.
  • Social profiles reveal the “person” behind the business cardLearning about their personal interests, affiliations, pursuits and business issuesFind Conversation starters that relate to them Build Trust more quicklyFollow companies and people of interestGet timely, relevant alerts of key business and personal issues that tell you WHEN it’s a good time to reach out.Example: make a business call to offer Safety Education Consulting – just after a company is fined by OSHA. It’s the perfect time to address their accute pain.People respond to pain much more than gain – knowing when they have pain and how you can mitigate it, is a powerful sales technique.
  • No one likes to be sold.The single greatest sales advantange is a warm, credible introduction to the right person. This alone can build trusted relationships more quickly, which in turn can dramatically improve win rates, deal size, and at the same time reduce sales cycle and acquisition costs.Social Networks connect you to key people in your personal and professional social graph. Most business people use LinkedIn today. LinkedIn is great for developing and expanding your network. Corporate Social Networks go beyond that to help companies harness and protect their internal “relationship assets” (all the connections held by their employees, board members, executives, etc.) Combine multiple social networks and Outlook, into a single network behind your firewall.Reveals valuable contacts outside your social graph – contacts you may NOT be aware ofKeep the connections private, so that if anyone leaves the company, they are cut off from the network (LinkedIn and others are public and very transparent about the relationships you have and keep).
  • InsideView is about productivity and about winning. It’s about getting your salespeople better prepared to win 100% of their deals. And, spending more time winning and less time researching.Salespeople LOVE InsideView. One customer said: “my wife is pregnant, and I love InsideView so much, I’d name my baby InsideView if my wife would let me”. CRM Adoption skyrockets – as does CRM ROI.
  • Winning w/today’s customer takes a new set of rules. There’s a wealth of research substantiating the need for sales reps to know their customers’ unique business challenges and to come to the table with new ideas and opportunities that the customer often hadn’t realized even existed. Research from the Corporate Executive Board’s Sales Executive Council is an example of such research, showing that Challenger Salesperson dramatically outperforms others sales reps.In order to become a challenger sales person, knowing product features and benefits is not enough. Sales reps need efficient ways:To find the right experts in their organization who understand their customer’s industry, & best practices to address a given business problem to understand their customer’s organization, who the influencers, champions, decision makers, ratifiers and roadblocks are and what power and influence they have learn how to effectively win against the competition in a fast-changing world
  • Finally, when it comes to tracking your business and taking care of the administrative side of sales, these tasks need to be quick and easy.Give examplesGet the administrative tasks done quickly and enable supporting team members to be automatically alerted to updates so that they can proactively help you. All of these examples provide ways for you to reduce the time you spend in prep and follow-up work so that you can spend more time working with customers to advance the sale.
  • Extend your investment in SAP ERP or CRM by giving your salespeople an easy-to-use sales application with hassle-free access to back-office information Tailor your SAP Sales OnDemand to your sales teams’ preferences Mobilize your sales force by giving them 360 customer view and insights anytime, anywhere on any device
  • 5 Secrets to Sales Success

    1. 1. 5 Sales Secrets All TopPerformers KnowAriane Lindblom, Sales OnDemand, SAP & Heidi Tucker, Global Alliances, InsideViewOctober 3, 2012 Sales OnDemand
    2. 2. Customer power and organizational complexityhave changed buying and selling dynamics Sales Funnel Customer Journey (Online & Offline) Awareness Interest Desire Action
    3. 3. Selling today requires more than following theprocess Prospect’s Account Right Product preferences? contacts? Warm Specialist for this What’s being said introduction? Deal? about customer? Relevant References? Did Order Ship? Latest Competitive Did InsideSales Report? send Quote? Update my Forecast on the Best Presentation Road! to Use?
    4. 4. Existing cloud-based CRM technologies notdesigned for today’s buying & selling modelBuilt on paradigm of management insight and control-- not sales effectiveness “74% of sales organizations have poor CRM adoption by sales” Source: CSO Insights, Improving Sales Effectiveness in Buyer’s Market, 2011
    5. 5. Learn the 5 Secrets of Sales Success 1 Know More than your Competitors Do 2 Cold Calling is Dead 3 Challenge the Status Quo 4 Time Is Money 5 Like the Boy Scouts – Be Prepared
    6. 6. Secret #1:Know more than you competitors
    7. 7. Know more. Win more. “I never learn anything by talking. I only learn things when I ask questions.” Lou Holtz © 2011 SAP AG. All rights reserved. 7
    8. 8. good news bad news| SLIDE :8
    9. 9. How do you make Sense of all of this?
    10. 10. Sales OnDemand with Right Right RightPerson Time Message
    11. 11. Sales OnDemand with Account-specific • Company Info social insights • News Alerts • Social Profiles • Social Buzz • Financials • Family Tree • Industry Profiles • Connections • List Building No more cold calls News alerts & trigger events
    12. 12. Better company insight OVERVIEW
    13. 13. Be the First to KnowAlerts about social conversations and business events
    14. 14. Pushed Insights – give me the inside scoop
    15. 15. Get the Buzz – real time social insights
    16. 16. Secret #2:Cold calling is dead
    17. 17. 92%prospects & customersnever take a cold callor email
    18. 18. Find People that Matter, quickly
    19. 19. It’s about People, Not Contacts • Follow companies and people of Interest • Learn their interests and issues • Build Trust more quickly • Engage in Social Conversations from within InsideView and Sales OnDemand
    20. 20. Leverage your company’s network
    21. 21. All in One Connection Network Very public Explicit connections Largest source of connections Reference Customers Boardmembers Affiliations Personal Contacts Education Contacts
    22. 22. Mine Corporate Social Connections Leverage your internal “relationship assets” to find warm connections to prospectsSAP Sales OnDemand• “All in One” Network• Private• People you “should know”
    23. 23. Top Gun ResultsSmarter Find Better Prospects – right person, right timesalespeople.More Save Time - faster, better call prepconfident. Win more deals – (20%+)Betterprepared.
    24. 24. Secret #3:Challenge the status quo
    25. 25. Top performerschallenge theircustomers to thinkdifferently Harvard Business Review, Matthew Dixon, Brent Adamson, Corporate Executive Board, Sales Executive Council, September 2011
    26. 26. Harness thecollectivegenius ofsales
    27. 27. What’s the big idea?
    28. 28. Secret #4:Time is money
    29. 29. 65% of a salesperson’s timeis spent not selling30 hours spent monthly searchingor creating own sales material
    30. 30. Eliminate the archeological dig
    31. 31. Getsmart
    32. 32. Put down the phone, stop the email
    33. 33. Easier than pie
    34. 34. Secret #5:Like the Boy Scouts – be prepared
    35. 35. 57% of buying process iscomplete before the customercontacts sales85% of sales meetings donot meet customer expectations
    36. 36. Be prepared for every call, every close
    37. 37. Know where you stand
    38. 38. Stay in touch with what matters
    39. 39. Have it your way
    40. 40. Apply the 5 Secrets of Sales Success Today 1 Know More than your Competitors Do 2 Cold Calling is Dead 3 Challenge the Status Quo 4 Time Is Money 5 Like the Boy Scouts – Be Prepared
    41. 41. Thank You! Click on the Resource Tab to access the free guide, demos and more. Visit us at http://sales.ondemand.com/ Connect with our speakers:@arianelindblom or Ariane.Lindblom@SAP.com @heiditucker or SAP@InsideView.com SAP Confidential
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