Master Resiliency Training (MRT)17 July 2012 --1300 hrs (1:00 pm) at the Army CommunityService Center-- 137 C Poly Place, ...
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July 2012 mrt atc


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Put this on your calendar for July 2012. Call 718-630-4498 to reserve your seat.

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  • Version 25 January 2011Note to trainer: This training should be provided by a Master Resilience Trainer (MRT) or Resilience Training Assistant (RTA). The training is designed to take two (2) hours. It can be provided in one-two hour training session or can be divided into two-one hour training sessions. There is a suggested break point if conducted in two-one hour training sessions at the end of slide 33 (Thinking Traps).Training Objectives: Identify strengths you and your Family bring to the deployment experience. Know what to expect in terms of the kinds of experiences you and your Spouse might have before and during a deployment. Anticipate possible reactions.Note to trainer: Set Ground Rules: 1. This is interactive training; your participation will make the difference for all attending.2. Please turn off your cell phones.3. When you conduct the training, avoid saying things like:a) Personalizing: “It wasn’t like that when my Spouse deployed…”b) Minimizing: “It’s not that bad…”c) Over dramatizing: “It’s the worst thing ever…”d) Gloom and doom: “Here are the stats – 90% of you are going to have screwed up Families…”Note to trainer: Some of the Families may have a lot of Army and life experience that they can draw from. Be careful not to sound condescending when addressing the group. Note also that single Soldiers and their significant others may be included in this training. Throughout, the focus is on marital relationships but this material can be adapted to address other couples as well.This training was developed by the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research (WRAIR) in conjunction with the University of Pennsylvania. The training also includes material adapted from the Gottman Relationship Institute and John Gottman’s book, “The Marriage Clinic.”
  • July 2012 mrt atc

    1. 1. Master Resiliency Training (MRT)17 July 2012 --1300 hrs (1:00 pm) at the Army CommunityService Center-- 137 C Poly Place, 1st floor-- Fort Hamilton. Master Resiliency Training (MRT) Module 2 Unit 1 ATC- Activating Event, Thoughts and ConsequencesJoin us as we continue the MRT series of training. It’s nottoo late to join our class. Open to all Military, FamilyMembers and DoD Civilians.Call 718 630-4498 or e-mail toreserve your seat or get information. 1