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  • Introductory notes.
  • Introductory notes.
  • Introductory notes.
  • Introductory notes.
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  • Relative vocabulary list.
  • Relative vocabulary list.
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  • Resume powerpoint

    1. 1. ENGLISH 317ASSIGNMENT 2: RESUMESAriadne Rooney
    2. 2. Resume Overview  Contains key information about your experience and training  Is the main tool for getting a job interview  Chronological, Skills, and Entry Level
    3. 3. Chronological Resume About:  Best when you have:  Most Common  appropriate or typical experience for the position  Summarizes experience & for which you are applying. skills using reverse chronology  experience showing responsibility over time.  Emphasizes degrees, job titles, and dates  impressive qualifications, job titles, or honors.
    4. 4. Chronological Resume
    5. 5. Skills Resume About  Best when you have:  Emphasizes  experience or training not experience, skills and typical of most applicants qualifications  extensive experience or training in another field  Less or no focus on job  you are making a career titles and dates change  significant gaps of time  In some professions, have between jobs, education, or training a stigma  Many different categories of experience
    6. 6. Skills Resume
    7. 7. Entry-Level Resume About  Best when you have:  Same basic format as the  Little or no experience chronological and skills résumés  Everyday skills or activities  Serves to highlight who you are as a person rather than your credentials or experience
    8. 8. Entry-Level Resume
    9. 9. Elements of a Resume Contact Information (including professional email) Career Objective (optional) Education (including GPA, if applicable) Experience (action verbs) Honors & Awards Activities References (only include if asked)
    10. 10. Design Elements SECTION HEADINGS  use short section headings  emphasize your greatest strengths  use an order that mirrors the organization of the employer’s original job description
    11. 11. Design Elements BULLETED LISTS  avoid dense paragraphs  use phrases that begin with action verbs to describe your duties or accomplishments
    12. 12. Design Elements WHITE SPACE  use white space to make your résumé more balanced and readable
    13. 13. Design Elements BOLD TYPE AND ITALICS  emphasize section headings or important text – no underlining.
    14. 14. FAQ  How long should the resume be?  What should my résumé emphasize?  Should I include specific details in my résumé?  Should I use complete sentences in my résumé?  Should I refer to myself specifically in the résumé?  How should I describe things I’ve done?  Should I stick with white paper?