Social Media Crash Course: Who, What, When & Where


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These days, everyone has a website and uses social media to promote
their brand. But, if that’s all it took, everyone would have visitors coming, staying, and
spending like crazy. Do you? The truth is that a successful digital marketing strategy
combines the right social media with the right message to drive targeted traffic to your
website—not just to look, but to take action.In this session, we’ll review the demographic
and psychographic pull of the cream-of-the-crop social media channels—so you can plan
the right strategy for your destination. But it doesn’t stop there. Knowing who uses Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, etc. just gets you half way. The other half of
succeeding is knowing what your audience uses it for and why. Then you can effectively
message and motivate them. Come learn the surprisingly simple secrets to maximizing engagement and see how DMOs and travel operators alike can use them to drastically
improve their digital ROI.

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Social Media Crash Course: Who, What, When & Where

  1. 1. SocialMediaCrash Course:What, When,Where&HowTTIARegionalWorkshop-August2013 An EducationalPresentation
  2. 2. YourPresentation KarriScott MarketingDirector,Aria @KarriScott RyanThompson Founder&CEO,Aria @RyanAThompson
  3. 3. SocialMediaCrashCourse: What, When,Where&How So,whyamIhere
  4. 4. 2012: Morethanhalfof travelerschangeplansafter researchingsocialmedia Travelers trust reviews from complete strangers more than brand advertising
  5. 5. 2012: 85%usesocial mediaonmobile duringtheirtrip A significant portion of brand-consumer interaction is during the travel experience
  6. 6. “Forcompanieslookingtopreserveor improvetheirrankings,social marketingactivitieswillnolonger beoptional–theywillbeanecessary elementoftrafficdrivingsuccess.” Social media influences other marketing channels, including search
  7. 7. “50%oftravelbrands surveyedagreedthatthey havegenerateddirect bookingsfromsocialmedia.” Who says ROI can’t be tied to social media marketing?
  8. 8. “71%oftravelbrandsagreeto someextentthatsocialmedia hasimprovedengagement.” More than awareness, actual measurable interaction with your brand....
  9. 9. “88%oftravelersconsultreviews beforemakingabookingandhalf saythatreviewsarethegreatest influenceontheirbookingchoices” You better be social and it better be good
  10. 10. Agenda Fundamentals SocialChannels& Content Tools&Tips Homework
  11. 11. One-to-Many. One-to-One. Social media provides a platform to speak to a large audience through direct conversations.
  12. 12. Focused: Interaction& Connectivity. Find and connect with influencers and use @tags and #hashtags often to keep conversations going.
  13. 13. #
  14. 14. DirectConversations onDisplay. What is said about your brand, and what your brand is saying, is online for all to see.
  15. 15. Rae Ehrlich (500 followers) @paulaforbes (1400 followers)
  16. 16. Agenda Fundamentals SocialChannels& Content Tools&Tips Homework
  17. 17. Facebook Content Tips ✓ Tag whenever possible ✓ Use hashtags ✓ Use images ✓ Use quotes and statistics ✓ Post links for more information to your website
  18. 18. Twitter Content Tips ✓ Tag whenever possible ✓ Use hashtags ✓ Set up real-time alerts ✓ Post on daily events ✓ Aggregate social media on your website during special events
  19. 19. Pinterest Content Tips ✓ Create original content ✓ Include calls-to-action in captions ✓ Run contests ✓ Set up content categories in hierarchy like your website
  20. 20. Instagram Content Tips ✓ Create and use a universal hashtag ✓ Pick content categories and centralize subjects ✓ Always display URL
  21. 21. YouTube Content Tips ✓ Heavily-produced video content can take a significant time and resource investment, so: ✓ Use SEO best practices in titles and descriptions ✓ Carefully choose thumbnail images ✓ Create playlists around similar content
  22. 22. Agenda Fundamentals SocialChannels& Content Tools&Tips Homework
  23. 23. Website+SocialMedia Give priority to buttons for your social platforms and integrate them into your design (TIP: Adapt the recognizable brand icons for your use but don’t reinvent the wheel. Everybody knows the “Twitter Bird”)
  24. 24. Website+SocialMedia Embed channels on landing pages and relevant content pages (TIP: Bring in Yelp or TripAdvisor reviews)
  25. 25. Website+SocialMedia Include easy-to- spot, one-click sharing buttons (P.S. We love the free tool
  26. 26. Website+SocialMedia Include easy commenting features that allow people to leave comments (TIP: Check out DISQUS. Its free and integrates your visitor’s profile meaning no registration!)
  27. 27. Website+SocialMedia Repurpose content from your website to social and vice versa (TIP: Set up social media pages for easy web-social content sharing)
  28. 28. Website+SocialMedia Track content on your website using Events in Google Analytics (TIP: Determine site interactions you want to track.)
  29. 29. SocialMedia+Website Always link back to your website in your social media posts (TIP: Post on specific content within your site and include the full landing page URL)
  30. 30. SocialMedia+Website Link to your website in bios and About sections (TIP: Utilize this overlooked space for SEM.)
  31. 31. SocialMedia+Website Integrate analytics for your website through Facebook Insights (TIP: Claim your domain through Facebook.) SAMPLE
  32. 32. SocialMedia+Website Measure through Google Analytics referral tracking (TIP: Set up conversion goals for social referrals for easier measurement.)
  33. 33. SocialMedia+Website Connect the dots by tracking URL Short Codes (TIP: Use one tool, like, for all short codes.)
  34. 34. Knowyouraudience Use simple research to know your audience and where they congregate Visit: for an article today on this
  35. 35. And...HaveaPlan Content is most important. Plan the work. Work the plan. (TIP: Search Google, grab an Excel Template for free)
  36. 36. Agenda Fundamentals SocialChannels& Content Tools&Tips Homework
  37. 37. Homework Record your social media channels’ Analytics today Set up Google Analytics weekly report on referrals today Utilize Create an Editorial Calendar TakingitHome
  38. 38. GetthisPresentation: An EducationalPresentation BasedinDallas,Ariaisamarketingagency focusedondrivingrevenuefortravel& tourism.