Stress shraddha and superstitions dr. shriniwas kashalikar
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Stress shraddha and superstitions dr. shriniwas kashalikar






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Stress shraddha and superstitions dr. shriniwas kashalikar Stress shraddha and superstitions dr. shriniwas kashalikar Document Transcript

  • One of the major causes of STRESS; is the confusion about the superstitions and the consequent division, strife and clashes; between “religious feelings” and “scientific temper or rationality”! It is true that blind beliefs or superstitions; are due to deficiency in rational thinking and are often harmful. The rationalists amongst us; seem to think that superstitions are bad because they are irrational and their opponents think; that superstitions are part of religious faith and devotion; and hence can not be and should not be condemned in view of the beneficial devotional element “pivotal to any religion”; in them. Even as; none of them; actually justifies the crimes committed by the superstitious elements; the conflict continues due to their partial view and inappropriate evaluation of the superstitions. We have to appreciate that; it is not mere irrationality that makes the superstitions, harmful; it is irrationality combined with utter pettiness and brutality; that makes them so much harmful as they are. We have to also
  • appreciate that the rationality per se; is also harmful when combined with pettiness and brutality! Even as it is commendable that many rationalists are working against the irrational and brutal superstitions, with noble purpose; they are missing the fact that irrationality is only one aspect of harmful superstitions. Their solution of trying to insist rationality (which is not devoid of antihuman trends) in every sphere of life; is therefore too inadequate to counter the viciousness integral to the harmful superstitions (and also evils within the rationality, which are left unattended to)! We all have to understand that; the human life is profoundly rich by virtue of art, poetry, literature, instincts, feelings, aspirations, compassion, bravery, imaginations, intuitions, creativity, love, faith, devotion, dedication; which are often unexplainable by rationality or logic; and not merely rationality. Most importantly; human life is uniquely rich by virtue of self knowledge and enlightened wisdom embodying individual and global blossoming; which is beyond the purview of (though not against) rationality. Even the roots of the desire of social welfare; that inspires the rationalists or their opponents;
  • amongst us; has no logical or rational justifications or basis! Harmful superstitions are the activities motivated by being blinded by pettiness. Thus when we get blinded by our petty need, greed, bias, prejudice, fanaticism, hatred, passion, pettiness, fear, anger, sorrow, shock and so on! They can make us make us a blind exploiter, a blind exploited, an arrogant criminal, a meek beggar, a fanatic ruler and a helpless follower. Thus, actions of a petty person are blind to the welfare of others; and whether fuelled by technology or rumor so called superstition; they are always motivated by petty selfishness and cruelty; and can lead to any criminal and antisocial activity. We tend to associate the harmful superstitions; with illiterate people; because of giving excessive importance to the element of irrationality in the dangerous superstitions and ignoring or neglecting the heinous barbarism involved in them. We don’t realize that worst superstitions (though; perhaps; with little more rationality) which inspire malevolent activities; can originate from people held in high esteem as “well read”, “well informed”, “scientific”, “rational”, “intelligent” and “progressive” but always; petty antihuman individuals.
  • There; the element of irrationality can be much less and that of brutality be much more; making it difficult to even to identify them as superstitions and counter them! The war therefore has to be not merely against the irrationality in superstitions as such but against anything and everything; whether rational or irrational; that is anti “individual and global blossoming”! One more point we have to understand and that is; human life is like vast ocean. The unconscious, subconscious (and? super conscious) realms; are not still within the purview of we rationality. The need of beliefs (rational or irrational) is actually integral to and as old as the history of life. Biologically; the “beliefs” are seen in animals; in the form several responses e.g. parental behavior! The beliefs can be instinctual, emotional and intellectual and lead to fixed patterns of behavior; and we get STRESSED and restless if we are abstained from a particular specific behavior. Even as the horizons consciousness; broaden through overall evolution and progress; and the nature of beliefs is also “evolved”; the beliefs per se; are integral to life. The
  • theories such as “big bang” or “organic evolution conceived by Charles Darwin” are intellectual “beliefs” termed “scientific”. They are based on the observations of many apparent aspects of nature; especially those; from conception to death! They; like many scientific theories; cannot be verified! They are limited by the physiological limitations of the development of the human nervous system. Even the social theories based on observations of the apparent progress; are subjective and “beliefs”; fondly harbored by many; as scientific “truths”! Not merely, science and technology but even the so called “ultimate” “visions” and “revelations” in philosophy are full of assumptions, beliefs and/or so called convictions! Beliefs of some kind or other; whether called blind beliefs, superstitions, faiths, convictions, theories or principles are crutches; the mankind has been used to; and dependent on. This human frailty is biological, physiological and psychological and hence need not be and should not be condemned. Instead of harboring condescending attitude; we should realize the need of “crutches” for most of us; who can not live in outright uncertainty and without any kind of belief; conscious or subconscious! This is true;
  • even if we are great scientists or profound philosophers. Living without any kind of beliefs is almost incompatible with life of sanity! Hence we must conquer not the “superstitions” per se; but all the malicious aspects of; the blind beliefs, superstitions, faiths, convictions, theories, principles and the actions; whether “rational or irrational”, “theist or atheist” and “secular or religious”; through; study, analysis, synthesis, practice, experimentation; coupled with NAMASMARAN embodying; the individual and global blossoming! These ideas; however; can not be discussed beyond a certain point. They have to be verified by practice (and overcome the STRESS of confusion about superstitions)! The self less and spontaneous motivation and dedication involved in such practice; is called SHRADDHA. Having said all this; we ask ourselves; “Is it possible to live beyond the realm of physiological limitations and without any kind of beliefs whatsoever? Is such freedom from all possible crutches possible?” Empowerment with self realization; is said to make it possible through NAMASMARAN. One can try it and verify.