The Social Business Triple Crown Brief


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The Social Business Triple Crown Brief

  1. 1. Connecting social media to customer service, sales, and product development is achallenge faced by any company with a serious social presence. But companies at theforefront of social business find ways to use social media to connect internal teams tocustomers, surface product innovations, and decrease cost of service. Social business ishard, but the rewards are real.Access the full webinar and slides at with Sales & MarketingWhile social media connects consumers tocompanies, in many ways it also amplifies the Other Inbound Social Leads Leadsdivide between sales and marketing. Point of Facebook, Twitter, Email, Lead form,Sales has pre-existing processes for dealing with entry LinkedIn Trade showleads. Inbound leads have a specific funnel,outbound leads have a specific funnel, but sales Informal, Formal, Tonedoesn’t know how to effectively process social leads conversational professionalyet. Process organic, winding formulaic, linearSocial-sourced leads require different Type of soft sell - focus on normal tone /relationship management. If you can’t pass the sale lead’s needs messagingbaton from social to sales and marketing, you’ll losethe race.
  2. 2. Synching with Customer ServiceOnce you’ve hired a talented team to staff the social support station, do you have the processes in placeto transfer their knowledge into systems, so that knowledge can get to where it does the most good?Step 1: Connect Social to Your Existing Support SystemsEvery organization has systems to collect, track, andresolve customer support issues. The first steptowards integrating social media into your support What is Symmetry of Response?processes is making sure your community managers Good customer service means communicating withare able to quickly and easily create cases based on the customer on their terms. A customer phone callsocial signals. Let the existing machinery work as it leads to a phone conversation. An email inquiryis--just make sure you’re also listening in the social leads to an email response. In the same way, asphere. question fielded from a social channel should be responded to via that same social channel. That’sStep 2: Enable Symmetry of Response symmetry of response.Now that social is feeding into your existingcustomer support systems, it’s time to elevate yourgame. You need to be talking to customers where they are instead of making them come to you. If acustomer reports an issue to you via email, you email them back. In the same way, if a customer reportsan issue to you via social channels, you need to respond to them in kind. This can be a challengingproblem to tackle, but it creates an incredibly high degree of customer loyalty when done well.Inspiring Product Development the baton.Real-time feedback loops created by social mediaaccelerate the product cycle and infuse creativity Share the knowledge!and outside-the-box thinking into your design Once your feedback has been collected, makeprocess. But delivering actionable feedback to sure all of the requisite teams can get their handsyour team while minimizing the noise isn’t easy. on it. Have regular feedback sessions with UX/UI, technology, and product managementWhat type of feedback are you collecting?Not all feedback is created equal. By asking the Consider the following:right questions via social channels before • Social has unique insights into the voice of theforwarding the feedback along to the product customer. Share, you’ll enable them to think big. Remember, • Social enables your company to create cost-your product people don’t spend nearly as much effective and efficient focus groups.(or any!) time communicating with your • Feedback becomes infinitely more valuablecustomers via social channels, so they need you to when it’s shared across teams.get all of the information possible before passing Argyle Social helps businesses drive results through social media. Publish, engage, and measure your social media efforts with an intuitive and powerful tool. Learn more at Follow us on Twitter @ArgyleSocial