The Social Business Triple Crown


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Integrate social media into your sales & marketing, product, and customer service teams.

Social isn’t something you do, it’s something you are. No one knows that better than Maria Ogneva, Head of Community at Yammer, and Justin Levy, Head of Social Media at Citrix. By integrating social deeply into their businesses, they have been able to:

Improve service quality and reduce cost of service
Drive leads and sales via social and
Build better products as a result of customer feedback gathered from social media

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  • It is also important. We work with hundreds of Community Managers, Social Strategists, etc. at Argyle – some are like Maria and Justin that have made the leap into an influential, cross-functional role. Others are pigeon-holed in a corner scrounging for resources and recognition. Most are in between.In our experience, the customers that have made the leap are those that “get it” – that understand that social is about business. Hence we’re talking about social business with Justin and Maria. The more social marketers that can elevate their game and become strategic assets inside of their organization, the better it is for all of us.
  • Maria & Justin – How do you strike the balance between community and marketing objectives like lead gen,etc?How do you bridge the gap with your sales teams?When a social sales lead pops up – what do you do?What about beyond the online acquisition funnel – do you guys work with events or other programs?
  • MARIA: Sales enablement, repurposing content for different uses. What are we going to ask on a lead gen JUSTIN: Straddle corpcomms and lead gen managerial teams. – Twitter promoted program to promote webinars to drive a lower cost per lead than we do through other channels – indirect ways such as indirect ways – the content that we create out of social’s impact on search. The more traffic we can help drive back to websites -- the more MARIA – we’re all customer facing, so it’s customer success that matters the mostWho we invite, how we talk to them, rules of conduct, how to get everyone on the same page.Yammer used heavily, best practices reside there – ask and answer questionsIt’s ongoing dialogue – it’s not one-off. We know what the other group has come to do so everyone can do their job.
  • Can you guys share a bit about your support programs? Specifically around staffing? Let’s start with you, Justin.
  • How do you guys report on Support metrics?
  • Ask Maria to explain Yammer’s customer communities as focus groups
  • Ask Maria to explain Yammer’s customer communities as focus groups
  • Making social signals useful:As much as possible, synch CRM, social, and service software (bug tracking) so signals can be recognized and tracked. - strong/vague signals - context of the person - larger trends in aggregate
  • The Social Business Triple Crown

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