Tikal Forex Broker Contact Center


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The Contact center system that you most have.

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Tikal Forex Broker Contact Center

  1. 1. CenterMeter The way Brokers Gain More!
  2. 2. Broker’s Challenges cut operation cost recruit more traders maximize agents efficiency Enhancing Service to Traders Let us lead your way to profit!
  3. 3. We meet your Challenges Reduced costs of calls and better speech quality CenterMeter charges $2 per agent per day only Operates multiple AutoDialer calls using one or more lists, increasing agents efficiency & reducing costs Integration to trading systems – bettering brokers service Real-time brokers management and activity monitoring Agents exception activity alerts, real-time calls stats. Call recording Traders call local (homeland) numbers Multi location trading rooms under one system
  4. 4. CenterMeter cloud contact centerCenterMeter offers the cloud based contact center software (SaaS),the most advanced system for managing a contact center with a low monthlycost, 99.9% availability and quick uptime installation. Our contact center: Cuts the need to purchase and maintain a costly contact center, call recording, call routing and complex telephony systems Enables adding/subtracting extensions according to your needs on a monthly basis Offers limitless inbound/outbound calls without additional phone lines
  5. 5. CenterMeters’ main features• Handle incoming, outgoing and blended call activity• Agent’s calls and computer screen recording• Automatic dialer for callback request or abandoned caller Auto Dialer assures minimum idle time and maximum call results by filtering fax/invalid/voicemail• API integration to any 3rd party CRM/ERP or other system• Dynamic map of agents location situated in the call center• Call retrieve by: Caller ID, time, agent ID• Survey system – Automatic customer satisfaction survey report• Automatic call back to the caller phone
  6. 6. CenterMeters’ call center main features• CTI integrated in any CRM and other required system• Unlimited powerful Integral IVR engine• 3 various messages: queue entrance, at router, while on-hold for an agent• Powerful report generator to monitor call center, agent’s & queues’ performance• Real-time reports to control and improve online performances• Last hour statistical report at representative and queue level• 7 various ringtones according to queue and agent• Multi-Lingual ability
  7. 7. CenterMeters’ call center main features• Agent can log in from any place through any phone line (landline, mobile)• Agent can log in to all queues• Supervisor can listen and whisper to agent from any position• Remote control - Supervisor can remotely force login/logout Agent• Supervisor can intercept calls from the queue and transfer it to any extension• Administrative authorization system for users
  8. 8. Power DialerFull feature capability to initiate, track, schedule and reportoutbound calls through AutoDialer / PowerDialer: Upload an excel file with thousands of numbers excellent predictive dialing features managers control over routing selected numbers to specific agents service agents ability to “own” a customer Filtering & reporting fax/invalid/voicemail Assure minimum agent idle time and maximum call resultsYour agents quickly become effective workers with superior timemanagement skills and excellent service provider
  9. 9. The Solution & Advantage Quality Index for enhanced Service Process Marketing Advantage Financial Saving Efficient OperationsBetter Service
  10. 10. Tikal Networks A Leader in VoIP SolutionsFoundedFounders Leaders in communications & contact centers systemsActivities A wide range of IP telephony & call center systemsCustomers companies around the worldProducts Crystal Clear™ - Advanced Asterisk-based IP PBX Crystal Call Center™ - Innovative contact center CenterMeter – Cloud Based Contact Center (SaaS) Crystal Billing™ - Monitoring and charging calls system Crystal Broadcast™ - Automatic voice message distribution Crystal Manager™ - Advanced management Interface
  11. 11. One-Stop-Shop One System – One InterfaceMultiple Systems & SoftwareDifficulty in guidance, Integration & Operation Service from anywhere at any time Call & screen recording Predictive Auto Dialing Auto Call Distributor Powerful reporting & real time monitoring
  12. 12. All the information in One Interface Calls & Agents Status Real time Reports Queues screen Real time call center plasma view
  13. 13. Business Continuity Business continuity any time anywhere System can be activated from any site Agent can log-in from any telephone: Analog, cellular, landline even a pay phone DRP system
  14. 14. No Infrastructure Lower TCO Increase ProfitabilityEfficient operations CompetitiveReal time monitoring, advantage control & guidance better service differentiation Cutting costs One system One Interface
  15. 15. Get Your Contact Center Start A FREE Trial today ! www.CenterMeter.com THANK YOU e-mail: info@CenterMeter.com