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Google+ API (2012)
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Google+ API (2012)


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this is last year my presentation last year (2012). …

this is last year my presentation last year (2012).
I presented on GDG DevFest Jakarta 2012.
(Google Day in g|indonesia 2012).
this year (2013) I will present for the same GDG DevFest event, I will bring the same topic, keep it updates with the latest version, and add some comparison with other Social Network.

Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. Google+ API #GDG #DevFestJkt #DevFest #2012 Oon Arfiandwi <> Manager of Google Developer Group Jakarta
  • 2. so, what can be covered in 35 mins? Google+ API in general OAuth2.0 + REST API Sign in with Google+, get to know about People, Activities & Comments Let’s code in Android + Google Play Services Google+ History
  • 3. Google+ API Plugins for your website + REST API Mobile Platform (Android, iOS, mobile web) Hangout API History API (developer preview)
  • 4. OAuth 2.0 Generate OAuth 2.0 Token via Google Play Services GoogleAuthUtil.getToken() via Google APIs Client Library for Java create API Project with Google APIs Console open browser to URL from GoogleAuthorizationCodeRequestURL get Token via execute GoogleAuthorizationCodeTokenRequest
  • 5. Activate Service: Google+ API Google+ History API Create: OAuth 2.0 client ID Google APIs Console
  • 6. String googleAuthorizationCodeRequestUrl = new GoogleAuthorizationCodeRequestUrl( ShrdPrfsStore.CLIENT_ID,ShrdPrfsStore.REDIRECT_URI,ShrdPrfsStore.SCOPE).build(); webview.setWebViewClient(new WebViewClient() { @Override public void onPageFinished(WebView view, String url) { if (url.startsWith(SharedPrefsStore.REDIRECT_URI)) { try { if (url.indexOf("code=") != -1) { // Url is like http://localhost/?code=4/Z5DgC1IxNL-muPsrE2Sjy9zQn2pF String code = url.substring... TokenResponse accessTokenResponse = new GoogleAuthorizationCodeTokenRequest( new NetHttpTransport(), new JacksonFactory(), ShrdPrfsStore.CLIENT_ID, ShrdPrfsStore.CLIENT_SECRET, code, ShrdPrfsStore.REDIRECT_URI).execute(); ... credentialStore.write(accessTokenResponse); ... } } catch (IOException e) {} } }; }); webview.loadUrl(googleAuthorizationCodeRequestUrl);
  • 7. OAuth 2.0 login with Google+ Account Registered Product Name: DevFestJktPro SCOPE: plus.moment.write
  • 8. “Public” A ctivities Access Google+ Activities using OAuth access token as GoogleCredential Filter the Google+ Activities by user and collections (eg: “public”) Create Simple ListView based on Google+ Activity Titles
  • 9. Google+ History API “Google+ history is a collection of moments that describe activities the user has engaged across the web and apps.” Google+ history API privately save moments, users can share those moments with others.
  • 10. Moments in History Types of Moments AddActivity BuyActivity CheckInActivity ListenActivity ReviewActivity ... Moments target URL must include attribute from markup Request new type of Moments?
  • 11. G oogle+ H istory Google+ History preview user interface, available for registered developer History of CheckInActivity History of AddActivity (+1)
  • 12. Google+ API The end or is it the beginning? (quote from G+ History) Questions?