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  • 1. DIGIPAK<br />From my research, I found that all digipaks had the following: <br />
    • Contrasting colour scheme.
    • 2. Use of the same font throughout.
    • 3. Image of the band members where the band members are either wearing the same clothes, or are wearing one part of a colour scheme.
    • 4. Logos, barcodes, band introduction, readable font and a copyright notice.
    • 5. 4181475291465
    Hannah, Leon and I used Adobe Photoshop C5 to create all four panels of the digipak using the above conventions. We used various images of the band members wearing similar kinds of clothing however they only wore part of the colour scheme in particular. For example, on our digipak each band member wore one piece of blue clothing. For example some of the band members wore jeans and some of the band members wore blue shirts/jumpers. <br />2476501285875Also, on all four panels of our digipak, we used the same font- “planet estyle” from By using the same font on all panels of the digipak, we established consistency and we also established the band’s association with simple yet effective fonts. Also, by using the same fonts we made the digipak look aesthetically pleasing, not awkward. <br />21526501475740<br />We also used an irregular contrasting colour scheme on our digipak just to be more creative and experiment with different colours and effects. On our digipak, we used contrasting colour schemes such as black and white with blue and original colour against a black and white background. We did this in order to make our digipak look more visually appealing as well as to follow the indie convention. <br />2667001715135On all albums and digipaks, the logo of the record label, a copyright notice, barcode and introduction of the band are included. As I could not find an indie digpak, Hannah brought in her “The Kooks” album and showed us the layout of the album. We followed “The Kooks” in terms of layout, band introduction, use of the copyright notice, barcode and logo. Also, “The Kooks” album features the band playing music on the front cover and back cover therefore we decided to use the same concept in ours and I took a picture of the band playing instruments. We did this in order to portray the indie “Do It Yourself” ethos and to also show that the band only care about their music. <br />3914775252095285750252095<br />-1990725400050<br />As you can see, we used a barcode, copyright notice and track listing with the help of “The Kooks” album.26670052705<br />