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Serving the xml needs of General Motors.

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  1. 1. XRec v2.9.4Takes your xml troubles awayArnold Reuser, founder of XRec
  2. 2. Agenda 1 Serving the xml needs of General Motors 2 A few words on the architecture 3 What XRec can do for you 4 How you can make a differencePage  2 XRec v2.9.4
  3. 3. Serving the xml needs of General Motors XRec is used by a CRM service provider of General Motors to handle their specific xml needs Used on their production database servers as the defacto standard of xml to record binding for the past three years Used to load over 105 million xml records of General Motors into their central Oracle marketing databases.Page  3 XRec v2.9.4
  4. 4. A few words on the architecture Input Process Output Schema xml2rec Binding Compiler Custom rec2xml Binding  schema – source schema  binding compiler is the core of the  xml2rec - provides the ability to XRec processing model. transform an xml document into a  custom binding – optional plugin to plsql record structure tweak the compiler in any way  binding compiler will generate the required plsql packages xml2rec and  rec2xml - provides the ability to rec2xml transform a plsql record structure into an xml documentPage  4 XRec v2.9.4
  5. 5. A few words on the architectureWhat occurs during the XRec binding process. binding compiler Schema Mapped plsql record structure follows Instance of xml2rec Document plsql record rec2xmlPage  5 XRec v2.9.4
  6. 6. What XRec can do for you XRec simplifies access to XML documents XRec promotes compile time checking of the XML schema XRec allows customization of the XML binding behaviorPage  6 XRec v2.9.4
  7. 7. Simplifies AccessXRec allows you to access and process XMLWithout having to know the details of XML or XML processing From xml to record rec xml2rec.CustomRecord := xml2rec.recordOfCustomRecord(pp_xml => xml ); From record to xml xml xmltype := rec2xml.valueOf(pp_customRecord => rec );Page  7 XRec v2.9.4
  8. 8. Promotes Compile Time CheckingXRec standardizes the quality level of the XML manipulation codeXRec detects the impact of schema changes instantly Will this compile if carCategory is changed into category? car xml2rec.Car := xml2rec.recordOfCar (pp_xml => xml ); carCategory varchar2(100) := car.carCategory[car.carCategory.first].type; Will this compile if there can be just one carCategory? car xml2rec.Car := xml2rec.recordOfCar (pp_xml => xml ); carCategory varchar2(100) := car.carCategory[car.carCategory.first].type;Page  8 XRec v2.9.4
  9. 9. Allows Customization XRec can be adapted to the needs of your organization XRec will put you in the drivers seat of the schema compiler XRec provides a plugin to tweak the compiler in any way required Read the user guide for all the detailsPage  9 XRec v2.9.4
  10. 10. How you can make a difference Give it a try Be a happy user Tell us and the whole wide world about it! If you would like to get in touch. Drop me a mail at arnold@reuser.infoPage  10 XRec v2.9.4
  11. 11. Do You Have Any Questions? We would be happy to help.Page  11 XRec v2.9.4
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