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Iee selected projects_2010

  1. 1. List of Projects shortlisted to receive funding under the 2010 IEE Call for Proposals FUNDING PROJECT ACRONYM PROJECT SHORT DESCRIPTION PROJECT COORDINATOR COUNTRY CONTACT NAME E-MAIL ADDRESS PRIORITY Consumer Actions in Low Income Households to Improve Energy Efficiency Liaison Committee for Renewable ACHIEVE France Marie Moisan behaviour through Visits and Energy Diagnosis Energies Energy Efficient Auditing and Certification Scheme to Increase the Quality of Austrian Mobility Research FGM-AMOR ADVANCE Austria Jörg Kastelic Transport Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans in Cities Gemeinnützige GmbH Cost Optimum and Standard Solutions for Maintenance and Development, Studies for the Housing, the Buildings AFTER France Baptiste Camus Management of the Social Housing Stock Promotion of Habitat, Innovation and Social Renewable Design and Impact of a Harmonised Policy for Renewable beyond2020 Vienna University of Technology Austria Gustav Resch Electricity Electricity in Europe Biomethane as an Alternative Source for Transport and Energy Institute of Studies for the Integration of Bioenergy BIOMASTER Italy Stefano Proietti Renaissance Systems Development of Biomass Trade and Logistics Centres for Bioenergy BiomasTradeCentreII Slovenian Forestry Institute Slovenia Nike Krajnc Sustainable Mobilisation of Local Wood Biomass Resources Promotion of Bio-Methane and its Market Development through United Bioenergy Bio-methane Regions Severn Wye Energy Agency Ltd Andy Bull Local and Regional Partnerships Kingdom Local leadership CASCADE Cities Exchanging on Local Energy Leadership Eurocities Asbl Belgium Silke Moschitz Energy Efficient Clean Last Mile Transport and Logistics Management for Smart C-LIEGE Fit Consulting SRL Italy Paola Cossu Transport and Efficient Local Governments in Europe French Institute for Energy Efficiency in Buildings CONSTRUCTION21 A European Green Building Exchange France Cédric Borel Buildings An Inclusive Peer-To-Peer Approach to Involve EU Local energy CONURBANT CONURBations and Wide Urban Areas in the CovenANT of Vicenza City Council Italy Umberto Lago leadership Mayors Capacity Building of Local Governments to Advance Local Local energy Covenant capaCITY Climate and Energy Action – from Planning through Action to ICLEI European Secretariat GmbH Germany Maryke van Staden leadership Monitoring Energy Efficient Austrian Mobility Research FGM-AMOR CYCLELOGISTICS Moving goods by cycle Austria Karl Reiter Transport gemeinnützige GmbH Consumer E4L Energy for Life EnerGia-Da Ltd. Italy Daniela Melandri behaviour Consumer EC-LINC Energy Check for Low Income Households Berlin Energy Agency Germany Achim Neuhäuser behaviourReleased by the EACI on 18 January, 2011 Page 1 of 3
  2. 2. List of Projects shortlisted to receive funding under the 2010 IEE Call for Proposals Energy Efficient ECOeffect ECO TrainEr for Fleet CommErcial truCks and lighT vehicles International Road Transport Union Belgium Gary Bridgeman Transport Energy Efficient United ECOSTARS ECO Stars Europe Transport & Travel Research Ltd David Blackledge Transport Kingdom Consumer B.&S.U. Mbh Beratungs- Und Service- EN2 Energy Neighbourhoods2 – the Energy Challenge Germany Anke Merziger behaviour Gesellschaft Umwelt Mbh United Buildings E-SEAP European Sustainable Energy Award for Prisons Severn Wye Energy Rachel Close Kingdom Renewable EUROCEIN European Ocean Energy Initiative European Ocean Energy Association Belgium Nathalie Rousseau Electricity Consumer Euro-Topten-Max Maximising Topten Communication on Top Runner Products French Environment and Energy Agency France Therese Kreitz behaviour Promotion and Development of Initiatives, Organisations and Renewable in Regional Association of Chambers of GBE Factory Investments that Improve the Use of Renewable Energy Sources Italy Erica Holland Buildings Commerce of Veneto in Industrial and Commercial Buildings Renewable Developing Geothermal Electricity in Europe so as to Have a GEOELEC European Geothermal Energy Council Belgium Philippe Dumas Electricity Renewable Energy Mix A Focussed Strategy for Enabling European Farmers to Tap into Industrial and Sustainable Research and Bioenergy GERONIMO II-BIOGAS Spain Naiara Elejalde Biogas Opportunities Development Boosting the European Market for Biogas Production, Upgrade Bioenergy GreenGasGrids German Energy Agency Germany Michael Herr and Feed-In into the Natural Gas Grid Inspection of HVAC Systems through Continuous Monitoring and United Buildings iSERV Cardiff University Ian Knight Benchmarking Kingdom Local energy United LEAP Leadership for Energy Action and Planning Town and Country Planning Association Diane Smith leadership Kingdom More Biking in Small and Medium Sized Towns of Central and Capacity building mobile2020 Baltic Environmental Forum Germany Germany Matthias Graetz Eastern Europe by 2020 Consumer MOving from Inspection to Domestic Advice by service MOVIDA ecuba ltd Italy Marcello Antinucci behaviour companies Energy Efficient Energy Efficiency through Web 2.0 Bicycle Navigation and Naviki Munster University of Applied Sciences Germany Gernot Bauer Transport Communication Local energy NET-COM Networking the Covenant of Mayors Energy Cities France Kinga Kovacs leadershipReleased by the EACI on 18 January, 2011 Page 2 of 3
  3. 3. List of Projects shortlisted to receive funding under the 2010 IEE Call for Proposals Fostering Public-Private Partnerships for the Local Bio-Energy Bioenergy OILECO ECBrussels Belgium Guido Mattei Market Value Chains of Used Cooking Oils Bioenergy PellCert European Pellet Quality Certification European Biomass Association Belgium Jean-Marc Jossart Consumer Promoting Best Practices to Support Energy Efficient Consumer PROMISE Innova S.p.A. Italy Antonella Vulcano behaviour Behaviour on European Islands Definition of Grid-Parity for Photovoltaics and Development of RES Electricity PV Parity Measures to Accompany PV Applications to the Grid Parity and Energy Cities Germany Ingrid Weiss Beyond Energy Efficient Quality Management Tool for Urban Energy Efficient Sustainable The QUEST ECBrussels Maja Van Der Voet Transport Transport Netherlands Re-Commissioning – Raising Energy Performance in Existing Buildings Re-Co Non-Residential Buildings (Hospitals, Universities, Office European Biomass Association Austria Jan Bleyl Buildings) Renewable in Towards Zero Carbon Hospitals with Renewable Energy Simona Ganassi RES-Hospitals Local Health Agency Asti Italy Buildings Systems Agger Enhancing the Implementation of Quality and Sustainability Wirtschaft und Infrastruktur GmbH & Co Bioenergy SolidStandards Germany Rainer Janssen Standards and Certification Schemes for Solid Biofuels Planungs KG Facilitating Energy Storage to Allow High Penetration of Wirtschaft und Infrastruktur Gmbh & Co RES Electricity stoRE Germany Michael Papapetrou Intermittent Renewable Energy Planungs TRANSPORT Empowerment of Practitioners to Achieve Energy Savings in Capacity building Technical University of Dresden Germany Udo Becker LEARNING Urban Transport Urban Waste for Biomethane Grid Injection and Transport in Wirtschaft und Infrastruktur Gmbh & Co Bioenergy UrbanBiogas Germany Dominik Rutz Urban Areas Planungs KG Renewable in UrbanSolPlus Solar Thermal in Major Renovations and Protected Urban Areas Ambiente Italia (Environment Italy) Italy Riccardo Battisti Buildings Renewable in Regional Centre for Assistance to WIN FOR RES Web Integrated Network for Renewable Energy Sources Italy Maurizio Malè Buildings Craftsmen CooperationReleased by the EACI on 18 January, 2011 Page 3 of 3