Realising your Sales Potential with Social Media


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A copy of the slides used at the Partner to Succeed events as part of their continuing dedication to supporting business through their Sales Growth Collaboration Club (SGCC).

The event held at 12 noon on the 5th March 2012, began with lunch at Pool Innovation Centre, and aimed to introduce Social Media Marketing into a company's sales growth strategy.

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  • interest in SM in 2012Interesting that those cutting back is so low – expect to grow as time goes by – lack of strategy and focus on KPIs over ROI
  • If you haven’t bought a copy of this book yet it’s essential reading for anyone interested in strategy – good and bad!
  • The speed of innovation is no excuse to neglect strategy…We can still be reactive in the day to day… however or strategy provides the backbone that allows us to react in the right way – consistency of brand and message, focus on goals and objectives
  • Loosely based on the POST Forrester method of SM Strategy planningMost clients start at Technology… then go through CAR… before abandoning as a failure
  • 2 aspects to Community…The vision of the community (relationship with stakeholders) you would like by the end of the strategyIdentification of the key target groups
  • SM may be most effectively used on the INFLUENCERS and PARNTERS… however, lots of SM Strategy is dedicated at hitting consumers … rarely the most effective use of resources
  • “If we don’t know where we’re going, how will we know when we get there?”
  • Most strategies are dedicated at meeting the first 3Surprising that sales is often neglected Last 3 about resource efficiency – is it not more profitable to increase customer spend or lifetime over gaining new customers? Cutting costs value to bottom line.
  • Explanation of Customer Lifecycle – need for accurate segmentation of customer base – targeted messages designed to take customers through to the next stage of their journey
  • Define time before naming an approachSM is not freeWho will be responsible and who will be involved in deliveryWill the website need redevelopment? What phones are people using – smartphones? Is there any internal policies which prohibit access of SM sitesBAU – most important area…How can you increase the reach of engagement of existing activity?What are the standard processes that can be adapted to make the most of the SM opp?
  • SM cannot be totally outsourced but specific functions can… i.e. copywriting, photography, tech devEmpower staff to use SM reduces demands on one person or department… requires trainingSome actions can be automated through technological solutions… RSS feeds, applications (LI profiles)
  • Realising your Sales Potential with Social Media

    1. 1. Realising your Sales Potential with Social Media@arengrimshaw @arengrimshaw
    2. 2. 1. Introducing Social Media @arengrimshaw
    3. 3. Social Media in 2012• 98% of online population in the UK using Social Networking sites• Users 55+ represent the fastest growing segment in social networking usage• 87% of mid-large size businesses plan to maintain or increase investment on SM• 13% plan to cut spend on SM – More than 50% of those citing a lack of return Sources: Comscore & The Next Web @arengrimshaw
    4. 4. But…• What is Social Media?• Why should I care?• Is it just a fad?• Does anyone make any money from it?• Where do I start? @arengrimshaw
    5. 5. 1a. What is Social Media? @arengrimshaw
    6. 6. Social Media:Media for social interactionusing highly accessible andscalable publishingtechniques. Original source: Wikipedia @arengrimshaw 6
    7. 7. “People are searching foranswers and direction, notmessages or sales pitches.” Source: Brian Solis, Engage – Buy the book @arengrimshaw 7
    8. 8. “The tools are just extensionsof you…” @arengrimshaw 8
    9. 9. Social Media Marketing:Using Social Media to engagewith online communities inorder to generate exposure,opportunity and sales. @arengrimshaw 9
    10. 10. Some Key Aspects & Terminology• Web 1.0, 2.0 & 4.0• Real Time• Viral• Authenticity / Transparency• User Generated Content (UGC)• Consumer Generated Media (CGM) @arengrimshaw
    11. 11. Putting it in context – Why now?Society Technology• Generation Y / Millennials • Computing Power• Out of Town Shopping • Processor Power• E-commerce • Internet Speeds• Longer Working Hours • Digital Cameras• Migration & Immigration • iPods• Erosion of Community • Smartphones Centres • iPhones / iPads• The Age of Spin @arengrimshaw
    12. 12. 1b. The Tools & Technology @arengrimshaw
    13. 13. @arengrimshaw
    14. 14. Key Social Media Tools Blogs Social Networks File Sharing Sites Forums Live Streaming Review Systems Geo-tagging Wiki Sites Aggregators @arengrimshaw
    15. 15. Facebook• Launched 2004• 800m+ Active Users• Approx. 30m+ users in the UK (49% of Pop) Source: Social Bakers @arengrimshaw
    16. 16. Facebook • 50% log on in any given day • 250m+ access via mobile devices (and are twice as active) • 250m+ people engage with Facebook on external websites • 900m+ objects that people interact with (pages, groups, events & community pages) Source: @arengrimshaw
    17. 17. An Average user…• 38 years old• 130 229 Friends• Spends 55 minutes on the site per day• Is connected to 80 pages, groups &events• Creates 90 pieces of content each month• Adds 25 comments to content each month Source: Facebook & Flowtown @arengrimshaw
    18. 18. @arengrimshaw
    19. 19. Blogs & Blogging• 133m+ blogs• 77% internet users read blogs• Two thirds of bloggers are male• 60% are 18 – 44 years old• 75% have a college education or above• 50%+ are married• 50%+ have kids @arengrimshaw
    20. 20. Blogs & Blogging• 56% say their blog has helped their company establish a position as ‘thought-leader’• 58% of bloggers say they’re better known in their industry as a result• B2B companies that blog generate 67% more leads per month than those who do not.• 94% of bloggers reported measurable SEO benefits within 12 months @arengrimshaw
    21. 21. @arengrimshaw
    22. 22. What is Twitter?• Micro-blog• Social Network• Search Engine• Focus Group• News Wire @arengrimshaw
    23. 23. Twitter• Launched 2006• 11 new accounts per second• 200m – 465m registered users• 100m active in a month• 55% log on every day• 200m+ tweets per day• 400m+ unique visitors per month Source: The Next Web & Twitter Blog @arengrimshaw
    24. 24. Average user…• Is 39 years old• Has 126 Followers• 64% over 35 years old• 53% are female• 1.6bn search queries on Twitter per day• 43% access via a mobile device Source: Flowtown @arengrimshaw
    25. 25. @arengrimshaw
    26. 26. What is LinkedIn?• ‘Professional Network’• Founded in 2003• 150m+ members• 200 countries – all 7 continents• 2m Company Pages• Gains 1 new user per second Source: LinkedIn @arengrimshaw
    27. 27. Some Statistics• 34m users in Europe• 8m UK users• Average user age of 44 Source: LinkedIn @arengrimshaw
    28. 28. @arengrimshaw
    29. 29. Foursquare• Community: Over 15 million people worldwide• Over 1.5 billion check-ins, with millions more every day• Businesses: Over 750,000 using the Merchant Platform Source: Foursquare @arengrimshaw
    30. 30. @arengrimshaw
    31. 31. @arengrimshaw
    32. 32. Foursquare Specials @arengrimshaw @arengrimshaw
    33. 33. What is Pinterest?• Virtual Pinboard• Users organize and share ‘beautiful things’ they find on the web @arengrimshaw
    34. 34. Some Statistics • 13.76m people worldwide visited • Spent an average of 89 minutes on site • 250,000 Britons visited in January – spent an average of 25 minutes on site that monthSource: Pinterest & @arengrimshaw
    35. 35. @arengrimshaw
    36. 36. @arengrimshaw
    37. 37. 2. Social Media Strategy & Planning @arengrimshaw
    38. 38. “A good strategy has an essential logical structure that I call the kernel.” “The kernel of strategy contains three elements:a diagnosis, a guiding policy and coherent action” Good Strategy, Bad Strategy - Richard Rummelt Buy the book @arengrimshaw
    39. 39. Innovative thinking should be proactive firstand reactive second...Once a strategy is in place, reactive thinkingcan become more meaningful...It provides the backbone for our actions so wecan be confident that we’re reacting in theright way. Chris Griffiths, Grasp the Solution – Buy the book from @arengrimshaw
    40. 40. CARAT Planning Process Research (Diagnosis) Community Aims Resources Concept Approach (Guiding Policy) Implementation (Coherent Actions) Technology @arengrimshaw
    41. 41. Community• Customer (the decision maker) A person or organisation that may purchase goods or services directly from you• Influencer A person or organisation that may influence another person or organisation’s decision to purchase• Partner (an ally) Those that share a common goal with your organisation or customers @arengrimshaw
    42. 42. Identifying your Community C I P InfluencersCustomers Partners • Common • Staff Members • Allied Industries Characteristics • Family Members • Other regions • Demographics • Journalists • Suppliers • Technical Ability • Bloggers • Funders Investors • Interests • Politicians • Competitors • Geographic Location @arengrimshaw
    43. 43. Aims…The specifics of what will need to be achieved inorder to meet the business challenge, and overwhat timescales.How will you and the client know that thestrategy has been a success? @arengrimshaw
    44. 44. Aims• SEO: Link building, content factors• Marketing: Promote organisation, brand awareness• PR: Manage reputation, get news out• Sales: New contact routes, increase sales• Engagement: Increase loyalty, foster word of mouth• Research: Identify trends / niches, consultation• Management: Collaboration, knowledge sharing @arengrimshaw
    45. 45. Buying Processes & Lifecycles Inactives Suspects Brand Prospects Advocates New Regular Customers Customers Awareness Knowledge Consideration Selection Satisfaction Advocacy
    46. 46. Resources• Time & Money• People & Skills• Technology & Equipment• Your ‘Business As Usual Activity’ (BAU) @arengrimshaw
    47. 47. Your guiding policy is your big idea, the generalconcept you are working with……the later stage will define your specific actions. @arengrimshaw
    48. 48. Approach• Visibility ... need to be visible to the target audience• Credibility ...“Don’t tell them you’re funny, tell them a joke”• Value ...establish a “What’s in it for me?” factor• Personality ...everything should be consistent with the brand profile• Responsiveness ...are they setup to deal with responses @arengrimshaw
    49. 49. Approach – Practical Elements• Content Marketing• Aggregating or Curation• Networking or Events Marketing• Community Engagement• Word of Mouth or Advocacy Programmes @arengrimshaw
    50. 50. Integration• What can be outsourced and what needs to be done internally?• What actions can be embedded within current processes?• What needs to be done to empower the team to perform key actions?• What actions can be automated? @arengrimshaw
    51. 51. Measuring results• Link to your aims• Benchmark• KPIs Vs. ROI• Review results regularly• Tweak approach accordingly “Not everything that counts can be measured. Not everything that can be measured counts.” Albert Einstein @arengrimshaw
    52. 52. Case Study:UKNetWeb Ltd @arengrimshaw
    53. 53. Diagnosis (The Challenge)• Limited Y on Y Growth• Association with smaller projects• Losing to design firms• Operating in small local market @arengrimshaw
    54. 54. Guiding Policy• Maximising Potential, Minimising Risk• Focus on technical development• Thought leadership around innovation @arengrimshaw
    55. 55. Actions• Webinars & Events• File-Sharing• Social & Professional Networking• Blogging & Micro-Blogging @arengrimshaw
    56. 56. @arengrimshaw
    57. 57. @arengrimshaw
    58. 58. @arengrimshaw
    59. 59. @arengrimshaw
    60. 60. @arengrimshaw
    61. 61. @arengrimshaw
    62. 62. Results – Web Traffic @arengrimshaw
    63. 63. Results – Bottom LineIn a 6 month period:• 500% increase in new business enquiries• 2/3 of all enquiries through social networks• 100% increase in average order values• Opened up UK & international markets• New company created to meet demand• 4 years on.... £100k to £1m+ @arengrimshaw
    64. 64. 3. What you should do next @arengrimshaw
    65. 65. Consider your own position• What are your strengths and weaknesses?• How can you play to your strengths?• How can you demonstrate your strengths via Social Media?• What opportunities will your business take advantage of, and just as importantly which ones will you ignore? @arengrimshaw
    66. 66. What will your strategy be?• Who are your customers, influencers and partners?• What are you aiming to achieve for your business - can you be more specific than increased sales?• What resources are you working with?• How can you use Social Media technology to make you more effective in your role?• What will be your approach to Social Media?• What actions do you need to do daily, weekly or quarterly to achieve your aims? @arengrimshaw
    67. 67. How can I help?• Work with your team to develop your internal skills in Social Media• Work with you to develop a Social Media Strategy for your business.• Provide a sounding board for your own campaign or strategies ideas. @arengrimshaw
    68. 68. Connecting with Aren:Facebook: aren.grimshawTwitter: @arengrimshawLinkedIn: arengFourSquare: arengrimshawPinterest: arengrimshaw @arengrimshaw
    69. 69. Getting in touch:Tel: 01872 273103Mob: 07598 242212Email: for “aren grimshaw” on Google @arengrimshaw