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Arena pioneered cloud PLM applications. The company’s products, including BOMControl, PartsList and PDXViewer, enable engineering and manufacturing teams and their extended supply chains to speed prototyping, reduce scrap, and streamline supply chain management. Arena cloud PLM applications simplify bill of materials and change management for companies of all sizes, and offer the right balance of flexibility and control at every point in the product lifecycle—from prototype to full-scale production.

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  • Let's get started. If you already use Arena PLM, you know that one of the key benefits it provides is a single, change-controlled version of the truth for *all* your product information, including your approved component list, part attributes, sourcing information, bills of material, datasheets, and even non-electrical design data like mechanical designs and drawings, packaging, firmware and software. The Arena PLM EDA Adapter is a dedicated piece of software which automatically and reliably keeps your local OrCAD CIS, Altium Designer, or DxDatabook component database up-to-date with the latest approved component list from Arena PLM. Whenever a new part is approved and released in Arena PLM by your component engineers or document control staff, that part immediately becomes available for use in new designs at all sites. Or, if a part is marked as obsolete—for example, because it isn't RoHS compliant—that part can be immediately flagged or even removed from local component databases so that if your engineers are using it in existing designs, they receive warnings when they validate their design against the local database. Whether you are approving new parts, updating attribute and sourcing information, or removing end-of-life parts from your library, the EDA adapter ensures that your engineers are always working with the most current data.
  • That's all, and thank you for listening. To close, I'd like to remind you that this was just a lightning overview of some of the most important features of the Arena PLM EDA Adapter. There are many more features which I couldn't fit into such a short presentation, and we'd be more than happy to tell you about the rest. To learn more, you can visit our website at, or email us at Or, if you'd like some immediate answers to your questions, give us a call at 1 866 937 1438. We'd love to hear from you. Thanks, and have a great day.
  • Let's talk very briefly about how this actually works, and then I'll go on to demonstrate the EDA adapter in action. In a typical usage, parts are updated in Arena PLM by component engineering or document control, who create a new part or edit the working revision of a part with new information. When these edits to the working revision of an electronic part become effective in Arena PLM—either through change order, or because you choose to release them directly during early design, the EDA adapter kicks into action. The adapter regularly checks Arena PLM for newly released electronic component data, and retrieves the data in an XML format over a secure, encrypted and authenticated network connection. The adapter then uses the specific configuration established for your company to update your existing component database with the revised data. When the component database is updated, the revised data immediately becomes available for use by your design team, who can pick and place components in their schematic capture tool, or browse the database directly to find the part they need. Or, if you are not already using a component database, the EDA adapter can be configured to create one for you, with the attributes and categories of parts that you set up, either in Arena PLM or as part of the adapter configuration. This overall pattern can be repeated for as many component databases as you want, at as many sites as you have. All your engineers, at all your design sites, ends up working from the same approved component list as manufacturing, purchasing, and even your suppliers.
  • PartSaver and EDA Integration Webinar

    1. 1. PartSaver and EDA Webinar
    2. 2. What is PartSaver for BOMControl?  Millions of parts at your fingertips  Over 16 sites supported  Faster part creation  Fewer typos
    3. 3. What is the EDA Adapter?  The EDA Adapter connects Arena BOMControl with your component library  Arena BOMControl provides a central repository — a single version of the truth — for your product data  Using the EDA Adapter ensures that engineers are always working with the most current product information
    4. 4. PartSaver & EDA Integration Live Demo
    5. 5. To learn more … Visit our website: Email: Phone: 1.866.937.1438
    6. 6.  END
    7. 7. How does the EDA Adapter work? EDA Adapter Local ServerDesktop Internet Arena PLM Your Schematic Capture tool Field Service CM Purchasing ERP Component Database https
    8. 8. More Information  Videos & Datasheets at  Contact your sales representative  Contact me at: George Lewis
    9. 9. Arena in Engineering  Summer/Fall 2008 – EDA  Altium Designer (ProTel)  OrCAD  DxDesigner  Spring 2009 – MCAD  SolidWorks/PDMworks PDM eCAD MCAD Vault  Geometry  WIP Environment EDA Authoring  Logical Design  Schematic Layout ??? ??? MCAD  2D and 3D Drawings
    10. 10. Arena in Engineering  Summer/Fall 2008 – EDA  Altium Designer (ProTel)  OrCAD  DxDesigner  Spring 2009 – MCAD  SolidWorks/PDMworks PDM eCAD MCAD Vault  Geometry  WIP Environment EDA Authoring  Logical Design  Schematic Layout ??? ??? MCAD  2D and 3D Drawings
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