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  • Single-Sign-On web portal – No large vSphere client download, no vpn tunnel required. Access your cloud from anywhere in the world. Self-Provisioning – Add, Remove, Edit, Clone vApps and VM’s on the fly. No need to call support or change your order.  Manage your resources – Manage your resources, take control with a “who gets what” mentality with vCloud Director. Buying a block of resources lets you move things around as you like, and when you have the time.  Native Console Access – with vCloud Director you get native Console access to your virtual machines, no need for VPN or the machine to be on the network. This allows you to customize your machines or load custom Operating Systems, or troubleshoot machines with ease. Public and User controlled Catalogs – Use the most common machine and install media from US Signal, or design, construct, or upload machines and vApp templates to your own Catalog for later use. This makes cloning new machines easy, or bursting your computing by creating new copies of your existing vApps. Administration Security – Using the built-in User Roles you can divvy out work to multiple people in your cloud. You can restrict people to machines, vApps, or enable them to assist with administration of your resources. Active Directory integration supported.
  • VAR Partner Training St Louis

    1. 1. Agenda• Welcome / Opening Remarks• US Signal Overview  Service Delivery  NOC  Network/ Cloud Solutions• Virtualization/ Cloud Design• Resource Pool Sizing• VM-Based Back Up Service• DRaaS  Customer/ Partner Managed  US Signal DRaaS• Closing Remarks
    2. 2. About UsUS Signal Overview• Privately held, debt free, Service Provider – HQ in Grand Rapids, MI• 14,000 fiber miles in eight states• Strategic partnership with Cisco• Recent 100G DWDM deployment• SSAE 16 SOC I Type II Certified Data Centers
    3. 3. Service Delivery Doing business with us is easy. As a customer of US Signal you have one point of contact from the time your order is submitted through installation. Dedicated project managers provide you with updates through each phase of the installation process and assist with any questions you may have.
    4. 4. Network Operations Center The same things that are important to you are important to us. Being able to get the help you need, when you need it is critical to running your business. Our NOC Surveillance Center provides network monitoring 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. When you call the US Signal NOC, your call is answered within 30 seconds by a fully qualified maintenance technician who immediately starts troubleshooting your issue.
    5. 5. US Signal SolutionsVMware vCloud Powered Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) Network Options: Storage: • Geographically Diverse • MPLS • Dedicated circuits • RAID5 Configured Network Attached Storage • Internet • 7 Data centers • Replication & Snapshot Service • Ethernet • Fiber • Off-site Backup Resource Pools: Security: • vCloud Powered Resource Pools • Managed Firewall – NAT, IPsec • vCloud Director VPN, Application Level Gateway • Dedicated and Flexible Options • Advanced Security – Virtual Firewall, SSL- Available VPN, Content Filtering, Anti-Spyware, Anti- • Management and Monitoring Spam, Anti-Virus, Anti-Malware 24/7/365 • Unified Threat Management – Intrusion • SLA Availability: 100% Prevention & Detection, Activity Logging, Event Management
    6. 6. Optical NetworkLighting the way to advancedNetwork managementThe US Signal debt-free, fiber opticnetwork is one of the largest, fullydeployed networks in theMidwest, coveringIllinois, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, Wisconsin and Missouri.
    7. 7. Safety In NumbersGeographically Diverse Data Centers and RedundantNetwork Peering Akamai Netflix Google (CDN Appliance Microsoft Testing) Amazon Facebook
    8. 8. US Signal vCloud Powered ServicesTo securely meet the on-demand computing requirements of their business with an environment purpose built for tolerance and availability. EXTEND their datacenter SECURE infrastructure ACCESS resources on demand• Familiarity: utilize the same • Customer environments are • Add/Remove CPU/RAM as applications as today and isolated from one another within needed continue to manage VMs their own unique VLAN • Create golden server images with VMware • Network segments are isolated • Quickly provision new vApps• Retain control over along with firewall rules and VMs environment • Advanced security firewall• Spin up virtual machines in available for additional security the event of a disaster measures• Create hybrid environment between current virtual machines and cloud based resources
    9. 9. Two Cloud Data Centers Data Center 1 Data Center 2 Resource Pool 40 Gb Data Center Resource Pool Interconnect Compute Compute Memory Less Than 5ms Latency Memory Storage Storage• Two Data Centers Currently Available• Unmetered Bandwidth Between Datacenters• Non-Blocking Access to Private Network• Unmetered Internet Bandwidth with Managed Firewall
    10. 10. VMware Powered Cloud Virtual Resource Environment• Consumed in blocks of resources• Free connectivity to MPLS & VES WANs• Un-Metered Usage & Bandwidth• Cisco UCS Hardware• Fiber channel connected 3PAR SAN Storage• Geographically diverse site optionsTwo US Signal OfferingsDedicated Resource Pool (DRP) Offering: • 100% Commit on hardware resources - Compute - Memory • 24x7 PerformanceFlexible Resource Pool (FRP) Offering: • Dynamic performance depending on available resources • Lower cost and operation • Great for Development
    11. 11. VMware vCloud Director VMware vCloud Director Organization: Marketing Organization: Finance Users & Policies Organization VDCs Catalogs Users & Policies Organization VDCs Catalogs Provider Virtual Datacenters (Bronze) (Silver)(Gold) VMware vCenter Server Resource Pools Datastores Port Groups VMware vSphere Secure Private Cloud
    12. 12. VMware vCloud Director Manage your cloud
    13. 13. VMware vCloud Director
    14. 14. SSAE16 Compliant Data CentersWhat does it mean to have SSAE 16 SOC I Type IICertified Data Centers?Statement on Auditing Standards SSAE 16 SOC I, is aninternationally recognized auditing standard developedby the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants(AICPA).A SSAE 16 SOC I audit is widely recognized because itrepresents that a service or outsourcing organization hasbeen through an in-depth audit of their controlactivities, which generally include controls overinformation technology and related processes.As one of the highest industry accepted auditingstandards for service companies, SSAE 16 SOC Icertification provides customers with guaranteed securityand reliability for their systems.
    15. 15. The Design ProcessWhat Are The Business Objectives? On a Local On User’s Device In the Data Center In the Cloud Appliance/Server
    16. 16. The Design Process Gathering Requirements For The Design Design Factors - Applications • Availability • Performance • Responsiveness • RPO/ RTO • Resiliency
    17. 17. The Design ProcessGathering Requirements For The DesignLogical & Physical Design Planning • Facilities • Hardware  Compute  Storage  Network • Software • Security  Facility  Customer Data  Network • Administration • Compliance • Back-up & Recovery
    18. 18. The Design ProcessGathering Requirements For The DesignTools to assess the current environment • VMware Capacity Planner • OS – Specific Tools • Existing monitoring & Management Apps  Server  Storage  Network • 3rd Party Virtualization Assessment Tools • If already Virtualized – Virtualization Management Products  VCenter Server
    19. 19. The Design ProcessUnderstanding Constraints• Financial• Licensing• Compliance• Hardware• Performance/ SLA• Network
    20. 20. The Design Process Understanding Constraints - Network• WAN Speed Limitations • WAN Quality Limitations  Bandwidth  Reliability  Latency  Congestion
    21. 21. Sizing of Resource Pools“Right Sizing” The Resource PoolTools• Promos / Trials• Test & Development• Active Directory• E-Mail• Databases• Applications• Web• File/ Print
    22. 22. VM-Based Backup Service Back up your VM’s• Snap shots available within VCloud Director Back up your VM’s off-site• Scheduled off-site backups of VMs• Backups are stored on SAN storage in Alternate Region Retention is 5-7 days• (1) full backup per month; daily incrementals• Customer initiates restoral via the NOC• Price: based on subscription fee and either number of VMs elected or storage used• Ordering: will be an election process when ordering a Resource Pool
    23. 23. Customer Managed Disaster RecoveryGeographically Diverse Data Centers Allow for Multiple DR SolutionsGrand Rapids, MI Southfield, MI Applications ApplicationsVirtual Machines Virtual Machines Sites Sites Cloud Storage
    24. 24. Customer Managed Disaster RecoveryGeographically Diverse Data Centers Allow for Multiple DR SolutionsGrand Rapids, MI Southfield, MI • Load Balancing & • Windows NLB Automatic Failover Applications • JetNexus • Software Replication • Riverbed Stingray • SQL Server Replication • Software Replication • Symantic Backup Exec • File-Based Backups Virtual Machines • Acronis True Image • Load Balancing • Windows Backup • Microsoft DFS• Software Replication Sites • Double-Take Copy/ Move• Image-Based Backups • Acronis True Image • Symantic Ghost Cloud Storage
    25. 25. Customer Managed Hybrid CloudGeographically Diverse Data Centers Allow for Multiple DR SolutionsYour Data Center US Signal Data Center • Augment your apps by adding • Windows NLB across to add more capacity in the cloud or additional servers load balancing across hybrid Applications • Virtual Desktops cloud • Advanced Security for networking • Add capacity without adding hardware • Create vApp Templates for Virtual Machines bursting capacity • Move to the cloud at your own pace • Move and test at will by creating clones or copies• Site diversity• vCloud Connector to move Sites • Add a cloud in another US Signal location resources to and from your cloud • Setup DR across sites Cloud Storage
    26. 26. Customer Managed Disaster Recovery File-Based Backup & Restore RTO: Days to Weeks Typical Requirements and Uses Failover: None • These Backups typically protect files on the Cost: Low Operating System to include: Applications, Expertise: Low Personal Data, and Operating System files • Low-Cost, Easy Solution for Offsite Protection Backup Restore • Backups usually daily or weekly• 3rd Party Backup & Recovery Software • Restore to existing VM • Doesn’t allow for failover• Can be Agent Based or Local Installation • Restore to newly created VM • Restore requires a running target server• Backups are done incrementally or full vCC • Restore done with software Node Application Data Application Data OS Data OS Data GRAND RAPIDS, MI SOUTHFIELD, MI Can be backed up to Restore from server Another server or cloud Or cloud storage storage Cloud Storage Source Server Target/Restore Server
    27. 27. Customer Managed Disaster Recovery File-Based Backup & Restore RTO: Days to Weeks Bob’s Widgets Need Protection Failover: None • Bob’s Widgets used a file based backup software much like Cost: Low (Symantic Backup Exec., or Acronis) to back up Apps, Databases, Expertise: Low and Personal Information • Backups went to Cloud Storage from US Signal Backup Restore • These backups ran once a day as an incremental (RTO of 1 Day)• vCloud Resource Pool • vCloud Resource Pool • Full backups ran once a week (RTO of 1 Week)• Grand Rapids Location • Southfield Location vCC Node Application Data Application Data OS Data OS Data GRAND RAPIDS, MI SOUTHFIELD, MI Backups went directly Restored from Cloud to Us Signal Cloud storage to their vCloud Storage environment Cloud Storage Source Server Target/Restore Server
    28. 28. Customer Managed Disaster Recovery Machine –Image Backup & Restore RTO: Manual Typical Requirements and Uses Failover: None • These backups typically only for archive quality backups Cost: Low for entire machines Expertise: Low • Low-cost, easy solution for off-site archiving or migrating of resources Backup Restore• 3rd Party Imaging Software • Backups usually done manually • Restore to newly created VM• Boot from live CD/DVD • Requires downtime for both source and target • Speed varies on size of image• Backups are manual and network speeds• RTO depends on backups vCC Node OS Image OS Image GRAND RAPIDS, MI SOUTHFIELD, MI Can be backed up to Restore from server another server or cloud or cloud storage storage Cloud Storage Source Server Target/Restore Server
    29. 29. Customer Managed Disaster Recovery Machine –Image Backup & Restore RTO: Manual Health Alliance Migration to The Cloud Failover: None • Health Alliance Federation was migrating to the Cloud Cost: Low • Images were taken of each server to migrate to the cloud, Expertise: Low this was done using machine imaging software like Symantic Restore Ghost • vCloud Resource Pool in Detroit Backup• On premise environment • US Signal Cloud Storage was used to store data during backup • New Machines turned up and booted• Machines booted up using live CD/DVD and restore with live CD/DVD• Machines backed up directly to US Signal • Machines imaged directly from US Cloud Storage vCC Signal Cloud Storage Node OS Image OS Image GRAND RAPIDS, MI SOUTHFIELD, MI Can be backed up to Restore from server another server or cloud or cloud storage storage Cloud Storage Source Server Target/Restore Server
    30. 30. Replication & Recovery1 Windows Windows • A replication mechanism VMware ESXi VMware ESXi  Dictated by RPO/ RTO  By Application/ Group2 • A means to identify failure3 • The ability to recover  Failover  Failback
    31. 31. Customer Managed Disaster Recovery Replication-Based Backup & Recovery RTO: Minutes to Hours Typical Requirements and Uses Failover: Optional • Software can vary greatly Cost: High • Can replicate App Data, Documents, or Operating Systems Expertise: High • Replication/Backups usually done in small increments (15 minutes to Real-Time) Active Active/Passive • Allows for failover (varies on software)• 3rd Party Replication Software • Failover from last replication point• Operating System or Agent Based • Allows for Fault-Tolerant setups (varies on software) • Can provide Fault-Tolerance• Replication in small increments of • Restores require a target server running depending on setup time or real-time • Minimal to no downtime required for failover vCC Node GRAND RAPIDS, MI SOUTHFIELD, MI Single or Bi-Directional Replication Source Server Target/Restore Server
    32. 32. Customer Managed Disaster Recovery Replication-Based Backup & Recovery RTO: Minutes to Hours Financial Group US Failover: Optional • Financial Group US wanted to protect their environment from Cost: High disaster and elected to implement replication based backup Expertise: High • Using 3rd party software they setup each VM with a replication target in another US Signal Data Center Active/Passive Active • VM’s replicating with Active Site • Replication was done in 15 minute increments• 3rd Party replication software installed in near real-time on each VM as an agent • Failover was designed by the customer to automatically • Failover set to make this site active• Replication done to secondary site in failover after 5-10 minutes of down time after 10 minutes of downtime near real-time vCC Node GRAND RAPIDS, MI SOUTHFIELD, MI Single or Bi-Directional Replication Source Server Target/Restore Server
    33. 33. QuestionsQuestions
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