TCLC Summer Camp: Ka-Yakking Online Handout


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TCLC Summer Camp: Ka-Yakking Online Handout

  1. 1. Ka-yakking Online TCLC Summer Camp „09 Screencasting JING Capture More Screen capture Quit, help, How to create a Screencast Screencast preference 1. Click Create Edit account info History 2. Choose a screen size for the screencast Customize buttons View all saved captures and 3. Pick your audio screen casts 4. Click Go View, share, delete 5. Go to the screen you wish to record Tips for using JING 6. Frame your shot Capture it 7. CRTL: Hold down for standard screen size 8. You may pause the screencast and then begin SHIFT: Hold down for widescreen size recording again by clicking the record button 9. Click Pause, then Done to stop recording Save it 10. Now you have a couple options for what you want to do with your screencast: Save it to Screencas- (Can link Screencast Copy to or embed from here) .com Save to Embed hard drive Code ** Send it to YouTube Share it Jing automatically saves the URL of the screencast to Save it to the hard drive your clipboard (CRTL + V to paste it) (MP4, AVI, or FLV) ** Want to embed your screencast in a blog, website, or LibGuides? Jing creates the html automatically for you. Tweak it See below for instructions. How to Install an “SC-Embed” Button Delete it 1. On the Jing Sun, Click “More” 2. Once it opens, click “Preferences” Additional Features 3. Click Share Options “Customize Jing Buttons” Channels– Group together similar screencasts and 4. Click New produce an RSS feed for it 5. For Button Description, type “SC-Embed” Notes– Add text to your screencast 6. For Clipboard Contents, choose “Embed Code” Tracking– Track how many times your screencast is 7. Click Save, then Close, then Done ( ) viewed
  2. 2. Ka-yakking Online TCLC Summer Camp „09 Link Sharing Sites Shortens URL addresses Shortens URL addresses Quickly shorten URLs with the browser button Quickly shorten URLs with the TinyURL browser button Offers a preview feature Offers a preview feature Tracks link “clicks” Keeps a history of your shorten links Example: Can post directly to Twitter Mobile site storyId=105350224&ft=1&f=1032 Example: Questions? Comments? Insights? storyId=105285835 Andrea D. Reed, Media & Digital Librarian Eastern University 610.225.5004 Presentation slides available at Windows Live: