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Published in: Technology
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  • 1. TheOne Economic Development Directory thatevery business prospect will need when researching locations
    The only Directory where your economic development agency must be listed
  • 2. is the industry’s most complete online economic development directory featuring more than 7,500 active ED listings and mapped interactive Select Sites listings.
 is more than an address directory. The site is a powerful mapping tool designed to assist prospects among end-users and site consultants to easily find development organizations in the geographic locations they are searching.
    The Select Sites listing allows users to access robust GIS mapping and local area data of those EDCs who choose this value added option.
    .com Select Sites listings brings to the prospect these dynamic informational resource tools:
    • Complete organization contact information including web, email and social media links
    • 3. Advanced GIS powered mapping capability that features data layers and heat maps
    • 4. Radius demographics reports and executive report generation
    • 5. Data-rich Microsoft Bing base maps
    • 6. Integrated property and facility listings
    • 7. Live news feed from your organization’s social media sites
    • 8. Video / You Tube feed
  • Homepage
    Find Locations
    Prospects can quickly drill-down the location search by selecting U.S States, Canadian Provinces and International Locations.
  • 9. next
    Landing Page
    Map Features
    • Data-rich Microsoft Bing base map
    • 10. Aerial, map and hybrid map views
    • 11. Flex technology offers users a data-rich experience without compromising fast load times and smooth navigation
    Map Layers
    • View "Select Site" locations by type (state, regional, local, utility etc.)
    • 12. View location-based headline news powered by Area Development Online
    • 13. Population density, county borders and more…
    Prospects Find Locations and Connect
    Prospects can search for economic development listings by location on the map at the top of the landing page.
    Prospects can search for all economic development listings by type using the “All Listings” directory at the bottom of the page.
  • 14. “Select Site” Listings
    Only "Select Site" listings appear on the regional landing page map with an enhanced listing
    Each "Select Site" organization is listed in two places on the map:
    Within the listings window that is docked on the map —
    This listing includes contact information, an inquiry form pop-up, and a link to the organization profile page.
    On the map as a location-based "Select Site" marker —
    This listing includes the organization description, the organization’s service area, an inquiry form pop-up and a link to the organization profile page. 
    Standard Listings do not appear on the map
    Standard listings are placed within the “All Listings” directory only and do not receive an inquiry form link or a “Location Profile” link.
    "Select Sites” are also listed in the “All Listings” Directory
    "Select Sites” receive an enhanced listing in the “all listings” directory that includes an inquiry form pop-up link and a link to the organization profile page.
  • 15. The Location Profile Column provides the prospect with organizational information and the ability to connect that is not found in any other directory. Included are organization description, up to three contacts, social media links, sharing tools, inquiry form, video stream, live news feed, and customizable blocks.
    Advanced GIS-powered Mapping provides the prospect an overview of your location with a detailed Microsoft Bing base map, Aerial, map and hybrid map views and Flex technology that offers users a data-rich experience without compromising fast load times and smooth navigation.
    Map Tools provide critical location data to the prospect with layers and heat maps; radius demographics with executive reports; a data-rich, Microsoft Bing base map; drawing and measurement tools; and integrated property and facility listings.
    "Select Site" Listing Profile Page
  • 16. Overview Map Tool
    The Overview Map tool, allows a prospect to move around your location easily with zoom capability.
  • 17. Click on the property marker and a mini fact sheet opens.
    The prospect can see basic property listing facts and then click to access a full property report at which includes detailed property listing and contact info, property images and full GIS mapping for the specific property.
    List Available Properties
    "Select Site" listings receive up to 5 property listings on the FacilityLocations "Select Site" Profile map powered by FastFacility.
    "Select Site" listings that are already FastFacility members will have all property listings from the FastFacility account automatically placed on the FacilityLocations map.
  • 18. next
    Draw & Measure Tool
    This tool allows the prospect to apply, lines, shapes, points or text to the map and measure accurate distance, size or latitude/longitude location. Maps can be saved, printed or exported with this data.
  • 19. Radius Demographics Reports
    Prospects get accurate demographics from anywhere in your service area that can help put your location on their short list.
    Prospects can choose set radius distances from any point on the map and generate an Executive Summary Report based on the latest US Census data.
  • 20. next
    The location profile column provides the prospect with organization and location info and the ability to connect that is not found in any other directory. Included: organization description, up to three contacts, social media links, sharing tools, inquiry form, video stream, live news feed, and customizable blocks.
    Location Profile
    Organization Profile
    Contact Information
    Up to three contacts
    Web &
    Social Media links
    Video Stream
    Up to three video clips
    Live Newsfeed
    Includes integration with RSS, Twitter & other web 2.0 feeds
  • 21. next
    Featured Location Package*
    Designed for ED agencies that want to put their location “up front”, gain high visibility and brand identification on the homepage
    Featured Locations Listing
    Placement in the “Featured Locations Block” on homepage and run-of-site:
    • Organization name and description
    • 22. Overview map puts the listing in context
    • 23. Link to organization "Select Site" Profile Page
    Banner Display Campaign
    Three banner ad placements on both the homepage and the directory landing page for your organization.
    *Featured Location Package is available at an additional cost for "Select Site" listing organizations only. Only 12 Featured Location placements are available.
  • 24. Have prospects put your location on their radar in 2011
    To find out how your location can be included in and in the Area Development Magazine 2011 Annual Directory please contact your Area Development sales representative:
    Valerie Krpata
    Bill Bakewicz
    Justin Shea
    Online Manager