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Gonegosyo pampanga-marketing-ardy-2010
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Gonegosyo pampanga-marketing-ardy-2010


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  • 1. Marketing Secrets of Successful Entrepreneurs Pampanga Negosem June 2010 Ardy Roberto Co-Founder, Salt & Light Ventures, Inc Inspire Leadership Consultancy, Inc. Entrep10 Awardee, Microsoft Most Inspiring Entrepreneur Co-Columnist, Philippine Daily Inquirer’s MarketingRx Author, S4, Heart of Healing, Buhay na Hindi Bitin
  • 2. + The Relevance of Marketing + Marketing Mindset + Basics of Marketing
  • 3. Bebot: “Pangarap ko to earn P250,000 a month – like my Papa!” Tata: “Wow! You’re Papa is making P250,000 a month?” Bebot: Ah, hindi pangarap din niya kumita ng P250,000 a month”
  • 4. Who would like to have lots of money?
  • 5. Exercise: Define money “What is money?”
  • 6. “How do you make money if you don’t know or can’t define what money is?”
  • 7. Money is simply… -A medium (or unit) that can be exchanged for goods and service; -Measure of value
  • 8. Q: Now that you know what money is and it's definition, how do you get a million pesos or a million units of money?
  • 9. Answer: Find a customer willing to exchange his million units of money for your product or service that he/she thinks is valued at or worth his million units of money.
  • 10. In other words provide a million units worth of service or product (that will solve a problem/frustration, or fill or supply a need or want ) and you'll make a million units of money -- whether it is in pesos, dollars, etc. OkaY, SIMPLE LANG DIBA? So, now everybody! Make your one million units of money! Go! …
  • 11. What's the problem? You need to find someone -- or in business terms -- a customer who will give you one million units of money for that product or service of yours. Ah.. how do you find or reach and “convince” that someone -- that customer? A: MARKETING!
  • 12. Now let’s learn marketing! Whatever position or business you are in, you will need to learn marketing
  • 14. Philip Kotler with Dr Ned Roberto
  • 15. How Salt & Light Ventures became #1 niche seminar producer and promoter We started small and dreamed BIG
  • 16. Start up: Salt & Light Ventures 2000 How do I grow this business?
  • 17. Start small: 15 to 50 people workshops How do I grow this business?
  • 18. Then… 100 to 250 people seminars
  • 19. Then… 300 to 500 to 1,000 people conferences
  • 20. Okay – let’s go! Think BIG: Araneta Coliseum and PICC
  • 21. 10 years after the “most successful failure” concert business in CDO…a seminar with 14,000 people!
  • 22. PICC: 4,000 people Total for 2 days: 18,000 people
  • 23. My “Miracle” Patient @ Sea of Galilee Miracle: From bankrupt to giving back
  • 24. “Everyone wants success, but most people lack two very important qualities: persistence and patience.” - Denis Waitley
  • 25. Who is involved in marketing?
  • 26. Who is involved in marketing? a. The President/CEO/GM b. The marketing manager c. The receptionist d. The messenger e. The finance dept
  • 27. Everyone should be involved in marketing. Your enterprise should have a marketing mindset!
  • 28. Everyone who has potential contact with the customer has a marketing impact
  • 29. A - Basic concepts : marketing mix (4ps) B – Practical advice on how to reach market at little cost
  • 30. Basics of marketing. 4 Ps of marketing 1 - Product 2 - Pricing 3- Promotions (A&P) – using Guerrilla Mktg 4- Place (distribution)
  • 31. What is your PRODUCT or service? -Describe it in 1 or 2 sentences (for those who are employed, you are your own product) -Who is your market? -Why would your market want to buy your product? (Motivation?) -What problem does it solve better than competition? What benefits does it provide?
  • 32. HOW will your customers buy your PRODUCT or service? -How often? (frequency – daily/weekly/monthly/lifetime?) -How many will they buy at a time? (quantity) – Container load? Bulk, individual, sachet/tingi -How much will they be willing to pay for your product? (cheaper/same/more)
  • 33. WHERE will your customers come from? -MACRO -International / Philippines? -By province, Key Cities, etc? -WWW (internet) ? -MICRO -Inside mall, food court, schools, offices? -Facebook, Multiply, Friendster, Google?
  • 34.
  • 35. • Started 1894 • Bata Kenya • Czechoslovakia • Now with over 80 • Tomas Bata stores in Kenya, leading • Now: 50 countries, retailer Production: 26 countries • Has sold over 14 billion pairs of shoes • 1939 - Bata Shoe Co, Kenya
  • 36. Bata Kenya lesson: “Uy wala pang _____ sa _______. “
  • 37. China job fair
  • 38. Product Differentiate or Die! - Al Ries
  • 39.  “But everything that has been invented has been invented already!”
  • 40.  “DIFFERENTIATE = COPYING (with a slight difference)” - Dean Pax Lapid
  • 41. HOW TO DIFFERENTIATE? MODIFY -SHAPE – Maggoo’s Pizza (Square not round) -FORM – C2 (iced tea in pet bottle) -MAGNIFY -Enlarge (LCD TVs), Monster Burgers -MINIFY - Cars (Chery), Netbooks, Apple (iPod mini, iPad) -SUBSTITUTE -Electric bikes, Human Nature (organic)
  • 42. Al Ries’ 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing: #2 -The Law of the Category “If you can’t be first in a category, change the nature of the category or set up a new category you can be first in.”
  • 43. * Annual World Wife Carrying Contest (Sonkajarvi, Finland) 1st in new category: Wife Carrying Content Category Tourism market targeted at families looking at a different kind of experience
  • 44. * Annual World Wife Carrying Contest (Sonkajarvi, Finland) July 3-4, 2010
  • 45. * Annual World Wife Carrying Contest (Sonkajarvi, Finland) July 3-4, 2010
  • 46. * Annual World Wife Carrying Contest (Sonkajarvi, Finland) - July 3-4, 2010
  • 47. * Annual World Wife Carrying Contest (Sonkajarvi, Finland) Grand Prize: Beer (equivalent to your weight) + “Fun”
  • 48. * Annual World Wife Carrying Contest (Sonkajarvi, Finland) Result of marketing genius: local economy turned around. Contest generates over US$250 in estimated economic benefits to the small town of Sonkajarvi
  • 49. What’s next? After Wife Carrying Contest… what other category can we be first in?
  • 50. * Annual Husband Dragging Contest!
  • 51. * Annual Husband Dragging Contest!
  • 52. * Breadtalk (Singapore) 1st in new category: Experiential buying of bread.
  • 53. * Breadtalk (Singapore) 1st in new category: Experiential buying of bread. “Cute bread”
  • 54. * Breadtalk (Singapore) Started in 2000 by George Quek when he was 46 Today does $123M in sales 30+ different countries Experiential buying of bread.
  • 55. Insect Inter (Thailand). #1 in Insect-fastfood category
  • 56. Insect Inter (Thailand). Differentiators: - Serves hygenic insects -organically grown, grown and harvested in a no pesticide-field - located in supermarkets/malls vs side walks -Menu : -Crispy Crickets, Deep Fried coco- worms, Grasshopper salad Cricket tempura
  • 57. Insect Inter (Thailand). #1 in Insect-fastfood category Slogan: “Never mind the look, it tastes great“ founder – Satapol Polprapas
  • 58. Insect Inter (Thailand) RESULT 60+ outlets Over 15M Baht in sales @ year 100 new franchisees
  • 59. Insect Inter (Thailand) "I have absolutely no doubt that our crispy, crunchy crickets will replace popcorn as a favourite snack in cinemas“ - Mr Satapol Polprapas, InsectInter Founder, 29 yrs old (started with just P160 investment)
  • 60. All-you-can-eat Rice in Mang Inasal
  • 61. Category: First and #1 in Budget Chicken Inasal with Unlimited Rice Founder: Edgar Injap Sia Iloilo City (2003) Now over 150 stores Entrep10 Awardee in 2009
  • 62.
  • 63. …BUT WILL THE MARKET WANT to buy your new product? Will there be a demand for it? Invention (no or little market) Innovation (market demand larger than supply; e.g. iPad)
  • 64.
  • 65. Read Part 2: Mastering Opportunities To get ideas Stories of ... Splash – Hortaleza Buhi Worldwide – Live Fish Binalot – Rommel Juan
  • 66. Ways to expand your market What was Listerine originally for?
  • 67. Ways to expand your market What was Listerine originally for?
  • 68. Ways to expand your market 1. Find a new use for your product – Ad in 1952 e.g. Listerine can also cure dandruff by washing hair 2x a day…
  • 69. Ways to expand your market Then was finally launched as cure for “Halitosis”
  • 70. Targeted executives and salesmen who talked a lot. Result: revived “old-dead” product
  • 71. Targeted executives and salesmen who talked a lot.
  • 72. Result: revived “old-dead” product Q: What “new” use can you come up with your product?
  • 73. PROMOTIONS Advertising PR / Publicity “How do you communicate your USP or brand positioning—without the big budgets of MNCs?”
  • 74. PROMOTIONS How will your chosen market become aware of your product or service?
  • 75. PROMOTIONS Awareness => share of mind => market share
  • 76. PROMOTIONS Traditional media? -Radio -TV -Print
  • 77. PROMOTIONS Digital marketing New “tri-media”
  • 78. PROMOTIONS Digital marketing tri-media
  • 79. PROMOTIONS Anton Diaz used FB to promote – Ultimate Taste Test event - Over 1,000 people responded and bought tickets
  • 80. OR USE Guerrilla Marketing! Low cost…
  • 81. PROMOTIONS – Guerrilla Marketing Guerrilla Marketing Definition: An unconventional, low-cost way of performing marketing activities. +uses a combination of cheap or free unconventional, non-traditional media or traditional media purchased or negotiated via barter or ex-deal +invest time, energy, imagination and knowledge instead +profits, not sales, as the main yardstick. ARE YOU USING GUERRILLA MARKETING TACTICS? .
  • 82. Guerrilla Marketing was coined and defined by Jay Conrad Levinson in his 1983 book Guerrilla Marketing. The term has since entered the popular vocabulary and marketing textbooks. Over 14 million copies sold worldwide (best-selling marketing series). Translated in over 1 dozen languages.
  • 83. GUERRILLA MARKETING Over 200 low cost/free Guerrilla Marketing Weapons. Here are my 5 favorites
  • 84. GUERRILLA MARKETING Weapons Check list [ ] Q? – How many of these weapons are you using in your business?
  • 85. Weapon #1: [ ] Database / list [ ] A list of customers with relevant data. [ ] Purpose – to communicate relevant offers “It is 6 x more expensive to sell to a new prospect than to an old customer.”
  • 86. How do you start a database of customers? 1. Registrations – e.g. Hotel – upon checking in 2. During Ordering – Pizza chain (Yellow Cab – keeps your info to avoid repetition; customer convenience) 3. Get business cards – use business card reader to encode (restaurants use fishbowl for raffles) 4. Warranty cards, invoices, receipts, raffle entries, webstie, etc …then encode and organize it. No need for IT guy. Even admin or sec can do it. Very low cost!
  • 87. Do you have Guerrilla Weapon #1: Database/List? [ ] Yes [ ] No/Not yet
  • 88. Guerrilla Weapon # 2: [ ] Email “Sending product information and regular updates is a customer service.” – Drayton Bird
  • 89. By the way… What to say? The truth!
  • 90. Do you agree with this book’s title?
  • 91. But what is a marketer? According to Godin. A marketer is a story teller. The best marketers know how to tell a story.
  • 92. Create “little stories”, anecdotes, how you started-- that other people will talk about…
  • 93. “Successful marketers don’t talk about features or even benefits. Instead, they tell a story. A story we want to believe.” – Seth Godin 107
  • 94. Consumers will be able to tell if and when you are not telling the truth / lie. E.g. A property developer in the south says: “It’s only 15 minutes away from Makati” 108
  • 95. Guerrilla Weapon # 2: [ ] Email “Sending product information and regular updates is a customer service.” – Drayton Bird
  • 96. Instead of attachments – send html emailers 117
  • 97. 118
  • 98. 119
  • 99. 121
  • 100. Guerrilla Weapon # 3: [ ] Mobile marketing SMS Blast Text coupons Blue tooth / GPRS marketing
  • 101. Guerrilla Weapon # 3 Mobile marketing Advantages: 1. 1. Personal and Deliverable- Celphone is almost always with the person 2. 2. Inexpensive (vs. Printed coupons/brochures) e.g. P.70 via Globe TxtConnect 3. 3. Higher response rates (see CH8 of MarketingRx for Entrepreneurs) 10-30% vs 1-2% for email or direct mail.
  • 102. Guerrilla Weapon # 3 Mobile marketing Sample SMS marketing plan: 1. 1. Build Celphone list of customers 2. 2. Create your offer (free or discount/sale) and keep within 160 characters 3. 3. Launch! (Timing: e.g. If Resto, send between 11.30am and 12noon or 5-6pm) 4. 4. Measure. Track down responses and do ROI.
  • 103. SINGAPORE GOV’T CAMPAIGN •Singapore Govt –WHO declared Singapore SARS Free •Objectives –SMS info campaign to disseminate good news –SARS free party invite 130
  • 104. GOSSARD LINGERIE : G-STRING Promote Gossard G-string • Build Opt-in Dbase • Name and address for questionnaire • Text in slogan and get £1 OFF voucher GET JUST WHAT YOU WANT 25,000 texted for Voucher 62% info dbase 131
  • 105. NIKE Sponsored NBA News • NIKE could sponsor Sports News • Advertisement thru Mobile Media • Main Objectives:  Target Bulls-Eye NBA Sports Fans  Value-for-Money Ad Spend  Drive Sales thru periodic promotional activities MIAMI HEAT RETIRE JORDAN'S No. 23 Michael Jordan showd little emotion as he stared @ a hilight video of hs career on d giant tv screen. He watchd d hi-flying, 132
  • 106. HMO/Doctor’s Clinic • Utilize SMS to send reminders to patients on their next doctor appt
  • 107. Help Heal With words of HOPE
  • 108. FREE! Text your name, company, comment/s and email address to me: +0920-9519618 Get FREE copy of this presentation. + First 21 who text also get FREE copy (Send text only after my presentation.) 22nd texter onwards gets free ebook
  • 109. Are you using Guerrilla Weapon #3: SMS/Mobile Marketing? [ ] Yes [ ] No/Not yet
  • 110. Guerrilla Weapon # 4: [ ] Direct Mail Cases: Tom Peters Seminar
  • 111. Guerrilla marketing direct mailer to CEOs • DM - Mailer to CEOs of top corporations • Had to be more than just a brochure or an ordinary invite • Cost: +- P350 per mailer - handmade • Paid  • Delivered in DHL box (sponsored) 
  • 112. Result: Full house on event day
  • 113. Results of Straightjacket mailer • Got through the gate keepers • Sold P22,000 seats to target crowd of CEOs • Received “aliw” calls from CEOs (except banker CEOs) • Awards: Best Creative work in DMAsia, and Best use of Medium iCongress Jajo Quintos, CEO, IBM, Joey Cuisia, CEO, Philam, Tessie Sy Coson, CEO/COO, SM, Fernando Zobel, Ayala Corp. Etc.
  • 114. Case Study: BCD Pinpoint - Philippine Animal Welfare Society • Key Challenge: using as little cash as possible, raise funds for PAWS to save stray dogs (in a country where people catch dogs to eat them). • Results: – 55% response from the mail-out – donations amounting to US$ 3,220 – ROI of 26,833.33%
  • 115. Are you using Guerrilla Weapon #4: Direct Mail? [ ] Yes [ ] No/Not yet
  • 116. Guerrilla Weapon # 5: [ ] Barter/ Ex-deal Barter = big savings on marketing budget Case study: John Maxwell Leadership Summit
  • 117. Guerrila Marketing case study Results: Araneta • 14,000+
  • 118. PICC 4,000 people Total for 2 days: 18,000 people vs target of 11,500
  • 119. Are you using Guerrilla Weapon #5: Barter/Ex-Deal? [ ] Yes [ ] No/Not yet
  • 120. PRICING Pricing is a marketing strategy How do you price your products or services? A. Charge what we can get away with (or cost + maximum profit) -- or B. Find out what the market can afford and work back...
  • 121. PRICING Overview: + Case: Ford Model T, Cebu Pacific, Lucky Me! - Case: TV Shopping experience (+Packaging, +Promotions) Marketing by the Book (c) Ardy Roberto 158 2008
  • 122. Lucky Me! • At P3.50 to P5.00 has become staple in homes across SEC markets A-E. • DE market rely on it as daily sustenance • Monde Nissin has not increased price in 4 years although price of wheat has increased by 200% • Owner feels social responsibility to keep price low Marketing by the Book (c) Ardy Roberto 159 2008
  • 123. Best practice in CSR pricing: Ford “Set the price where the market wants it. Then let those in purchasing, finance and manufacturing manage costs so that you can sell at the price that the market wants.” ~ Henry Ford Model T Prices 1909 Result: Model T democratized car ownership from :US$1850; 1909-1927 (more than 15 million cars 1913: $550, sold!) 1915: $440 Marketing by the Book (c) Ardy Roberto 160 2008
  • 124. "I will build a car for the great multitude. It will be large enough for the family, but small enough for the individual to run and care for. It will be constructed of the best materials, by the best men to be hired, after the simplest designs that modern engineering can devise. But it will be low in price that no man making a good salary will be unable to own one--and enjoy with his family the blessing of hours of pleasure in God's great open spaces.“ - Henry Ford in 1908/9 (Source: Wikipedia) Marketing by the Book (c) Ardy Roberto 161 2008
  • 125. Case study: Cebu Pacific’s P1 price promos Democratization of air travel in Philippines through socially responsible pricing “Now every Juan can fly” Marketing by the Book (c) Ardy Roberto 162 2008
  • 126. Wine menu at a Greenbelt2 restaurant 2002 Crane Lake Merlot : P1,200 2000 Chateau Mouton Rothschild: P84,380 (marketed as the ‘wine of the century’) 1997 Harlan Estate Cabernet: P138,094 1996 Screaming Eagle Cabernet: P195,705
  • 127. Space travel. Virgin Air. Richard Branson is going into space tourism. Ticket price: US$20M++ Why would someone pay US$20M++ to go into space or around the milky way?
  • 128. Formula of short-sighted entrepreneur out for quick bucks S=PxQ Sales = Price x Quantity Formula of long-sighted entrepreneur out for quick bucks S=PxQxF Sales = Price x Quantity x Frequency Marketing by the Book (c) Ardy Roberto 168 2008
  • 129. WHAT’S THE KEY? Sales = Price x Quantity x Frequency FREQUENCY! Repeat Customers - Sukis! (or else you keep on looking for new customers to replace those who tried and gave up on you…) Marketing by the Book (c) Ardy Roberto 169 2008
  • 130. PLACE Distribution “Where can your product be found or bought?”
  • 131. PLACE: Alternative distribution channels – Direct Selling Case Study: Mundo Cristao Brazil
  • 132.
  • 133. “Thanks to the creative marketing of Mundo Cristao publishers (MC), Brazilian women are ordering their cosmetics and quality Christian books and Bibles all via the Avon catalog. In only two years, women have purchased more than 1.2 million MC books and bibles via Avon.” "Go where the readers are," exhorted Claudinei Franzini, marketing director of MC
  • 134. E-store / E-commerce Multiply is used by over 30,000 SMEs in the Philippines
  • 135. Place : Are you found online yet? Edwin Pages story: from beerhouse business to Online real estate magnate
  • 136. -Edwin Pages
  • 137. Fresh Direct: New York City online grocer does US$215M in sales per year!
  • 138. Bring the store to your customers (OAP)
  • 139. PERSISTENCE “Matira matibay...” How is your Adversity Quotient?
  • 140. Exciting Times Crisis, Cry-sis. Syn. – Adventure Adventurer, French = Entrepreneur! Guerrilla entrepreneurs learn and earn from these crises, problems and adventures!
  • 141. Adventures/crises develop your AQ Adversity Quotient. Gives you stories to share
  • 142. An AQ Story / Adventure Early 90s - 2X Swindled… Mid 90s - Bankrupt… 2000 - Almost lost wife to lupus (almost widower) ; went bankrupt again AQ Developed: 2001 > Started 4 different businesses Recognized as 1 of EntrepTop10 in ’06* Enjoying new adventures…
  • 143. “Everyone wants success, but most people lack two very important qualities: persistence and patience.” - Denis Waitley
  • 144. PRAYER Many are the plans in a man’s heart but it’s the Lord’s purpose that prevails...
  • 145. “God has a purpose behind every problem. …He uses circumstances to develop our character.” - Rick Warren, The Purpose Driven Life
  • 146. Salamat! From the Roberto family. +0920-9519618