Ten technology tools for teachers


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Ten technology tools for teachers

  1. 1. Adena Raub Dershowitz AJL Yom Limmud November 6, 2011
  2. 2.  Kids’ culture is technology The Jewish future will change because of technology Tech can extend contact hours and make those hours more effective. Tech can help students use higher order thinking skills.
  3. 3.  Change Information Overload Lack of Control New Language New Skillset Kids are Light Years Ahead.
  4. 4.  Don’t invest too much in any one thing…except maybe the Internet Be prepared to fail publicly Collaborate Utilize our experts: our children Make expectations clear and establish policy. Never ever start with the technology. Always start with the learning goal.
  5. 5.  Are FREE or have free versions (in terms of $$) Are all accessed via the web Are not Jewish tools, but can be applied to Jewish content Your students know them, or can learn how to use them easily Are the same tools that the madrichim will be working with later!
  6. 6.  What: A site that allows for the building of “Facebook-like” pages Where: http://classtools.net/fb/home/page How: Parsha Study, History, Film, Biography Why:  Kids know this platform already  Students need to think about interactions/cause and effect  Students can insert their own personality  Can be done in teams or individually
  7. 7.  What: Comic Strip Generator Where: http://www.toondoo.com How: Parsha study, History, Life Cycles, Ethics, Why:  Creative way for students to interpret a narrative (or create their own)  Format requires students to select the most important elements  Can be a one-time or ongoing project (comic book).
  8. 8.  What: Create your own animation Where: www.goanimate.com How: Parsha Study, History, Ethics, Life cycles, Literature, Hebrew Why:  Can be used by the teacher or the student  Students need to think critically about characters points of view  Interesting way to practice Hebrew conversation  Students will spend the time!
  9. 9.  What: An online quiz/flashcard/game center Where: www.quizlet.com How: Hebrew letter recognition, Hebrew vocabulary, Life cycles vocabulary, Holiday vocabulary/photos Why:  Database exists which includes some Hebrew and Jewish content  Students can create quizzes/cards for each other  Can be sent to parents and students Hebrew Typing: http://gate2home.com/Hebrew-Keyboard
  10. 10.  What: Screen capture software Where: http://www.techsmith.com/jing.html How: Hebrew writing Why  Allows students or teachers to create tutorials to share  Gives a greater purpose to student work
  11. 11.  What: Multimedia Presentation Tool Where: www.glogster.com How: Any research project, teacher uses to present information, holiday breaks, family involvement Why:  Better than a book report  Creative expression of knowledge and skills  Can be combined with video/photo/text creation
  12. 12.  What: Online polling using mobile phones Where: www.pollanywhere.com How: Sensitive topics, Create a game to review content, Tzedekah allocation, “Text” Study Why:  Includes all students anonymously  Easy for multiple choice or free response  Don’t need Smartphones – just texting  Can be a synchronous or asynchronous poll
  13. 13.  What: Bar codes which can be scanned to link to web sites, video, photos, text Where:  To Generate: http://qrcode.kaywa.com/  Need a smartphone app to scan: like Scanlife How: Scavenger hunts, Book tags, Prayer Why  Connect the physical to the virtual
  14. 14.  What: Connect with classrooms all over the world Where: www.epals.com How: Connect with Israel, with Jewish classrooms abroad Why:  A safe, verified way to open up the world to your students  Can use other technologies to connect to your new “sister classroom”
  15. 15.  What: A classroom management system and parent communication tool Where: www.micro-steps.com How: Create a central portal for your school. Why:  Post assignments  E-bulletins to parents  Post photos  Spaces for clubs to meet
  16. 16.  http://www.edgalaxy.com/ www.edutopia.com www.iste.org www.edupln.com http://www.committedsardine.com/
  17. 17.  Only limited by your imagination Strength in Numbers Trust your educational instincts! Feel free to call for help!  Adena Raub Dershowitz 570-575-8433 araub@pelie.org Twitter: @PELIE_Org