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May Your Tech Toolbox Runneth Over
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May Your Tech Toolbox Runneth Over


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Web tools for use inside and outside of the classroom!

Web tools for use inside and outside of the classroom!

Published in: Education, Technology

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  • 1. May Your TechToolbox Runneth OverTechnology Tools for Jewish EducatorsAdena Raub DershowitzMoreh L’Morim 2012
  • 2. Session Goals• Discuss Why Technology Is Important to Jewish Education• Explore Web tools that can be used in Jewish education (some Jewish, some not)• Learn how to stay abreast of new resources•Q &A
  • 3. What does Technology Have to DoWith Jewish Education?• Kid Culture is Immersed in Technology.• Technology is Shaping a New Jewish Future.• With Technology We Can: o Extend contact hours with Jewish content o Provide extended reach/purpose for student work o Foster the use of higher order thinking skills
  • 4. Why Technology Scares Us• The only constant is change.• Everything is always new: vocabulary, skills• Issues regarding control• Kids are much more fluent.• Risk
  • 5. Easing the Transition• Dont invest too much in any one thing...except the Internet.• Be prepared to fail publicly.• Collaborate• Trust your best tech support, your students.• Have clear expectations and establish a policy.• Always start with the goal, only then choose the technology
  • 6. Todays Tools• Are free or have free Categories: versions (in terms of $) BL: Blended Learning• Are all accessed via the Web PC: Parent Connection• Are not all Jewish tools CE: Classroom Engagement but can be used for Jewish content PW: Purposeful Work• Generally will be intuitive to your SC: Student Creations students
  • 7. Glogster•Online Poster Creation Tool•Need to Create a Free Account•Across All Subject Areas
  • 8. ToonDoo SCwww.toondoo.comComic Strip Creation Tool• Need to Create a Free Account• Print Out Blank for Students to Fill In• Create A Class Comic Book• Across Subject Areas
  • 9. Domo Animate SC•Cartoon Creation Tool•Need to Create a Free Account•Across Subject Areas
  • 10. BL•Present Slides and Video at the Same Time•Need to Create a Free Account•"Flipping the Classroom" -Also Good for PD or Committees
  • 11. Screenr BL•Screen Capture Application•Good for Hebrew Writing•Let kids create tech tutorials for faculty!•Video Webquest
  • 12. Blabberize SC•Animating Still Photos•Need to Create a Free Account•Great for Hebrew, Biography/History•Older students create for younger students
  • 13. SC CE•Create infographics by dragging and dropping.•Need a free account to save.•Good for visualizing information/classroom decoration
  • 14. Jeopardy Labs CE•Online Jewpardy! No more markers and cards!•No account needed, just a password to save and retrieve•Students can make games for the whole class!
  • 15. Remind101•Free text alerts to parents/students•Participants self-subscribe, so no need for a phone list.•Snow days, test reminders, medical announcements, etc...
  • 16. Class Dojo CE•Classroom Management Tool•Rewards Positive, Reprimands Negative Behavior•Easy to Send Reports to Parents
  • 17. Edmodo BL CE•Social network designed for education•Enclosed environment•Extends contact hours with materials, classmates
  • 18. SC PC•Quick way to publish content on the web•No real need for web design knowledge•Easy way for students/teachers to create sites
  • 19. Flixtime•Easy way to create "mashups" of photos, videos, text and music•Need to create a free account•Max free video length is 60 seconds
  • 20. We Video•Free web-based video editor•Similar to iMovie, Windows Movie Maker•Need to create a free account
  • 21. Ted Ed Video Flipper BL CE•Ability to build lessons around videos•Add questions, comments, see responses, etc...•Very much in Beta -- keep checking back!
  • 22. Mentimeter BL•Online polling•100% Free, Do Need to Create an Account•Students access in class or at home
  • 23. Still Hungry??••••
  • 24. Stuck? Have Ideas? Contact Me!!Adena Raub Dershowitz Twitter: @MrsDTechnology