Ditto apparels and bebo kobo –a case study


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Ditto apparels and bebo kobo –a case study

  1. 1. Ditto Apparels and Bebo Kobo –A Case Study Ditto apparels is been one of the companies which has played a big part in the development of the Louisiana, since the beginning. Ditto apparels was established in the phase when industrialization was taking wings in the Colfax town in Louisiana. Ditto apparels is been one of the major readymade garments manufacturing companies in Colfax at present and at those time also. The Ditto apparels story were not been so smooth as the company has gone threw some bad times. From the pinnacle company fell down to the verge of shutting down and from the ground it rose again and become the iconic identity of the Colfax County. Life never seems to be so easy for the people who own Ditto apparels .Since the inception the company ,it has gained a great market reputation and in the very short span of starting industrial production for the readymade garments the company ‘s products become popular and become the first choice of the people of Colfax. Soon the company started to export some of there best brands to the Europe and South American markets and started contributing to the America’s emerging economy. But as there is famous saying “All good things comes to an end” .The Ditto apparels who is been enjoying a huge success in shorter span ,all of a sudden fell from the top to the pit. The company’s management was unable to analyze the competition and other factors while the production. The competitors have taken the advantage of that and soon the new entrants in the market has eaten the market of Ditto apparels by there more advance production techniques. The rivals were not only eaten the existing market of the Ditto but also hired efficient and trained workforce of Ditto by offering them some handsome pay packages and perks. The Ditto’s management just become the spectator and could not able to pull down the curtain and soon the things have gone wizard. The company’s production fell down immediately and so there sales graphs. The company is now even not able to recover there production cost and other overhead expenditures. The company is been in the verge of shutting down. Then the company’s management has taken one final step to save the sinking ship. The company hired Bebo kobo a renowned business man and expert in international marketing. Bebo Kobo with his abundance experience in industrialization and better assessment of the international markets, with all latest forecasting trends has better opportunity to take a taste of his unbeatable talent. Bebo enforced his whole energy in redesigning the strategies and execution of the strategic plans. Bebo Kobo incorporated some modern washing and manufacturing techniques and started production based on the market trends. Bebo Kobo also made employee retention plan to get back the lost employees and hire new employees. All these steps taken by the Bebo kobo were paid of immediately as company has managed to get the production back on track. The company soon introduced new brands and new patterns in the market. Bebo kobo implemented many energy saving techniques which has caused the production cost down to 20-30%.The new brands immediately accepted by the people and soon the company sales graph started to boost. Finally company reached to the position of establishing another facility in Louisiana in order to cope with the supply and demand.
  2. 2. Thanks to Bebo Kobo’s decision making and his experience who not only save the company but also provided the people of Colfax a new horizons for employment and development.