Charter for Involvement Interim Report


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Members of the National Involvement Network (NIN) have been working with ARC Scotland and Evaluation Support Scotland to evaluate what difference the Charter for Involvement has made to peoples lives. They have produced an interim report.

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Charter for Involvement Interim Report

  1. 1. The National Involvement NetworkInterim Evaluation Report January 2012 This interim report gives results from questionnaires sent to CEO’s and others who have ‘signed up’ to the Charter for Involvement. Members of the National Involvement Network, who are all people who get support, have led this evaluation. Outcome: We are more active in making Five people said that the Charter has only made a little difference because they already had good the organisation that supports levels of involvement. us better “(The organisation) has and did have a strategy prior to the NIN. However I think the difference will Q. How much difference has be in the future in helping sustain participation in our tenants and service users are linked to an the Charter made to how your external framework for monitoring.” organisation is run? “We had a level of involvement and aspiration to improve this, the charter acted as a catalyst.” 10 Other people gave examples of: 9 4 Involving people in writing policiesNumber of Respondents 8 (6 organisations) 7 6 4 Involvement or membership of their Board of management 5 (5 organisations) 4 3 4 Evaluating services and involvement in staff 2 reviews (4 organisations) 1 1 2 3 4 5 4 Recruiting and training staff (4 organisations) Score (1 = none, 5 = a lot) 4 Improved accessibility (4 organisations)
  2. 2. Q. How many people has the Outcome:Charter made a difference to? We are more able to makeAt least 1750 people who use services havebeen affected by the Charter. We did not decisions about our livesget figures from everyone so the real figureis probably a lot more. Some organisationssupport just a few people, others support Q. How much do you think theover 1000. Five organisations said that the Charter has helped people to be atCharter has made a difference to everyonein the organisation. the heart of plans about their lives? 10Q. How much do you think Number of Respondents 9 8the people that you support 7 6should be involved in how your 5organisation is planned and run? 4 3 2 10 1 9 1 2 3 4 5Number of Respondents 8 Score (1 = none, 5 = a lot) 7 6 People gave us good examples of how the Charter 5 had helped their organisation: 4 3 ‘We now have an outcomes framework and tool 2 to be used by people we support. People are 1 involved in quality checking their services.’ 1 2 3 4 5 ‘We are rolling out person centred plans for Score (1 = none, 5 = a lot) everyone in the organisation who wants one... Our website is currently being redesigned toWe can’t be sure this is because of the include the people we support and make it moreCharter. A big part of the Charter is the accessible to people with a learning disability’organisations should work with the peoplethey support to make and Action Plan ‘It has raised expectations of involvement infor improving involvement. 10 of the 14 meetings and decisions, (but) this has not yet beenorganisations had done this. universally embraced.’
  3. 3. Q. Has the Charter Outcome: helped people to be more involved in choosing their We are more skilled and confident in support workers and staff? speaking up for ourselves and others 12 11 Q. How much do you think the Charter 10 has helped people to be more involved inNumber of Respondents 9 community, campaigning and speaking up 8 7 in groups? 6 5 10 4 9 3 Number of Respondents 8 2 7 1 6 Yes No 5 Score 4 3 We were given good examples of 2 ways that people are more involved 1 in choosing staff 1 2 3 4 5 4 Involving people who receive Score (1 = none, 5 = a lot) support on recruitment panels (5 organisations) We had examples of activities But organisations also wanted people were involved in: to tell us about the Charter: 4 Training people in recruitment (3 organisations) ‘More involvement in Quality ‘I think the charter has Group…Co-facilitating and helped many people get One told us they had done this for a participation in consultation more involved but we still long time, but they were glad it was sessions’ have a long way to go across in the Charter. Three organisations the sector.’ said that they could still do more to ‘A group now goes out giving involve people in choosing staff. talks to interested groups ‘The more organisations who about our work… speaking get involved in supporting One organisation said that they at award ceremonies; some people to speak up – the would have improved it anyway: external training for QMU greater impact on individual “Again this is something we tried to students.’ groups.’ improve despite the charter but we are getting better.’ ‘It has added weight to the argument for greater inclusion, However, another felt the Charter:‘ but there hasn’t been a Has brought the issue to the fore and marked increase in involvement it has been prioritised because of that.’ in new areas/activities.’
  4. 4. Finally: We got some positive feedbackWe asked people to comment 4 ‘It is a good document model for good practice.’on the Charter and to giveideas for how to make the 4 ‘It’s supporting us, to ensure that we always involve the people who use our services.’Charter better. 4 ‘The Charter is a brilliant template for organisations on the inclusion journey.’We were given two suggestions: 4 ‘It is an excellent initiative, driving the right values.’1. Have wider national recognition of 4 ‘The Charter has been very useful in helpingand involvement with the Charter us to think more clearly about involvement and involving people at the earliest stage‘The Charter has all the ingredients if requires. possible.’It would be great to get it formalised nationallythrough the Care Inspectorate.’ And some comments that will2. Ask people who get support what help us to improve the Charter:they think about it‘I think it will be important to check in people ! ‘Have not had any communication at allgetting services periodically to ensure momentum from the charter since we signed up to it.’is maintained.’ ! ‘It has been difficult in such a large organisation to promote the Charter andThank you to everyone who has been ensure the messages have got across.’involved in this evaluation so far. Our nextstep is to meet people who get support ! ‘It would be good to have a sense of being involved in a wider network of Charterand find out what difference they think the followers nationally.’Charter has made to them. The final reportwill be ready in May 2012. Please let usknow if you would like a copy.ARC Scotland: 13 Hardengreen Business Centre, Eskbank, Dalkeith, Midlothian EH22 3NXT: 0131 663 4444 | E: | Supported by The NationalInvolvement Network Charter for Involvement