Arcraft plasma equipments (i) pvt


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arcraft plasma manufactures welding automation , plasma cutting , plasma welding and melting systems.

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Arcraft plasma equipments (i) pvt

  2. 2. ◦ ◦ ◦ ◦ ◦ Founded in – 1992 Headquarter – Mumbai, India Mainstay Business – Welding, Cutting, Automation and Hardfacing Core Competency – Quality, Reliability, Accuracy and Advance Technology Key Successful Factor –  First Indian Company to develop Micro Plasma & Micro TIG Welding  Launched PTA system for Hardfacing & Cladding  Successfully developed Plasma Cutting Machine up to 150 mm thick  Designed many Welding Automation Equipments like Column & Boom, Welding Oscillator, Welding Positioner, Wire Feeder, Cross Slides, Lathe, etc.
  3. 3.    ARCRAFT designs and manufactures a diverse range of Welding, Metal Cutting and Hardfacing equipment with integrated automation. Quality, Reliability, Speed, Accuracy and Productivity is what we strive to incorporate in all our machines. ARCRAFT with its two decades of research and experience in Welding and Cutting Machine has emerged as the nation’s leading manufacturer and supplier of Plasma Welding, Plasma Cutting, Welding Automation, Hardfacing and Hard Banding Unit.
  4. 4. Our Mission
  5. 5.  Industrial Applications ◦ ◦ ◦ ◦ ◦ ◦ ◦ ◦ ◦ General Fabrication Hardfacing Drill & Mining Tools Dies & Moulds Repair Hardbanding Drill Pipes Ship Building & Offshore Valve Breakage Precision welding Defense & Automobile And many more…
  6. 6. We have very good understanding of welding and metallurgy         Porosity Slag Inclusion Excess Penetration Incomplete Diffusion Under Cut Inadequate joint penetration Cracking Welding Debris
  7. 7. We assist various industries worldwide achieve their Welding, Cutting and Surface Engineering objective through our following equipments…….      Precision Welding ◦ Micro Plasma Welding Machine ◦ Micro TIG Welding Machine Surface Engineering ◦ Hardbanding Machine ◦ Plasma Transferred Arc ( PTA ) Welding Machine ◦ Submerged Arc Welding ( SAW ) Machine Welding Automation ◦ Column & Boom, Welding Positioner, Welding Oscillator, Welding Lathe, Cross Slides, Welding & Cutting Gun, etc. Plasma Welding Machine Plasma Cutting Machine
  8. 8. Micro Plasma Welding Machine has the capability to weld metal sheets of as thin as 100 microns  Today is the world of Micro and Nano technology  With our Micro Plasma Welding Machine (with current range of 1-50 Amp) you can weld even the thinnest sheets, plates and tubes  Complete automation for linear and circumferential welding jobs is provided as per the requirement
  9. 9. Our specially designed circuit enables the machine to work reliably using helium or argon as the shielding gas.     ARCRAFT takes initiative in making Micro TIG Welding Machine This process uses non-consumable tungsten electrode to produce the weld Our specially designed circuit enables the machine to work reliably using helium or argon as the shielding gas Complete automation for linear and circumferential welding jobs is provided as per the requirement
  10. 10. Our Hardbanding Unit offers a complete solution which auto welds hardfacing.   We lead the market with our latest and highly advanced Hard Banding Unit Our Hard Banding Unit applies hard face wires to drill pipe, heavy weight drill pipe, tool joint and other tools used in drilling application in the Oil and Gas industry
  11. 11. PTA technology is particularly effective in protection against corrosion, thermal shock and abrasion on mechanical parts.    Arcraft is the name to turn to for innovative technology With PTA Welding we provide high productivity, high quality of powder deposits and significantly lower cost for hardfacing even in the most challenging area PTA is also used for reclamation of worn jobs extending the life of components and giving a huge savings on cost
  12. 12.   Provides an economical solution for surfacing with high alloyed materials such as stainless steel or nickel-based alloys Choose a wider variety of parent materials and consumables Used in combination with standard welding head Stainless steel cladding is widely used in production of components where additional strength or corrosion resistance is required
  13. 13. Increase productivity, enhance quality and eliminate defects with our automation systems.  We design, manufacture and market Automation systems like Welding and Cutting Torches, Weld Weaver, Wire Feeders, Torch Height Controller, Manual and Motorized Slides, Welding Lathe, Manipulators, Weldi ng Oscillator, Welding Turning Rolls, and many more
  14. 14. This enables welding at high speed, greater penetration, narrow HAZ (heat affected zone) and minimum heat input to the job.   We manufacture and supply custom built Plasma Welding Machine with automation and accessories to suit the requirements of your job. With years of research and development we are now country’s no. one Plasma Welding Manufacturer.
  15. 15. It can cut all electrically conductive metals like S.S, C.S, Copper, Aluminum, Inconel, Titanium, etc. Metals like Stainless Steel & Aluminum cannot be cut by Oxy – Acetylene.     We manufacture Plasma Cutting Machine which cuts through any ferrous and non-ferrous material Our machines are capable to cut Stainless Steel of up to 150mm thickness Automation is available with Portable Trolleys Rail, Profile Cutting Systems and CNC Cutting Systems Available in 12 different model
  16. 16.       Trained Welding Engineers, Technicians and ASNT Level II personnel for NDT and quality test. Test experience: we have experience testing and installing PTA machine, Hardbanding machine, Precision Welding (Micro TIG, Plasma Welding), Welding Automation with many new systems. Weld process development experience: we have experience with weld process development resulting in Optimum Parameter Selection for doing all types of welding job work. Equipment optimization skills and experience: we can help you optimize equipment selection for your part applications. In house facilities for trial and job work. NDT facilities for MPT, LPT, VT, UT available.
  17. 17. Arcraft Plasma Equipments ( I ) Pvt. Ltd. 124, Diamond Industrial Estate, Ketkipada, Near Dahisar Check Naka, Dahisar-E, Mumbai – 400 068 India Contact Us : +91 022 28965890, 28965745, 28963247 email :,,