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Portfolio 2012 _ Stefania Toso

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Portfolio 2012

  3. 3. CURRICULUM VITAEN Stefania Toso Y 02.09.1985 E stefaniatoso@gmx.com P +39 345 2285748 N ItalianA Via San Giuseppe 20 _ San Damiano _ AT _ Piedmont, ItalyWORK EXPERIENCEP Project ArchitectO METROGRAMMA srl _ Andrea Boschetti e Alberto Francini [Milan, Italy]Y May 2011 – December 2011 [8 months]// SUPERURBANO. Sustainable Urban Regeneration: exhibition design and curator’s assistant of the exhibition held in Padua, 27.10.11 / 13.02.12, for the Barbara Cappochin International Biennial of Architecture, V EditionP Project ArchitectO Grammatiche Metropolitane [Milan, Italy]Y January 2011 – December 2011 [1 year]// MILANO PARTECIPA: design of a virtual platform for participation and dialogue between citizens and municipality// SEDUTA DI QUARTIERE: organization of the off-Salone del Mobile 2011 event, a 130 meters long table as an instrument of dialogue between citizens and local artists and designers// GM & NIL28 LOGOS: design of logos// SUPERURBANO. Sustainable Urban Regeneration: curator’s assistant for the publication of the catalogue, edited by Marsilio EditoriP HostessO Urbanpromo 2011 [Boulogne, Italy]Y November 2011P ScholarO LaTec_Technology Laboratory Politecnico of Turin [Turin, Italy]Y September 2006 – August 2010 [4 year]// Scholarship at LaTec (Technology Laboratory), collaborating on students’ works, workshops and publications. Responsibility for archive activities and students’ supervision in practical activities connected with different building materials. Graphic editor assistant for ‘Collaudare il costruito: esiti del workshop’, Aracne, Rimini, 2010P Barman - Cashier - WaitressO Bar Piemonte [Asti, Italy]Y June 2006 – September 2006 [4 months]INTERNISHIP EXPERIENCEP InternO METROGRAMMA srl _ Andrea Boschetti e Alberto Francini [Milan, Italy]Y July 2008// Internship for one month, after a university design unit with Andrea Boschetti, chief architect at Metrogramma, working at the new territorial plan for Milan, PGT Plan
  4. 4. P InternO Durbiano Reinerio Architetti [Turin, Italy]Y February 2007 – March 2007 [2 months]WORKSHOP EXPERIENCE// ‘Bamboo for emergency’ as an organizer and promoter_Turin, September 2009 - May 2010// ‘Innovative public art’, with prof. Franz Fischnaller_Turin, November 2009// ‘Beyond History - contemporary transformations’, under the teaching guide of Jorge P. Silva and Manuel Aires Mateus_ Athens, 21 July-2 august 2009// ‘Abandoned Sacred Spaces’_ Brussels, February 2009// ‘Experiment with bamboo’ as an assistant [2007 and 2008], with the participation in the assembly of the bamboo pavilion at the XXIII UIA World Congress of Architecture_ Turin, June 2008EDUCATIONU Politecnico of TurinT Doctor of Architecture, Architecture and Urban Planning [2008 – 2010] Master Degree_Evaluation: 110/110 e Lode + Web Publication Thesis Title_ ‘Infinite Broadway: the long square’, a public space project in Manhattan [after a period of two months in NY], December 2010 Thesis Supervisors_ prof. Andrea Boschetti, prof. Pierre Alain Croset// Courses _Urban Planning Design Units _Geography, History of Territorial and Urban Planning, Quality of building processes, Economic Project Evaluation, Landscape Design, Open Space Design, Urban Sociology, Mathematical Methods for Urban Studies, Environmental PhysicsU Politecnico of TurinT Junior Doctor of Architecture, Architectural Science [2004 – 2008] Bachelor Degree_Evaluation: 110/110 e Lode Thesis Title_ ‘Different Densities for Different Places’, an investigation about the relationship between density and city, February 2008 Thesis Supervisors_ prof. Andrea Boschetti, prof. Riccardo PalmaPROJECTS PUBLICATIONS// D.Ruggieri, A.Todros, ‘Meyrin. Progetto e modificazione dello spazio moderno’, Franco Angeli, Milano, 2009// Sint Lucas Architecture School, ‘Abandoned sacred places’, Brussels, 2010// 1° AAW, ‘Beyond History. Contemporary Trasformations’, Athens, 2009CERTIFICATES AND SOFTWARE KNOWLEDGE// Language Certificates: PET with Merit [English]// Architectural Certificates: Site safety Coordinator Certificate// Software Knowledge: Adobe Suite CS5 [Acrobat Pro, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Premiere] Microsoft Office _ 3D Studio Max _ AutoCAD 2D/3D _ SketchUp Pro// Skills: Teamwork _ Organizational Design _ Strategic Leadership _ Photography _ Drawing
  6. 6. S U P E RUR BA NO. UR BA NP Curator’s Assistant for the International Exhibition about urban sustainable architecture in the Barbara Cappochin International Biennial of ArchitectureO METROGRAMMAP Padua [Italy]Y 2011T Andrea Boschetti, Alberto Francini [tutors] Paolo Monello [photographer]// ‘SUPERURBANO. Sustainable Urban most of all the social and economic cris isRegeneration‘ - curated by Andrea that is sweeping the western world, isBoschetti with Grammatiche Metropolitane to send a signal of attention to an issue- is an international exhibition promoted considered crucial as sustainable urbanby the Barbara Cappochin Foundation, in regeneration.collaboration with the Municipality of Padua,Veneto Region, the International Union of // The exhibition explores through theArchitects (UIA) and the National Council of showing of eighteen urban transformations,Architects (CNAPPC). considered virtuous and exemplary inThe international exhibition, with an many respects, man’s life in the cities ofinstallation designed by Andrea Boschetti tomorrow. Samples taken as models ofand Alberto Francini - Metrogramma - and good design practices, drawing on theMichele De Lucchi - aMDL -, for the 5 th guidelines of the European Union - throughBarbara Cappochin Biennial, is focused the document ‘Europe 2020’ - indicatingon a very sensitive issue, sustainability the need for smart, sustainable andand regeneration in urban environments of inclusive growth.world’s cities. It represents a glimpse of an allegorical city of the future, conceived as a// The exhibition, that has been set in spectacular theatrical production inthe ancient and prestigious Palazzo which the visitor can move, see, learndella Ragione in Padua from 28.10.11 and participate emotionally; it takesto 13.02.12, represented the first one to visitors on a journey full of surprises anddeal with a theme and not based on an emotions, through a compact city yetarchitect’s monograph as in the past - the ethereal and essential. The projects onlast one was centered on Zaha Hadid work-. display, through a sophisticated multi-mediaThe meaning of this edition of the project, allow the public to virtually enterFoundation Capocchin Barbara, considering into different realities all over the world.
  8. 8. S U P E RUR BA NO. UR BA N
  11. 11. INFINITE BROADWAY. THE LOP Thesis Project about public spaceO Politecnico of Turin [Turin, Italy]P Manhattan, NY [USA]Y 2010// Infinite Broadway is the result of a landscape, a new horizontal landscape,year-long period of research about the made possible by the basements line:American public space and Manhattan starting from the actual activities andopen spaces, implemented by a three- from their historical fronts, it’s possible tomonths staying in NY. The project is generate a project of the public space thata sort of provocation, a 13 miles long lays in between them.square: it is the transformation of the In every section of the Broadwayoldest and longest street of the island street, there will be a different space- and the only diagonal one in the rigid as a consequence of basements andgrid - in a long square, caracterized by neighborhoods and identities: thedifferent identities, as many as are the verticality of New York City almostdiverse neighborhoods that it crosses. desappears and only what is in a human scale remains and matters.// The diagonal, completely pedonalized, // For every category of public space inbecomes a slow long plaza, in contrast which the Broadway is divided, there is awith the congestion of road system of the new different movement of the pavement:island. plazas are excavated, markets are locatedAll the neighborhoods are considered as in a raised level, parks are at the samelittle islands, with their own identities, soil level, arcades are at different levelstraditions, costumes and history, where as they can be covered passages orthe public space is lived and sculptured i n terraces and rooftops are at the last floorvery different ways. of buildings. So, Broadway will be lived at different heights, but always by pedestrians and// In order to mantain the perception cyclists, in a slow movement and life.of a long continue space, the 13 miles What is important is that every spaceare the result of the sequence, always is really flexible and adapted to thediffer ent and with multiple variations, Broadway section and the result is aof five categories of public space, long continue and coherent space, butalready existing i n the manhattan public original and always new.landscape: plazas, parks, markets,arcades and roo ftops.In this way, what emerges is a new
  12. 12. NG SQUARE
  13. 13. INFINITE BROADWAY. THE LObroadway history in the gridmanhattan open space systemmanhattan neighborhoods
  14. 14. NG SQUARE
  15. 15. INFINITE BROADWAY. THE LO01. broadway landscape 02. broadway + basements 03. basements landscapebasements landscapebasements landscape + broadway void
  16. 16. NG SQUARE broadway section [financial district] broadway project [financial district] financial district - arcade view
  17. 17. TELIKI PLATEIA. A URBAN SHEP A public underground plaza in AthensO Workshop about history and trasformations of AthensP Athens [Greece]Y 2009T Manuel Aires Mateus e J.P. Silva - Aires Mateus Associados - [tutors] with D. Barreri, P.Borghino, S.Carera, C.Hondos, P.Dufour, S. Filippopoulou, M.Fytou, F.Pasqualini, A.Pefani, E.Perez Jurado, V.Tripoli, M.Tsarouchi, F.Vidal Tudela [working team]// The square is a place of social and cultural it creates. A new canvas able to support as manygathering. A place of sharing, bonding, a activities as the urban invention can suggest.celebration of the gregarious need that people Art performances, fairs, sports or music eventshave. Greece founded the western culture and are all possible cultural expressions that can beestablished the square as a central ground in that welcomed.way of living. The technical constraints are used to evoke theIn Athens, shade defines paths, usages and structural iconography that has reached usbehaviours. The sun can be gentle or cruel and a through out the time.square has to observe it. A large colonnade is created as the basis to aIn our time the protection from hostile motorized reinvented atmosphere.traffic is crucial. It devolves the human scale to theurban mesh, and permits the serenity and dignity // A gap between levels produces the entrancethat a square needs to regain. to this perimeter of possibilities. The designIn a harsh urban environment, trees and gardens of this entrance is a free gesture, accompliceare relieving elements. They produce shade and to the city and not declaring a protagonistsupply a tranquil detachment from quotidian rituals. geometry. Using this opening, the internal forest of columns relates to the exterior by// The proposal developed by the group returns contemplating trees that are left untouched.answers to the identified guidelines. Whilst leaving The chance of reasoning about this particularthe void in the construction density at the street opened area was a pretext that yearned to findlevel, a new space is proposed: a protected common denominators in the urban square.environment from the weather, the urban It surpassed the resolution of specific aspectsturmoil and the predictable. of Teliki Plateia, and was centred on triggering aA shelter that is anchored in the possibilities that reflexion on the Athenian Plateia.
  18. 18. LTE R
  20. 20. LTE R
  22. 22. LTE R
  23. 23. ABANDONED SACRED SPACESP An abandoned sacred space rivisited for the city of BrusselsO II Workshop ‘Abandoned Sacred Spaces’P Brussels [Belgium]Y 2009T Michele Bonino - Studio MARC - and Tomà Berlanda [tutors] and with Marco Marovic, Ketsia Reismaa, Kim Vanuytsel [working team]// When thinking about the materialisation of a This boundary is harder than the previous onechurch, we came to the conclusion that air is the and works in the opposite way.main material. It’s very hard to cross it but easier to comeIt takes in the largest space in the building. It back to the public space.contains the specific atmosphere of the church. The proportions are always similar in everyThe main goal of the project is to preserve this situation, but the exact dimensions change withintypical atmosphere. On the other hand, there is every case.also an aspect of the church that definitely need tobe changed. The key is to change the main rulesand traditions. // The whole project is based on a symbology,Therefore in the ‘rivisited’ church people are forced typical of religous spaces, but actually adapted toto think for themselves. They have to make their a public space, a contemporary one.own decisions and really commit to being there.The new boundaries created can be consideredas decision points and as difficulties to crossto another level. The walls on itself are noboundaries.By crossing the first part of the church, theentrance, you come into the real and true publicspace.The boundary makes it easy to access thepublic space but makes it hard to return.This public space is very flexible, it can be used fordifferent kinds of public events.It is actually an extension of the outside.// From this area you can choose to move up to asuperior level by crossing another boundary.
  24. 24. ABANDONED SACRED SPACESproject processinternal space section
  25. 25. internal spacestypologyinternal spaces andtemperatures
  26. 26. VALDO FUSI. AN INNOVATIVEP An interactive public space for ‘Piazzale Valdo Fusi’ in Turin and its urban environmentO Workshop ‘Innovative Public Art’P Turin [Italy]Y 2009T Franz Fishnaller - F.A.B.R.I.CATORS - [tutor] and with Stefano Radoni [working team]// Sustainable squares, human interaction, // The project consists of the transformationemotional cities: exploring the convergence of Valdo Fusi plaza in an interactive urbanwithin urbanism, architecture, design, sustainable environment, not only by converting all thetechnology, mobile and locative media, creative- buildings surfaces in interactive ones, but alsosocial environments and public art practice is by showing what happens all around Turin in onethe main aim of the workshop organized by Prof. place, in order to improve mobility and culturalF.Fishnaller. and social knowledge for citizens and turists.// The focus of this initiative born from Prof. // The ‘low impact’ represented by the non-F. Fischnaller and II Facoltà di Architettura, distructive action of the project can be a usefulPolytechnic of Turin Italy is formative and exemple for the functional restoration of manyeducative. public spaces, almost abandoned and consideredProf. Curto Rocco, Dean of the II Faculty of as voids - in terms of lack of contents-Architecture Politecnico of Turin, one of the by the population.institutional partners of this initiative, states: “Oneof our major interests is the valorization of thearchitectonic, urban and environmental culturalheritage and patrimony, with particular attentionto new media, interactive techniques andinnovative technologies, that can enhancecultural heritage knowledge appreciation andfruition, as well as edutainment activities based incultural heritage experiences.”
  27. 27. PUBLIC SPACE
  29. 29. PUBLIC SPACE
  30. 30. LIGNANO SABBIADORO. AP A masterplan for the Lignano Sabbiadoro waterfront and a project for a library in front of the seaO Design Unit at the Politecnico of TurinP Lignano Sabbiadoro [Italy]Y 2009T Stefano Pujatti [tutor]// Thinking about public shorelines usually means // To emphasize this historical and importantto think about traditional touristic spaces, axis,crowded in the summertime and desertic in the the project focuses on a new trasversal publicwintertime. space, which consists in a series of connectedThat’s why re-thinking Lignano mainly means to pools, filled by the sea water, following there-think about how people use shores and live moon phases.in them all year long. The modern building is implemented by a newMoreover, the corrosion produced by sea salted one and becomes a public library in front ofwater requires a research on how a material the sea, with a promenade with an amazing viewlike the concrete can survive for years, without of the bay on the rooftop.loosing its identity in the project. // In that way, citizens and tourists can easily// The whole materplan is based on the creation perceive the presence of the sea and establish aof a loop, a public space constitued by a circle new relationship with it, which is directly shapingline, that embraces the historical vacation center the public space of the whole city.with hotels and apartments for rent.This district of the city center is the epicenter ofsummer life, but , in fact, during wintertime it’scompletely abandoned and un-used by citizens.But its richness in public space and beauty in itsrelationship with the seaside are worth being lived.The presence of an historical modern buildingon a clear axis with the main square of thedistrict constitues an important element ofbalance and a landmark for the new public loop.
  34. 34. MEY RIN. C O N T E M P O R A R YP A masterplan for the new expansion of the modernist district of MeyrinO Design Unit at the Politecnico of TurinP Meyrin [Switzerland]Y 2009T Cristina Bianchetti and Massimo Crotti [tutors]// The focus of the project is on how districts from // Another key aspect of the research is relatedmodernist architecture and urbanism heritage to the importance and the distribution of servicescan today have a dialogue with needs and in the neighborhood: in contraposition with arequests of contemporary living. punctiform distribution in the modernist plan,The necessity of building and expanding new in the new expansion the final goal is to obtainareas near modernist neighborhoods implies a uniform distribution of the activities andre-thinking urban concepts and guidelines of services for public utility, a sort of clear andthe modernist philosophy. effective network, by which inhabitants will be completely surrounded.// The satellite-city of Meryn, in the suburbs of Therefore, the second and more importantGeneve, presents all the characteristics of the function of the terraced block is to host suchmodernist settlement, with a lot of green open ordinary services and activities, in a casual andspaces and, above them, buildings of ten or more diffuse way.stories in separated blocks, with more than 18.000inhabitants. // While half of the new expansion area remainsA new expansion is needed in a void marginal a great public park, the other terraced andarea of the city and the real question is how to builded half is surrounded by a circular roadrelate with rules and actions established by the which allows vehiculars traffic only around themodernist language. new neighborhood, while its heart remains only for pedestrians.// The project tries to explore a new relationshipwith the soil, very different from the modernist one- blocks above a green lawn - : an impermeableterraced block with residential buildings on it, withparking lots inside.
  35. 35. LIVING
  36. 36. MEY RIN. C O N T E M P O R A R Y
  37. 37. LIVING
  38. 38. I N V E S T I G AT I O N S F O R T H EP A research on the Terriorial Plan for MilanO Internship at METROGRAMMAP Milan [Italy]Y 2008T Andrea Boschetti, Alberto Francini and Sara Salvemini [tutors] with V.Baglione, G.Quarta, S.Radoni, S.Tammaro, C.Testa [working team]// Metrogramma worked on the definition of a // As the south of Milan hosted the agriculturalstrategy for the general planning scheme of Milan activities of the whole city and some farms(PGT- Territorial Government Plan) towards the can still be seen with their yards, today it isUniversal Expo 2015. possible to trace some open green spaces as aIn short, they are concentrating on all the aspects heritage of this past: but as they are not linkedconnected to the urban themes such as open and connected, today it is impossible tospaces, infrastructures, buildings, services. understand the continuity of what remains ofMetrogramma coordinated the scientific the green system.management of the city-planning scheme, project,general vision and urbanistic form. // Therefore, the solution proposed is to convert the main road in a long green ‘boulevard’,// The working team concentrates on a particular with huge pedestrian paths and a strong andarea in the southern part of Milan territory, reliable public transport system in the centercharacterized by the presence of a massive of it.infrastructural system, which causes a series of The source of inspiration of this work is clearlydifficulties in the districts all around. been identified with the model represented by theMoreover, the different cultures of the inhabitants ‘Rambla’ in the metropolitan city of Barcelona.of these districts make the long ‘boulevard’, whichis the main street of the road system, a sequence // This new long and continue public greenof diverse identities. boulevard can also gather all together the manyThe lack of public spaces, especially the green little green parks and vacant lots all around it,ones, in Milan is particularly evident and clearly transforming the south of Milan in a virtousunderlined by the many conflicts between ethnic model of sustainable urban regeneration.groups.
  39. 39. PGT FOR MILAN
  40. 40. THE GREEN AMPHITHEATE RP The design of a green roundabout for a better traffic circulation with a particular environmental attentionO Design Unit at the Politecnico of TurinP Turin [Italy]Y 2008T Gustavo Ambrosini and Guido Callegari [tutors]// The traffic increase in the northern Turin, Entrances of these four footpaths aregenerated by the presence of new touristic fluxes particularly underlined by corten surfaces,to the Venaria historical residences and to Caselle that made them more visible, even in foggyInternational Airport, causes the need of the days.implementation of a infrastructural system,with new highways and new intersections. // The final result is a sort of greenThe proximity to a little neighborhood of the project amphitheater, that is able to re-define thearea for the new roundabout implies a particular plain landscape of the marginal area with aattention to the character of the new space and the good integration with infrastructural system.presence of a pedestrian circulation.// The project introduces a new public spaceinside the complex roundabout, terraced andseven meters under the street level, which, like alittle and intimate park, allows to protect from theunderground highway view and to balance theair pollution.In order to allow the pedestrian permeabilitybetween the four different direction, fourfootpaths have been designed, made by woodtexture pavings and connected together by acentral platform, a kind of public square rightabove the park.
  43. 43. S U P E RUR BA NO. UR BA NP Curator Assistant for the catalogue of the International Exhibition about urban sustainable architecture in the Barbara Cappochin International Biennial of Architecture, edited by MarsilioO METROGRAMMAP Padua [Italy]Y 2011T Andrea Boschetti, Michele De Lucchi, Leopoldo Freyrie, Giovanni Furlan [tutors]// The official catalogue of the Barbara CappochinInternational Biennial of Architecture - V edition - isedited by Marsilio Editore and curated by AndreaBoschetti, Michele De Lucchi, Leopoldo Freyrieand Giovanni Furlan.Inside, nineteen exemples of virtuos urbantransformations all over the world, aboutregeneration in cities and revitalization ofabandoned public spaces.// All the projects are divided into threecathegories:- sustainable city, with projects with a particularattention to sustainable use of energy and greenmaterials;- smart city, with projects related to the use ofnew technologies and ingrastructural systems;- inclusive city, with projects involved in therealization of new public spaces open to everyone,with no distinction of gender, age or abilities.
  45. 45. M I L A NO PA R T E C I PA . A W E BP A research for a social web-based platform for the Municipality of Milan, for a new and dinamic dialogue between citizens and municipalityO Grammatiche Metropolitane PUBBLICITÀ MILANO PARTECIPA PUBBLICITÀP Milan [Italy] nome utente password ACCEDI vuoi registrarti? hai dimenticato la password? HOME CHI SIAMO COMUNE MILANOY 2011 BENVENUTO NEL NIL 28 seduta di quartiereT Andrea Boschetti, Alberto Francini SERVIZI [tutors] + _ BISOGNI PETIZIONI intervista a monica IDEE _ NIL 28 200 m 1000 ft// The PGT for Milan - Territorial Government apre una nuova libreriaPlan - , designed by Metrogramma, introducesa new element in urban planning: a NIL - which PROFILO NIL 28 CHI SIAMO Mangia e pedala al Parco !stands for ‘nucleo di identità locale’, local identitydistrict -, that represents a neighborhood, withprecise boundaries defined by cultural identity TEMI > VIABILITÀ (45)and local costumes and habits. post/blog > VERDE (39) > ATTUALITÀ (78) > SERVIZI (98)In order to improve the awareness by the > MOBILITÀ (38) > EVENTI (23) > SPORT (18) Quando si pensa a Milano si ha in mente una grande città con poco verde. E’ una lieta sorpresapopulation of this new instrument of territoril sapere invece dell’esistenza di una vasta area comprensiva di verde e di attività agricole. > VITA NOTTURNA (48) Questa fascia a forma di semi-anello è il Parco Agricolo Milano Sud, nato per salvaguardare le - attività agricole, le colture e i boschi. leggi tutto... CALENDARIO EVENTIgovernment and organization, the urban postato da MARCO G. | 13 aprile 2011 | letto 176 volte CONDIVIDI QUESTO ARTICOLO! 15 commenti 23 voti INVIA IL TUO VIDEO!observatory ‘Grammatiche Metropolitane’ designeda platform, not only web-based but also with some APPLICAZIONI DEL NIL searchreal dispositives on the territory, called MILANOPARTECIPA. ASSOCIAZIONI & ORGANIZZAZIONI DEL NIL search// It’s a new platform, composed also by a part + postato da MARCO G. | 13 aprile 2011 | letto 176 volte 15 commenti 23 votivery similiar to a local social network, by which CONDIVIDI QUESTO ARTICOLO! INVIA IL TUO VIDEO! PUBBLICITÀcitizens can dialogue with the local government search GLI AMICI DEL NILin order to ask for something or to propose new DIVENTA FAN SU FACEBOOK DELLA PAGINA NIL 28! likeactivities or to improve the actual situation of theneighborhood. LE ATTIVITA’ DEL NILMILANO PARTECIPA is a real prototype, which attività di quartierecan be improved by new tools and applications and partnership con attività localican be applied to other cities all over the world as LINK UTILIa strong instrument of participation in urban Comune di Milano - ZONA 4planning for a better social cohesion. BIKEMI postato da MARCO G. | 13 aprile 2011 | letto 176 volte 15 commenti 23 voti CONDIVIDI QUESTO ARTICOLO! Bus by night INVIA IL TUO VIDEO!
  46. 46. P L AT F O R M F O R C I T I Z E N S MILANO PARTECIPA pay off CHI SIAMO NIL 28 - Milano, ZONA 4 coordinate 45° 27’ 11.71’’ N 9° 13’ 15.77’’ E residenti 21.932 ab - + _ - _ 200 m 1000 ft indirizzo o NIL PUBBLICITÀ MILANO PARTECIPA PUBBLICITÀ PUBBLICITÀ MILANO PARTECIPA PUBBLICITÀ nome utente vuoi registrarti? vuoi registrarti? HOME NIL 28 HOME CHI SIAMO password ACCEDI hai dimenticato la password? HOME NIL 28 HOME CHI SIAMO nome utente ACCEDI hai dimenticato la password? password LA MAPPA DEI BISOGNI DEL NIL 28 LA MAPPA DELLE IDEE DEL NIL 28 CULTURA 35 IDEE PER TEMI SERVIZI SICUREZZA 76 SERVIZI ambiente + _ BISOGNI RELIGIONE 12 + _ BISOGNI infrastrutture inserito da FRANCO Z. PETIZIONI AMMINISTRATIVO 35 PETIZIONI ARTE NEI CORTILI città SPORT 76 IDEE ABBANDONATI IDEE INFRASTRUTTURE 12 inserito da ANNA G. trasporti _ NIL 28 “qua servirebbe SANITÀ 35 _ NIL 28 davvero una salute 200 m farmacia!!! ” CASA 76 1000 ft 200 m TURISMO 12 1000 ft sicurezza ISTRUZIONE 23 danni VERDE 48 MERCATI 9 AGGIUNGI UN BISOGNO! HO UN’IDEA!LA BANCA DEL TEMPO Una festa di quartiere per riappropriarsi dello spazio pubblico TEMI Scarica l’applicazione per ARTE NEI CORTILI ABBANDONATI SMARTPHONE!Attraverso la Banca del Tempo puoi aiutare anchetu il quartiere a diventare più ricco, fornito e vot a ! > CULTURA (64) a ! votattrezzato: dona il tuo tempo e ricevi in cambio > SICUREZZA (55)quello dei tuoi vicini di casa! > RELIGIONE (12)#01 > AMMINISTRATIVO (7) Pubblicato in Bacheca da ANNA B. > SPORT (13) Oggi, alle ore 14.00 > INFRASTRUTTURE (19) > SANITA’ (24) TOTALE IDEE OFFRO AIUTO POMERIDIANO > DESCRIZIONE NELL’ASSISTENZA AD ANZIANI E BAMBINI > CASA (45) Installazioni d’arte temporanee 457 > TURISMO (16) > ORA E LUOGO > ISTRUZIONE (22) Via Tacito#02 > VERDE (19) Lunedì 12 aprile 2011, h 10.00 > POSTATO DA Pubblicato in Bacheca da GIACOMO F. > MERCATI (33) Franco Z. Tra qualche giorno, in Via Cadolini si terrà ‘Seduta di Quartiere’, un evento organizzato 15 aprile 2011, alle ore 17.00 dall’Associazione Culturale Distretto Creativo NIL 28 per gridare a gran voce la necessità di IDEE REALIZZATE riappropriarsi dello spazio pubblico cittadino da parte degli abitanti del quartiere stesso... CERCO AIUTO MANUALE PER PULIZIA ESTERNA leggi tutto... LE OFFERTE DEL TUO NIL! IMMOBILE DA DANNI CAUSATI DA IGNOTI PER SAPERNE DI PIU’ postato da MARCO G. | 13 aprile 2011 | letto 176 volte 15 commenti CONDIVIDI QUESTO ARTICOLO! 23 voti 59 rispondi alla richiesta... INVIA IL TUO VIDEO! CONTATTA L’AUTORE#03 Pubblicato in Bacheca da KATIA R. postato da MARCO G. | 13 aprile 2011 | letto 176 volte 15 commenti 23 voti 15 aprile 2011, alle ore 10.00 CONDIVIDI QUESTO ARTICOLO! INVIA IL TUO VIDEO! OFFRO AIUTO PER COMPITI ESTIVI PER BAMBINI DAI 7 AI 15 ANNI LE IDEE PIU’ VOTATE a ! AGGIUNGI UN’INSERZIONE 245 voti vot GUARDA LA BACHECA 198 votiI BISOGNI PIU’ VOTATI 156 votiVota i post che più esprimono le mancanze nel postato da MARCO G. | 13 aprile 2011 | letto 176 volte 15 commenti 23 votiquartiere: i 5 bisogni più votati verrannoportati in Comune! CONDIVIDI QUESTO ARTICOLO! 130 voti INVIA IL TUO VIDEO!#01 105 voti riappropriazione dello spazio pubblico#02 necessità di nuovi spazi verdi 88 voti#03 pedonalizzazione di viale umbria 60 voti#04 nuove postazioni BIKEMI postato da MARCO G. | 13 aprile 2011 | letto 176 volte 15 commenti 45 voti 23 voti#05 CONDIVIDI QUESTO ARTICOLO! più CAR SHARING per tutti! INVIA IL TUO VIDEO!I BISOGNI REALIZZATIOgni anno il Comune realizza 5 bisogni, in base LINK UTILIalle esigenze della comunità. Ecco quelli realizzati: Comune di Milano - ZONA 4 a !#01 pista ciclabile viale molise vot BIKEMI#02 recupero dell’ex plasmon Bus by night#03 Vigili del fuoco nuovi centri di recupero#04 Servizio AMSA nuovi sportelli comunali di NIL postato da MARCO G. | 13 aprile 2011 | letto 176 volte 15 commenti 23 voti#05 CONDIVIDI QUESTO ARTICOLO! CAR SHARING ecologico INVIA IL TUO VIDEO!
  47. 47. LO G O SP Logos for AssociationsO Grammatiche MetropolitaneP Milan [Italy]Y 2011T Andrea Boschetti, Antonella Florence, Alberto Francini, Leopoldo Freyrie, Nicola Russi [tutors]// The urban observatory ‘Grammatiche Metropolitane’- literally ‘Metropolitan Grammars’ - was born in January2011, founded by Andrea Boschetti, Antonella Florence,Alberto Francini, Leopoldo Freyrie, Nicola Russi.One of the goal of the cultural association is to investigateon urban transformation and cities new researches, bydifferent instruments, such as editory, events, publicationsand projects about communication.The logo has been designed starting from the suggestioncoming from the old typing machine, used in the past inschool books and in first grammars texts; it stands for aparallel between first grammars concepts in a languageand basic and necessary principles in urban planning.// NIL28 is a cultural association of designers,architects and artists in different fields; born in March2011, thanks to the support of ‘Grammatiche Metropolitane’,it was founded by four creative offices - dotdotdot, SergioColantuoni, Controprogetto and Metrogramma - , in order tomake the inhabitants of NIL28 - a precise neighborhoodin Milan - aware of the presence of a rich network ofcreativity all around them.More than thirty offices of architecture and design arecurrently ordinary members and the logo has beendesigned as a territorial scheme of the three networks -architects, designers and artists -, as they are linked in theneighborhood.
  48. 48. grammaticheg e t rm m a l i tc h em r a opo t i anemetropolitanegrammaticheg e t rm m a l i tc h em r a opo t i anemetropolitane
  50. 50. URBAN PHOTOGRAPHYP Street photography in Manhattan, NY [USA]Y 2010
  51. 51. MANHATTAN COLLAGESP Collages of different neighborhoods in Manhattan, NY [USA]Y 2010
  53. 53. SEDUTA DI QUARTIE REP Organization of a neighborhood street party in order to improve the dialogue between citizens and artistsO Grammatiche MetropolitaneP Milan [Italy]Y 2011T Andrea Boschetti, Antonella Florence, Alberto Francini, Leopoldo Freyrie, Nicola Russi [tutors]// ’Seduta di Quartiere’ can be defined as a realstreet party as in the English ‘tradition’.It was the first initiative promoted by NIL28 andits thirty creative members: a 130 meters longtable, made by recycled wood, divided intothirty single table for the thirty offices artisticinstallations.The long table occupied a public space in ViaCadolini in Milan, during the ‘Salone del Mobile’,one of the most important event in Milan, relatedto design world.The ‘Salone del Mobile’ usually takes place in thecity center of Milan, while ‘Seduta di Quartiere’took place in a pheripherical area of Milan, as aunconventional event.The aim of the event was to start a new dialoguebetween citizens and artists of the neighborhoodby sitting at the same table, eating, playing andwatching performances all together.The only rule: take your own seat!
  54. 54. BAMBOO FOR EME RGENCYP Leader student in the organization of a series of three workshops, an exhibition and a conference about a bamboo module for emergencyO Politecnico of TurinP Turin [Italy]Y 2010T Nuccia Maritano Comoglio, Angela Lacirignola and Irene Caltabiano [tutors] with S. Peditto and M. Severini [working team] and with S. Martin and J. Savarese [designers of the bamboo module]// As group of students from the Politecnico ofTurin, thanks to the Fund for students activities,we builded a bamboo prototype in Turin in May2010.The aim was to promote the use of bamboo asa building material, expecially in emergencyconditions for instant shelter.Thanks to the collaboration with two architects,it was possible to build a ‘box’ for emergency,by which assembly a bamboo repair, made bymodules.The organization of the entire bamboo sessionwas constitued by three workshops for thirtystudents for each one, a conference and anexhibition, which took place in the Castello delValentino in Turin, with all the materials of the‘learning by doing’ process.