SAP Project Management: Major Responsibilities And Key Task


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Normally call as ASAP -One of the Methodology for Implementing SAP. Here we will discuss the major risk factor involved in Project Management,role and responsibilities of Project Team and opportunities.

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SAP Project Management: Major Responsibilities And Key Task

  1. 1. SAP Project ManagementRisk, Task and Responsibilities
  2. 2. Contents.. Contents       Major risks factor to SAP project Accelerated SAP (ASAP): An overview Accelerated SAP (ASAP) Roadmap 1 & 2 Setting up the program organization Project Management team's Task and Responsibility Triple Constraints Balancing for Successful SAP project
  3. 3. Contents.. Major risks factor to SAP project Major risks factor to SAP project : Introduction to SAP Project Management  Inadequate sponsorship  Poor/slow decision making  Poor/no scope definition  Inadequate attention to change management  Lack of cooperation between business areas/departments  Poor use of consultants  Inappropriate resources  Unrealistic goal  Poor project management
  4. 4. Contents.. Accelerated SAP (ASAP): An overview Normally call as ASAP -One of the Methodology for Implementing SAP: ASAP consists of five high-level phases or milestones:      Project Preparation Business Blueprint Realization Final Preparation Go-Live and Support
  5. 5. Contents.. Accelerated SAP (ASAP) Roadmap -1 According to standard ASAP Methodology, the below is included the Roadmap and brief content like in literature; Phase 1 – Project Preparation  Change Charter  Project Plan  Scope  Project team organization Phase 2 – Business Blueprint  AS is Process document  To be process document
  6. 6. Contents.. Accelerated SAP (ASAP) Roadmap -2 Phase 3 – Realization Master Lists – Define business scenarios and R/3 transactions to be realized in the system.  Configuration  BPP – Business Process procedures  Unit testing & documentation  Development Programs  Training Material Phase 4 – Final Preparation  Stress & Volume tests  Cutover Plan – The details of how to move to the production environment and go live.  Conduct End User Training Phase 5 –Go live & Support  Go- live & Support
  7. 7. Contents.. Setting up the program organization
  8. 8. Contents.. Project Team's Task and Responsibility Project Management team : The members of the project management team have to be 100% available for project work. Tasks and responsibilities :  Implementing the project.  Communicating, coordinating, and controlling the projects.  Evaluating and deciding about functional issues.  Configuring and customizing the system.  Training and supporting project members and users.  Documenting the project.  Reporting to the project manager.
  9. 9. Contents.. Triple Constraints   Balancing for Successful SAP project Balancing scope, time, and money is often among the biggest responsibilities of the project manager. These factors are considered the three sides of the project triangle. Project Scope - Articulating the specific work to be done for the project.  Project Time - Setting the finish date of the project as well as any interim deadlines for phases, milestones, and deliverables.  Project Project Cost - Calculating and tracking the project costs and budget . 
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