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J Greene Portfolio 2008
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J Greene Portfolio 2008


Published on

I like to describe my work as …

I like to describe my work as
'designed information experiences'

Published in: Design, Business, Technology

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  • 1. designed information experiences Visual Culture Mass Information User Behavior Jeffrey Greene interactive art direction & UI design portfolio 2008
  • 2. ice d m ov ie do wn lo ad se rv Designed de sig ne r of on -d em an cr ea tiv e di re ct or & le ad • cl ic ks ta r (c st ar .c om ) Words and image must be of one goal, and communicate a singular message. Simple organization and clear visual hierarchy lead the eye. • ID D sa m pl e do c; w ir ef ra m e co nc ep ts fo r v3 .0 di sc ov er y in te rf ac e an d 10 fo ot Vi st a in te rf ac e Jeffrey Greene interactive art direction & UI design
  • 3. ic T V se ri e s e ct o r o f e p is o d ir r, w ri te r & co -d d e si g n d ir e ct o • i: :d e s ig n • new wav e e n t e r t a in m e n t a r t d ir e c ti o n , m o ti o n g r a p h ic s & d e s ig n fo r D V D, HD-DVD , & B lu - R a y Jeffrey Greene interactive art direction & UI design
  • 4. • Quicklook TV concept and UI for interactive TV (in development) Information Learn from the brain. Be simple, intuitive and playful. UI: Good user interfaces are increasingly necessary to sort and filter vast amounts of information ‘Everything all the time’ begets the ‘paradox of choice.’ UX: Behavioral archetypes are ystem ntry s more fertile than demographics. data e w and o workfl At different times, we are all tions, a notific hunters, gatherers & wanderers. eless wir email/ • Jeffrey Greene interactive art direction & UI design
  • 5. • R e v e la ti o n s E n te r ta in m e n t d e s ig n o f w e b s it e fo r fi lm p ro d u c ti o n c o m p a ny an ce an d si te m ai n te n ea sy si te u p d at es fo r u b lis h in g sy st em m p le d o c, w eb p ID D sa • Jeffrey Greene interactive art direction & UI design
  • 6. Experiences There is still always a real-world ‘experience’ economy. New media compliments it, but does not replace it. • ((move)) dvd s e ri e s a n d 5 .1 d a n c e c lu b ; T e c hno Space dvd co n ce p t a n d p ro du ce r w it h P io n e e r a n d D o lb y L a b s T V sh o w w e b si te ; H o ll yw o o d A ve lo p e in n e r is ’ C D e n ve o f ‘. .. a n d th e w ti o n d e si g n & fa b ri ca rt s A w a rd s S P N A c ti o n S p o •E Jeffrey Greene interactive art direction & UI design
  • 7. r lin es , str ee t ex its , et c. nn el au dio ‘p oin ts’ to ot he A co m pl ia nt ) mu lti -c ha di o Si gn ag e (c on ce pt - AD • Au Jeffrey Greene interactive art direction & UI design
  • 8. jeffrey greene designed information experiences • ‘Karma’ writer/director; 2nd place winner ProjectFAIR • Jersey Docs weekly promo package • OP p.o.p. display design for flat-mailed CD stand • ‘The Parking Garage’ script for short film for Toyota • Museum of the African Diaspora Toussaint L’Ouverture Jeffrey Greene interactive art direction & UI design
  • 9. sample idd documents ClickStar Revelations Entertainment Quicklook Jeffrey Greene interactive art direction & UI design
  • 10. User Experience Site Map Sub-Categories Channels Close-Ups New CStar All CStar Take the CStar Home Now Playing Releases Originals Movies Tour User Experience Danny All JDocs Jersey Docs Now Playing Confidential Movies Peter’s Golden Age Now Playing All Golden Screening Age Movies of Movies Room This section will focus on CStar’s front-end user All Our Space interface, and will detail the overall approach and Our Space Now Playing Thoughtspots Movies strategies we employed to satisfy our target users: Lonely Now Playing Reviews Hearts 10 Items Behind-the- Now Playing Scenes or Less CStar HD Now Playing One Six Right All HD Movies Sony Action Comedy Drama Family Horror Sci-Fi Thriller Now Playing Coming Soon Pictures See All Action Comedy Documentaries Drama Family Horror Musicals Sci-Fi Thriller Now Playing Staff Picks Movies My Collection CStar Originals Jeffrey M. Greene, Creative Director First Time Here? August 2007 38 User Experience User Experience search promote purchase home page flow item page Content Organization The unlimited ‘shelf-space’ of the internet creates an A cornerstone of CStar’s v.1.0 strategy was the interesting dilemna:This provided a ANYWHERE ANYTIME can be concept of CHANNELS. ANYTHING way to GUIDE users through the huge choice of titles, as well as creating overwhelming.createa BRANDS. organizing all this content, we an opportunity to As way of borrow a familiar concept from television: CHANNELS. aring A cornerstone of CStar’s v.1.0 strategy was the concept of CHANNELS. This provided a way to GUIDE users through the huge choice of titles, as well as creating an opportunity to create BRANDS. v.1.0 launch 3.0 concepts Our ARTIST-CREATED CHANNELS take advantage of the STAR POWER that our founders have access to and give users a peek at the movie collection of their favorite stars. STUDIO CHANNELS feature titles in a way consistent with a studio’s existing and valuable BRAND,..from the big majors to the small independents. Beta 2 .0 PERSONALIZED CHANNELS allow the user to program and manage their own library. The following pages will illustrate the evolution of CStar: from Launch v.1.0 to a Beta 2 redesign, and forward to concept prototypes for a 3.0 1 which gathers the tremendous amount of knowledge we acquired in this still nascent field of broadband movie delivery. v. launch 2.0 3.0 xx 5
  • 11. User Experience User Experience search search promote purchase home promote purchase home page flow item page flow item page page Navigation Presentation All CStar content is organized into CHANNELS. The A more streamlined programming strategy gives the vertical ‘remote control’ nav bar is a familiar visual cue user a more intuitive understanding of the site. that suggests entertainment. A denser PROMOTE TEMPLATE increases ‘stickiness’ and reduces the In the Beta 2 redesign,, the left side ‘REMOTE’ is given more weight, number of clicks necessary to get to desired content. It also reduces and a text message of PICK A CHANNEL is added. Likewise, the the number of sub-categories necessary in each channel. SUB-CATEGORIES have less prominence to the user’s eye and recede into the background. More promotes translates to longer time on each page, as do TABBED BOXES, which offer quicker, immediate access to dynamic information However, the goal of any navigation should be to be invisible. Linking (new releases, top downloads, contests, etc,). The denser layout also should happen primarily through promotes as much as possible. improves the visual hierarchy by juxtaposing the larger B promote with the much smaller 7-Bar Thumbnails. We also efforted better messaging of ‘free’ and ‘exclusive’ content (previews; articles) to highlight our distinguishing features that cannot be found elsewhere. 1 2 Studies have posited that internet users utilize An interim mock-up (left) illustrates the ‘F’ an ‘F’-shaped eye pattern when scanning a pattern by putting rich featured content along the page. (MediaPost Search Insider, June 12, 2007) top, site navigation horizontally along the middle, The vertical ‘remote’ does not subscribe to this and SEARCH at the bottom left. and may account for initial user confusion. 12 13 User Experience User Experience search search promote purchase home promote purchase home page flow item page flow item page page User Profiles 10’ Vista An important bridge between DISCOVERY and A more television-friendly approach to the SHARING is the concept of TAGSETS. 10’ experience focuses on CHOOSE AND WATCH, leaving BROWSE AND DISCOVER to the 2’. Many movie fans are collectors, and love to show off and display The TV remote control offers precious few moves- LEFT RIGHT UP their prized possessions. TAGSETS are the digital version of this: DOWN ENTER. This, however, can be used to SIMPLIFY the user-generated tags that let you list, label, manage, and share any organization of content. Fewer navigational levels and fewer movie on CStar: screens are a must when designing a TV-based interface. GOT IT SEEN IT WANT IT The desire to move away from a page-oriented site on the 2’ dovetails nicely with a new 10’ concept, as do the capabilities of But even better than your living room library, not only can you Windows Media Center on Vista. show off what movies you own (like an endless DVD shelf), but also show friends what movies you’ve seen, and even what you Sliding, spatial transitions are intuitively more understandable and want to see. provide a less confusing, more pleasant navigational experience. The real fun comes when you SHARE TAGSETS. Your icons can be overlaid globally, so wherever those thumbnails appear, so do your tags. So while browsing, I can see what movies my cousin might want for his birthday, or what movies Morgan Freeman has been watching lately, or even remind myself of what I want to see. 1 1 An internal analysis of Apple’s iTunes/iPod shows TAGSETS include ratings, a comments field, that an inter-device experience can be consistent and the ability to create customizable lists while not identical. Simply put, you cannot buy a which appear on the USER PROFILE page. song on an iPod. That is left to the iTunes computer TAGSETS are also sortable, and can act as interface. It’s a 2-part system: DISCOVER AND BUY customizable tools to creat personalized media on one. CHOOSE AND LISTEN on the other. managers, reminders, and filters. Similarly, we BROWSE AND BUY at and CHOOSE AND WATCH on the TV. 15 17
  • 12. User Experience User Experience search promote purchase home page flow item page Site Art Style Guide Page Types Publishing templates used on CStar Specifics on Page Templates and Art Assets The site is built around a global nav and 4 main templates: PROMOTE PAGES ITEM PAGES LIST VIEWS ARTICLE PAGES 25 26 User Experience search User Experience search promote purchase home page flow promote item purchase home page page flow item page Promotes Global Art Specifics on B; C; E; Thumbnails 2/7/10 Specifics on Global Nav Art and Font Styles Every movie title gets a standard set of images “Ferris Wheel’ Channel Sprites- created from the art we receive. 336 pixels x 39 pixels We attempt to distinguish ourselves by having our Font Usage feature promote spaces (B & C) horizontally- Idle Rollover Active composed, in keeping with the aspect ratio and B loader- DIN SCHRIFT -ENGSCHRIFT - ALL UPPERCASE FOR CHANNEL AND CATEGORY NAMES imagery of the film. 445 pixels x 250 pixels ‘Carousel’ Category Sprites- HELVETICA BOLD - TITLE TEXT (HEX# 1F1B53) variable x 141 pixels Only in List View do the thumbnails resemble DVD Idle key art. Helvetica- body text Rollover Helvetica- body href (hex #43439B C promote- 240 pixels x 180 pixels Active Thumbnails- TN7- 60 pixels x 87 pixels TN10- 232 pixels x 160 pixels TN2- 153 pixels x 105 pixels Background- 1000 pixels x 842 pixels 28 27
  • 13. User Experience User Experience search search promote purchase home promote purchase home page flow item page flow item page page Dynamic Content Borders & Messaging Each Artist-Created and Studio Channel has custom To compliment the ‘title-specific’ borders on its promotes to further brand and movies promotes, we also distinguish them. The SWOOSH denotes exclusive or populate the page with other FREE content across the entire site. quicker, cursory information: top downloads lists, new releases, trivia, and 7-Bar article teases. Editorial Boxes - E1 (left)- articles; E2 (right) CStar messaging Our Space Portal Border Jersey Docs Distessed Border Golden Age Deco Border Lists Box 31 30 User Experience User Experience Pure Discovery Looking Ahead: 3.0 GROUPINGS offer a clear and scalable organizational strategy that practically bursts with SURPRISE AND DELIGHT. Concepts for a new interface and user experience that continue to expand a user’s ability to GROUPINGS creates an interface that mimics the more SHARE and DISCOVER. associative, ‘fuzzy’ way the brain relates things to each other and learns. Any movie can belong to 5 or 15 or 50 groupings: GREAT CINEMATOGRAPHY or BREAKOUT ROLES, or MOVIES IN SPACE. Or even the more familiar ACTION or ROMANCE or BIO PICS. By surrounding each movie with all its associated groupings, a user intuitively keys in on what particularly interests them about the film, and quickly and accurately DISCOVER other similar titles. GROUPINGS facilitate unexpected juxtapositions, and reward the user with WHY they are related. GROUPINGS are transparent, flexible, and open to user contribution. Add INTELLIGENCE to it and you have an extremely powerful RECOMMENDS engine. 1 Like wandering the aisles of a store, people enjoy the jolt As an example, the aviation film ONE SIX RIGHT will of the UNEXPECTED. When you go to a video store to rent appear alongside CITIZEN KANE in a GREAT SIN CITY, you’ll walk by new releases and the bargain bin CINEMATOGRAPHY grouping, but next to FAHRENHEIT and even the M’s and T’s and other S’s before glancing 911 in a Documentaries group. Or the SURPRISE of SIN CITY. Odds are you’ll walk out with another movie or seeing 300 and MAN WITH THE GOLDEN ARM, two very two based on what else catches your eye. GROUPINGS different movies, both appear in a GREAT MUSICAL are an intelligent and dynamic application of this. In effect, SCORES grouping. they are ‘SMART’ shelves. 19 20
  • 14. HOME PAGE SITE NAVIGATION Navigational categories The REVELATIONS HOME PAGE The navigational MENU is clear, Digital Morgan Film & TV About Us shouts ‘WE MAKE MOVIES.’ the FEATURES STRIP shows top Revelations Freeman The imagery is inspirational and movies and articles, and a QUICK distinctive, and the emotion-filled LINK pull-down menu gives direct tagline is prominent. access to any movie. The site strives to give visitors a Link to a Movie The 4 nav categories are: well-rounded look at the entire Morgan Freeman 10 Items or Less process of moviemaking, and a Film & TV Rendezvous with Rama peek at the people who make up Digital Revelations Tagline Jazz Ambassadors the Revelations team. About Us also links to Under Suspicion About Us page It’s as much of a ‘magazine’ feel as The Code Each leads to an index page with the slow pace of filmmaking and the one featured piece of content Levity realities of updating will allow. Yet it teased and a listed archive of the The Lonely Maiden must stay fresh and full of energy, rest. Remembering Venice so visitors (and investors) feel like Bopha REV is buzzing with activity. However, as we’ll see, Mutiny DISCOVERY is encouraged xxxxxxxxx through RELATED LINKS moreso xxxxxx xxxxxxx than menu navigation. FEATURES STRIP contains 5-9 links, showing 4 at a time. Scrolls automatically after 10-15 secs. Also User navagable with arrows. QuickLink Pulldown Direct access to individual movie titles. To keep clicking and unique pages to a minimum, expandable fields will be used when possible. The TRAILER video player and PHOTO GALLERIES will keep you on the movie page and reduce any back-tracking. Click to close 1:04 / 1:53 Photos
  • 15. WEBSITE PUBLISHING FORMS WEBSITE PUBLISHING FORMS REVELATIONS WEBSITE PUBLISHING FORM user: JEFFREY GREENE log out The main building block of the The Revelations web site is meant to be site are MOVIE PAGES, which MOVIE PAGES CREATE NEW MOVIE PAGE a tool, not simply an archive. Think of it back to main track information over the entire as a public-facing project management lifespan of a project. The STATUS DATE TITLE HOME PAGE STATUS system. In order to make it a tool, in dev in prod released of the movie (IN DEVELOPMENT; REVELATIONS WEBSITE show strip position updating must be EXTREMELY SIMPLE. IN PRODUCTION; IN RELEASE) PUBLISHING FORM 10 Items or Less X 06.2006 The goal below is an easy-to-use web Along Came A Spider 3.1997 X dictates which information is publishing interface where information is 4 please log in: The Code X 08.2007 X displayed and how. entered, previewed, and published live Feast of Love xx.xxxx X The Human Factor xx.xxxx X to the site. The data is translated to This index page lets you CREATE The Jazz Ambassadors 2 xx.xxxx X X dynamic and flexible page templates CREATE / EDIT MOVIE PAGE Levity xx.xxxx X a new movie project or EDIT an automatically. Lonely Maiden xx.xxxx X X 1 existing one from the list of all CREATE / EDIT ARTICLE PAGE Memory of a Killer xx.xxxx X movie projects. Quick links Mutiny xx.xxxx X FRONT PAGE identify their current status and a Remembering Venice xx.xxxx X CREATE / EDIT STAFF PAGE The front page has a user log-in to track Rendezvous with Rama xx.xxxx X X 2 checkbox indicates if they should changes and a simple menu of options. Surprise xx.xxxx appear in the home page strip. The taxonomy of the site is kept simple Under Suspicion xx.xxxx X to allow easy updates and organization: edit category front pages There are only MOVIE PAGES or ARTICLE PAGES. Higher level validation may be required for to create a MOVIE PAGE, for example, than to EDIT an article page. WEBSITE PUBLISHING FORMS WEBSITE PUBLISHING FORMS REVELATIONS WEBSITE PUBLISHING FORM user: JEFFREY GREENE log out CREATE NEW MOVIE PREVIEW PUBLISH TO WEB back to movie index IN DEVELOPMENT data tab: REVELATIONS WEBSITE PUBLISHING FORM user: JEFFREY GREENE log out TITLE The default status after creating a ARTICLES INDEX PAGE do not show CREATION DATE ARTICLE PAGE PREVIEW PUBLISH TO WEB back to articles index new movie is IN DEVELOPMENT. in development in production released STATUS REVELATIONS WEBSITE PUBLISHING FORM The other type of page on the user: JEFFREY GREENE log out OFFICIAL SITE URL do not show Here the basic information starts TITLE REVELATIONS WEBSITE PUBLISHING FORM user: JEFFREY GREENE log out site is an ARTICLE PAGE. STRIP TITLE / TEXT CREATE NEW MOVIE PREVIEW PUBLISH TO WEB back to movie index BY to be gathered: TITLE, KEY ART, DEVELOPMENT phase RELEASE phase PRODUCTION phase These are listed with ARTICLE PAGES AFFILIATION CREATE NEW ARTICLE back to main do not show TITLE SHORT DESCRIPTION, DATE quicklinks to the CATEGORY CREATION DATE # SHOOTING DAYS DATE STARTED EXTERNAL URL DATE TITLE HOME PAGE AUTHOR in development in production released ATTACHED TALENT, etc. These STATUS PRODUCERS STRIP TITLE/TEXT it is part of and also whether OFFICAL SITE URL show strip position FINANCIERS are living documents that expand 3 X 06.24.2008 X Revelations at Cannes Festival Ryan Dornbusch STRIP TITLE / TEXT it should appear in the strip ACTORS TEXT 5+ X 02.18.2008 X Utah Saints: Report from Sundance Jeffrey Greene as the movie moves towards PRODUCTION phase RELEASED phase DEVELOPMENT phase on the home page. X 12.23.2007 The Code Wraps Shoot Lori McCreary DIRECTOR X xx.xxxx Tkdnwef fsf fgts sdfsd dfb fd sdf sdf Tracy Mercer reality. SHORT DESCRIPTION (75 words max) WRITERS X xx.xxxx LKJNE fd sdf f gdssadf gghnfgb sd sd fgn Torin Rea CREW X xx.xxxx JKefrfgd gdgsd dfvdsffsd Tdfgver dfvdsfvfda NEW ARTICLE PAGE X xx.xxxx Jgdrg fthsd sdf dsfb gbndfsdfgb gn dfsd Lfvsdfgv dfrgvsadfg IN PRODUCTION data tab: ATTACHED TALENT These pages are simple X xx.xxxx xx.xxxx vsrfv fverfvewarfv X xx.xxxx X 5+ The Future of Moviemaking Sam Edge When a movie is greenlit, its LOCATIONS HTML forms for the X xx.xxxx Morgan on the set of The Bucket List Morgan Freeman STATUS is changed to IN xx.xxxx sdfergsdf sfdvsdfvds xx.xxxx PRODUCTION NOTES surrounding content on the ANNOUNCMENTS 1 choose article PRODUCTION. More information site. choose article 2 fields become available for input ANNOUNCEMENTS 1 choose article and display. CAST, CREW, 3 STRIP IMAGE choose article Choose file... choose article 2 (285 x 185) LOCATIONS, ON-SET PICS more choose article 3 gallery, etc.. The published movie IMAGES KEY ART Choose file... (137 x 200) page changes to a new template create new gallery Choose file... IMAGES to reflect this added info (though STRIP ART Choose file... more (285 x 185) not all info entered needs to be seen live).
  • 16. WHY WAIT FOR THE CREDITS? The Quicklook experience is flexible and easy. You command what you see and when you see it... NOW I want to know With a simple click, the QUICKLOOK view appears. Just scroll up or down with your remote to show info on the ACTORS, the QUICKLOOK TV LOCATION, the MUSIC....CARS, icon indicates more info available CLOTHES....even the recipe for 1968 Ford Mustang 390 Fastback; CONFIDENTIAL © 2008 Jeffrey Greene 1968 Dodge Charger R/T 440 Magnum making Sasparilla. If it’s in that scene, it’ll show up on the bottom of the screen- as the movie keeps playing! No disruption. ...NOW Vehicles if you want more information (like maybe a map LATER. ....or wait til Steve McQueen drives a 1968 Ford Mustang 390 of the car chase in BULLITT) If you can wait until the end of the movie, you’ll be asked if you Fastback. An accomplished driver, he actually drove one last click automatically some of the chase, but did in fact have a stunt driver want to go to the SCENE LIBRARY, where you’ll be able to pick from your GRABS and easily find (Ed Peck) for some of the chase pauses the movie and brings the answers to your questions. up the DETAIL view. This lets more... you forward more detailed Your Quicklook request is here YOU’RE IN CONTROL Location info and links to your email, IM, or cell phone for later starring The scene from “Bullitt’ you grabbed was shot John Tavolata perusal.... around San Francisco, CA. James Gandolfini links for more information: Selma Hayek Click to see all Bullitt locations Jared Leto Do you want to view your Scene Grabs now? THIS IS INTELLIGENT CONVERGENCE and Scott Caan Let the television offer instantaneous bits of info without disrupting the experience of the program. In the Basement Assistant Director Leave the more intensive and focused work for later on the computer.
  • 17. QUICKLOOK WORKFLOW QUICKLOOK DATA ENTRY FORMS - MASTER INFO FIELDS AND SCENE GRID (phases 2 & 3) 0 REQUEST MOVIE FROM STUDIO digital file THE MAN FROM LARAMIE PG 1941 Paramount Studios visible timecode 52 01:36:43 (TRT) Title ID: 012345 EPK / documentation Total # Scenes MASTER INFO FIELDS receive assets MASTER INFO FIELDS Enter data from credits and studio actors 1 documentation. MOVIE PREP load movie into server Tab-separated text feeds pull-down menus watch movie location (see below). grab, print & OCR credits into electronic form create new movie project in database music scene breakdown (mark TC ins/outs) week 1 2 SCENE BREAKDOWNS SCENE GRID FIRST PASS Status grid shows visible categories for 1 2 3 Scene 4 5 , 6 , 7 , 8 , 9 , 10 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 49 5 0 51 52 ‘At the saloon’ 00:05:21 - 00:06:06 mark visible categories for each scene each scene, whether data is needed ( ) enter master info from credits and studio docs actors add actor.... or data is entered ( ). print out status grid for initial review 5 weeks per title; 6-8 at a time Expandable tabs for quick access to data location add location.... review for individual scenes (timecode and nickname pulled from previous screen) 3 music add music.... EXTERNAL RESEARCH Pull-down menu to choose info from external research (web, books) master list- allows global changes and weeks 2, 3, 4 vehicles add vehicle.... direct contact (email, phone) minimizes mistakes and repetitive fill in remaining fields re-entry. clothes/decor add clothes.... 4 Further expandable fields for IM/email QC detail text, links and screenshot food & drink add food.... fact check / spell check / links check week 5 publish data set to live server tech notes add tech.... publish QUICKLOOK DATA ENTRY FORMS - PUBLISH DATA (phase 4) QUICKLOOK DATA ENTRY FORMS - SCENE BREAKDOWN (phase 1) MOVIE HEADER THE MAN FROM LARAMIE PG 1941 Paramount Studios Title; Ratings; Year of Release; Studio; TRT Title ID: 012345 Total # Scenes Title ID THE MAN FROM LARAMIE PG 1941 Paramount Studios 52 01:36:43 (TRT) Title ID: 012345 Total # Scenes SCENE BREAKDOWN TC Out SCENE BREAKDOWN Scene # TC in TC out Nickname Last Scene # TC In Last Nickname Enter timecode (TC) for end of scenes only. : : 00 : 00 : 00 : : : : 1 21 (automatically fills in same time as start of : : : : next) : : : : 2 22 PUBLISH TO BLU-RAY 2.0 SPEC : : : : : : : : 3 23 Enter nickname for scene. : : : : : : : : 4 24 : : : : : : : : 5 25 Identify final scene (check box) PUBLISH TO DIGITAL CABLE SPEC 01 : : : : (this info then feeds # of scenes and Total : : : : 6 26 Run Time (TRT) in Header) : : : : : : : : 7 27 : : : : : : : : 8 28 : : : : : : : : 9 29 : : : : : : : : 10 30 : : : : : : : : 11 31 : : : : : : : : 12 32 : : : : : : : : 13 33 ADDITIONAL WEB FEATURES : : : : : : : : 14 34 : : : : : : : : 15 35 email providing detailed info also : : : : : : : : 16 36 links to that title’s Quicklook movie page. : : : : : : : : 17 37 : : : : Games/trivia contests within email of new : : : : 18 38 : : titles : : : : : : 19 39 : : : : : : : : 20 40 Ability to sort info by category, across scenes, and cross-referenced across other titles (ie. all movies shot in Wyoming or with Toyotas). Share interesting info and links or share with friends (”Where was _________ shot?”)