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collection of design work

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Portfolio Gert Jan Smit

  1. 1. _portfolio gert jan smit
  2. 2. _index projects_faculty of architecture_dwellingLIVING+_villaTERRAZA_crystalice design museum_visualisations archigert
  3. 3. _architecture graduation project : faculty buildingThis new faculty is located in the centre of the Mekelpark. The park, the urban project name : Architecture Facultycontext, is used to divide the program into two parts; a private part with studios location : TU DELFTand offices for architecture students and teachers and a public part, known as ‘de- function : faculty buildingsign factory’, with big public functions for all students and also for the companies concept : cities divide by contextin Technopolis. This public part also contains the auditorium and a conference cen- status : final designtre. The public part is partially hidden underground and designed like a city. The year : 2010private box is floating above the urban context and designed around a atrium.
  4. 4. aula TU Delft + bibliotheek Den Haag Rotterdam Schoenmakersstraat Rotterdamseweg BK faculteit + SBC N Nurbanism orientation | zonering urbanism start/end mekelpark | bk faculty at end of park PRIVATE PRIVATE BK PUBLIC PUBLIC PRIVATE PRIVATE PRIVATE PUBLIC PUBLIC PUBLIC PRIVATE PRIVATE PUBLIC PUBLICarchitectural concept | mekelpark represented by grey arrow
  5. 5. GRENS studios studios studios studios BK conference library BK formstudy laboratories architectuurstudent bezoeker publieke functies ontmoetingen [publiek] werken [prive] GRENSicon continious exposition two different users Meeting vs. workfaculty of architecture | shot from mekelparkl
  6. 6. LECTUREHALLS entrance bycicle shed patio patio patio entrance LIBRARY patio FORMSTUDY entrance bycicle shedlight concept | city square designpublic-1
  7. 7. concept1. creative entrance 2. bufferzone library3. icto street 4. RESTo street
  8. 8. FLEX/LOUNGE STUDIOS STUDIOS STUDIOS OFFICES FLEX/LOUNGE OFFICES FLEX/LOUNGE FLEX/LOUNGE STUDIOS STUDIOS STUDIOS FLEX/LOUNGEmedina concept studios street + stairs STUDIOS STUDIOS STUDIOS STUDIOSmedina concept studios GRENS ontmoetingen [publiek] werken [prive] GRENSwork [private] vs meetings [public] street + lounge
  9. 9. photos model studios and f lex/lounge places along facadephotos model facade and entrancesection over two staircases
  10. 10. facadekritisch detail onderrand detail
  11. 11. _Dwellingliving+ organic analogyIn the old Sphinx area in Maastricht this masterplan is designed for working, culture project name : Studio SMLand living. The buildingshapes are based on a central grid. Each building is formed location : Maastrichtby shifting the volumes on this grid with snake-formed buildings as a result. One function : living + culturebuilding, a combination of culture and dwelling is designed into detail. The build- concept : organic analogying has a cultural layer for expositions on the fourth floor with entrances through status : final designa stairlibrary. Dwellings are designed as a combination of livingspace and atelier- year : 2008space. The outside facade is hard, inside the facade is more soft and friendly.
  12. 12. masterplan conceptvisualisations
  13. 13. layers typologies visualisations
  14. 14. _villaterraza multi layered functionsNieuw Leyden is a new dwelling masterplan in Leiden. For a family, two parents and project name : villaTERRAZAtwo children, a house with different areas and functions is designed. The first layer location : Nieuw Leydenis a parking place and a working area. The second layer is the sleeping area. Living function : living + workis placed on the third floor. The smaller top area is a layer with loung activities and concept : multi layered functionsa terrace. Central element is a staircase of glass for both vertical transport and status : final designlight transport. Different functions are divided through different height levels. year : 2006
  15. 15. TERRACES TRANSPORT DIVISION of FUNCTIONS RELATIONS FACADE different floors for different functions vertical transport through staircase each function on different floor horizontal over floors from flat panel into 3-dimensional facade staircase centre point division of heigth vertical through staircaseconcept ENTRANCE / WORKING SLEEPING LIVING LOUNGING entrance outside / parking garage sleeping area parents kitchen hobby area office area sleeping area children dining area music room bathroom living area roof terraceplans
  16. 16. _crystalice building as sculptureThe building is an icon in Business Centre Zuidas. The most important work of art project name : Design Museum Zuidasfor this Amsterdam Design Museum is the museum itself. The building is formed as location : Zuidasa sculpture like an iceberg. The routing around the museum and to the entrance is function : museum + officesone big exposition with the building as central work of art. The sculpture is based concept : building as sculptureon triangular elements. The horizontal elements are towers with special busines status : final designfunctions. The vertical elements are the exposition space and the galleries. year : 2005
  17. 17. MUSEUM as PIECE OF ART most important collection item routing is exposition of museum itself LOCATION battle with other buildings museum as iceberg FUNCTIONS red = museum / expostion black = business / offices plans MUSEUM freeform iceberg object expostion of art in itselfconceptmodel facade
  18. 18. _archigert visualisationsArchigert is a young and ambitious studio working on designing, visualizing and studio : archigertpresenting architecture, urbanism and infrastructural elements. location : delftSpecializations are: professional computer visualisations, both exterior and interi- website : www.archigert.nlor. Archigert also works on design proposals, both designing and detailing. Anotherarea is real estate; presenting floorplans in 2D and 3D and making brochures forreal estate agents.
  19. 19. botanic glasshouse botanic glasshouse auditorium buildingartist in residence competition noise barrier zaanstad wolfstanden burgerveen
  20. 20. _portfolio gert jan smit archigert gert jan smit de groene haven 129 2627 CC DELFT the netherlands archigert@gmail.com 06 15 63 73 26copyright delft by archigert, january 2011
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