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  • 1. Enterprise and Service Provider
    Contact Center
    www.cohtechnologies.com | info@cohtechnologies.com
  • 2. About Us
    Leading providers of Customer Interaction Management Solutions
    • Patent Pending Technology
    • 3. Powering over 400 clients globally
    • 4. Billions of calls processed and thousands of active users
    • 5. 100s of Self-Help, Outbound, Inbound & Blended processes
    Increasing global channel and customer footprint
    • Presence across India, Philippines, Middle East, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Indonesia
    • 6. Marketing, Engineering, and Award-winning Support units
    Recognized by leading industry bodies
    • NASSCOM IT Innovation award winner (2008) for Market-facing innovation
    • 7. IP Contact Center Technology Pioneer Award from TMCnet
    • 8. Awarded best ACD, Outbound, Customer Supportin APAC by Contact Center World 2008.
    • 9. Deloitte fastest 500 in Asia-Pac (2008)
    • 10. Red Herring top 100 Finalist
    • 11. NASSCOM Emerge 50 – 2009
    Productivity |
    www.cohtechnologies.com | info@cohtechnologies.com
    www.cohtechnologies.com | info@cohtechnologies.com
    www.cohtechnologies.com | info@cohtechnologies.com
    www.cohtechnologies.com | info@cohtechnologies.com
  • 12. Valued Customers across Domains
  • 13. AMEYO –The All-in-One Communication Suite
    Software based Technology
    • Java based server application.
    • 14. Based on open standards (SIP, ISDN, XML, XMPP).
    • 15. SOA & MDA based.
    • 16. Benchmarked standard systems
    All-in-one pre-integrated solution
    • Feature rich
    • 17. Inbuilt CRM, Voice-Logger, Reporting, ACD, IVR, Dialer, CTI, QM, CM tools
    • 18. Tools to innovate and value-add to business
    Reliable | Scalable | Extensible | Future-Proof | Best ROI | Best Technology Partner
  • 19. AMEYO –IVRS
    Key Features
    • Self-help service with TTS and ASR
    • 20. IVR Node Flow Designer with Scripting Capabilities
    • 21. Multi-language Support
    • 22. E-mail/SMS/Fax Integration
    Advanced features
    • IVR Route Mapping of Customer
    • 23. IVR Jump
    • 24. Customizable IVR prompts
    • 25. Agent Greetings
    Create custom-call flows with a GUI based easy to use interface
    A library of nodes provides for step by step creation of complex or simple call flows
  • 26. IVRS Proposition
  • 27. Client Requirements
    Client Needs a solution which
    • Provides better services to the public by improving CC unit
    • 28. Meets all customer needs and respond to their constructive feedback in an ongoing manner.
    • 29. Provides for a multi-lingual IVR for self service by customers.
    • 30. Is a robust information dissemination system that has mass reach which is centrally monitored
    • 31. Leverages increase in literacy rate and telephony penetration
    • 32. Is a system that is simple, cost-effective and relevant
    IVRS to be utilized to assist citizens to
    • Make authorities accountable
    • 33. Enable communication and information on state of affairs
    • 34. Get information on routes/nearest bus/fastest route/Tourism buses/cabs/FARES..
    • 35. Giving customers more avenues for support and Reduce dissatisfaction
    • 36. Effortless tracking of available resources for efficient resource based allocation
    • 37. A future ready system, that is easy to implement and equally easy to scale-up
  • Process Flow
    • Caller calls up the IVR
    • 38. Seeks information on transport system
    • 39. Information can be for routes/nearest bus/fastest route/Tourism buses/cabs/FARES
    • 40. Caller will voice in the information required (like language option, information required, fare query etc)
    • 41. The IVR integrated with DB which is further integrated with VTS system
    • 42. VTS system keeps real time track of vehicles and their positions
    • 43. The VTS will regularly update on the location and the time required for the vehicle to reach the destination
  • Inbound IVRS
    Query Via IVRS
    A query related to status, presence, fare, distance, time filed via IVRS
    Customer files query via IVR
    System generates query response and puts the details in a repository
    System confirms the status via IVR announcement
    Information on vehicles with location
    CAB / BUS
    Real time status Update
  • 44. Drishti’s Ameyo – Solution Offering
    IVRS (Interactive Voice Response System).
    • Provides new and relevant information services
    • 45. Supports multiple languages
    Multi-lingual IVRS provides
    • Complete, reliable and high performance software solution
    • 46. Users can create their personalized service comprising of localized updates, distance advisory, news and fares in the local language of their choice.
    A complex IVR that incorporates
    • Multi-lingual support
    • 47. Enables skill-based routing.
    • 48. Includes a unique feature called Personalized IVR based on recognition of interaction history for language appropriation (Upon request with added PS charge)
  • Benefits to Customer –Drishti Competence
    • Auto-Attendant connects the caller with the appropriate department/destination or query responder
    • 49. Notification solution to quickly deliver time-critical information to customers.
    • 50. Risk Management and Reduction record call audio for records or transcription, secure confidential information, and authenticate and verify callers
    • 51. Custom IVR create custom IVR applications for any requirement or project.
    • 52. Enables achievement of higher operational efficiency & higher customer satisfaction.
    • 53. Facility to ensure accurate Information for Reporting
    • 54. Manage resources to ensure the right people are focused on the right things
    • 55. Track incident reports and track complete history of incident until completion’
    • 56. Maximized First Call Resolution
    • 57. Provided Service Level Management over multimedia channels
  • Drishti’s Ameyo – Solution Components
    • Software Licenses
    • 58. Automatic Call Distribution (For managing inbound calls)
    • 59. IVR System (For self-service)
    • 60. Voice Logger (For recording voice based interactions and Supervisory and QM roles)
    • 61. Reporting (For Quality Monitoring, Analysis)
    • 62. CRM/CTI (For managing farmer interactions)
    • SMS Gateway Integration
    • 63. CRM / DB integration
    • 64. Ticket System
    • 65. VTS integration
    Other Components
    • Product Customizations
    • 66. AMC
    • 67. Professional Services
    • 68. Setup and Training
  • Award Winning 24X7 Support
    Online Ticketing System
    • Multimedia Support – Chat, E-mail, Phone
    • 69. Create, edit operations
    • 70. Visibility of action
    • 71. Logging and tracing
    • 72. Auto-escalation by the system
    • 73. Complete tracking from anywhere via http://dca.drishti-soft.com
    • 74. Feedback Management
    • 75. Single Portal for Service & Support
    • 76. High responsiveness and accountability
    • 77. Eliminates delay
    Awarded best ACD, Outbound, Customer Supportin APAC by Contact Center World 2008
  • 78. BookMyShow – Network 18
    India’s largest ticketing portal for films, concerts, shows
    Business Requirements
    • Automated Ticket Booking System through Single pan India number 39895050
    • 79. Process Automation
    • 80. Customizable IVR
    • 81. Regional Movie Updates
    Solution Implemented
    • Dynamic IVR/ACD implemented with reporting and voice logging and inbuilt CTI
    • 82. Integration with multiple systems like CRM, ASR, Database
    • 83. Payment gateway integration
    • 84. Transaction ID Generation & SMS Confirmation
    • 85. Easy change of movies, shows in the IVR via a GUI-based interface
    • 86. CLI-based routing for regional movie information
    “Drishti'sadvanced technology platform, Ameyo, proved to be just the right solution that could understand our workflow, and address the core issues in order to achieve process automation while lowering operational and transaction costs. We look forward to Drishti’s support in future too.”
    Parikshit Dhar
    Director (IT)
  • 87. Dial 1298 – Ambulance
    Nationwide network of Life Support Ambulance Service
    • Need for efficient and affordable ambulance system
    • 88. Resource based allocation with equitable mapping
    • 89. Independent ambulance system with real time tracking for faster response time
    Key Features
    • Computer Aided Dispatch System (CAD)
    • 90. Records the details of an emergency incident including location
    • 91. Finds the next available ambulance and dispatches the ambulance.
    • 92. Single location setup
    • 93. Catering to calls from Multiple regions with multiple DID’s
    • 94. Regional language IVR
    • 95. Interaction management system
    • 96. Location mapping using Google maps and AVTS
    • Reliability of service
    • 97. Usability of resources
    • 98. Efficient Performance delivery
    • 99. Supportability of existing healthcare infrastructure
    • 100. Smooth integrated Implementation
    • 101. Ease of usage Interface
  • G S Management – Rural IVR
    A Business services company, delivering business value through services in vertical markets
    • More than 72.4% of Indian population in rural areas.
    • 102. Need for a mass-reach information system
    • 103. Requirement for a simplified, cost-effective and relevant solution
    Mobile phone-based information service for farmers to be
    Key Features
    Drishti's Ameyo communications suite became the advanced solution enabling this at an unbeatable cost.
    • Supporting 7 regional languages
    • 105. Personalized service comprising of localized weather updates, crop advisory, agricultural rural news and market prices
    • 106. Achieving extremely low costs per transaction
    • Leverage information technology for individual as well as community benefits.
    • 107. Provides filtered information to the needs of a rural user in a language he understands through normal telephone beyond any terrestrial boundaries.
  • ISO 9001-2008 certified
    Accr. no. MSYS 013
    Thank You
    Corporate Office
    Cohesive Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
    97, IIIrd Floor, FIE, Patpargunj Ind. Area, Delhi – 110092
    Board No. : 011 - 49400000
    Branch Office:
    Bangalore I Chennai I PuneI Kolkata I Mumbai I Punjab