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  • 1. Hardware:Input / Output Devices
  • 2. Input Devices An input device is any hardwarecomponent that allows you to enterdata and instructions onto acomputer. Six Widely used inputdevices are the keyboard, mouse,microphone, scanner, digital cameraand PC video camera.
  • 3. Output Devices An output device is any hardwarecomponent that conveys informationto one or more people. Threecommonly used output devices are aprinter, a monitor and speakers.
  • 4. BIOS Acronym for basic input/outputsystem, the built-in software thatdetermines what a computer can dowithout accessing programs from adisk. On PCs, the BIOS contains allthe code required to control thekeyboard, display screen, diskdrives, serial communications, and anumber of miscellaneous functions.
  • 5. Keyboards & Mice Logitech $18.99-$199.99 Microsoft $29.99-$142.99 Dynex $16.49-$53.99 Kensington $29.99-$69.99 Rocketfish $18.99-$99.99 Apple $29.99-$69.99 Targus $24.99-$43.99 Razer $56.99-$94.99 Spectra $7.99-$25.99 Dynamism $79.99-$179.99 Ideazon $39.99 Saitek $69.99 Thanko $44.99
  • 6. Scanners Epson $104.99-$549.99 Hewlett $99.99-$199.99-Packard Xerox $332.49-$995.99 Canon $159.99 Neat Receipts $199.99 Visioneer $75.99
  • 7. Microphones Sony $49.99-$75.99 Cyber Acoustics $16.99 Logitech $31.99 Rocketfish $24.99 Shure $121.94
  • 8. Monitors LG $209.99-$499.99 Samsung $249.99-$549.99 Hewlett $199.99-$599.99-Packard Acer $199.99-$549.99 Envision $169.99-$279.99 Westinghouse$209.99-$549.99 Gateway $199.99-$679.99 eMachines $114.99-$209.99 Apple $599.99-$899.99 Compaq $114.99 Mag $249.99 Velocity Micro $369.99
  • 9. Printers Hewlett $49.99-$699.99-Packard Canon $49.99-$849.99 Brother $99.99-$399.99 Epson $89.99-$399.99 Panasonic $299.99 Lexmark $89.99-$249.99 Kodak $149.99-$299.99 Samsung $249.99
  • 10. Speakers Logitech $52.99-$79.99 Cyber Acoustics $14.99 Insignia $22.99-$49.99 Altec Lansing $99.99 Rocketfish $49.99-$79.99 Bose $99.99-$399.99
  • 11. Slide Projectors Optoma $699.99-$1799.99 Epson $599.99-$1349.99 InFocus $599.99-$949.99 Sharp $799.99-$899.99 Toshiba $899.99-$1299.00
  • 12. Cost Effective Routes for I/ODevices Whether the use of a I/O device is for the officesecretary, the store manager or the homeentertainment buff and gamer. Input and Outputdevices no matter their purpose have a number aroutes that these users can go to get the devicesfor better than average prices. Most of the datathat I collected I obtain from browsing BestBuy’swebsite.
  • 13. -Home Users-Home Users can purchase a television with HDMIinputs so that the T.V. can double as a monitoras well.Insigna 26” flat screen HDtelevision with 2 HDMI inputs$522.99LG 24” widescreen flat-panelLCD monitor$499.99
  • 14. Continued…Home users can also purchase in bundles insteadof items individually. Such as a Mouse andKeyboard bundle where you get both togetherinstead of buying them by themselves.
  • 15. -Office Use (Secretary)-Along with the home use the secretary as well couldtake advantage of the keyboard and mousecombo but along with that for document use inthe office she could look for all-in-one printer,scanner and fax machine.When compared to thecheapest scanner, laser printerand fax whose prices follow:$75.99, $125.99 and $59.99.The all-in-one is a muchbetter deal and price for officeuse.
  • 16. Store ManagerStore mangers if handy and price conscious wouldprobably think to look for the best prices onequipment needed. If they were to look on theinternet for a new Bar-Code Scanner then theywould find there are quite a few bargains to befound.Scanners can befound online from$15.00 to $500.