A History Of Public Employees Toastmasters


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We were chartered as Public Employees Toastmasters in June of 1989. Bi-weekly meetings are held from noon - 1 PM, in the Saint Paul City Hall Annex.

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A History Of Public Employees Toastmasters

  1. 1. A History of Public Employees Toastmasters Public Employees started because Tom Kuhfeld and Don Sobania took Dick Hedman, the consummate Toastmaster seriously about having a club at the City Hall Annex. With all the speaking engagements Public Works and other city employees are involved in, many can benefit from the advantages of Toastmasters. This area (City Hall Annex and Courthouse) has many people in City, County, District Energy and other private organization with many employees who many be interested in joining this club. The group found a sponsor (a person with toastmaster credentials willing to show up and lead a club). He was John Blackstone, currently working for the Water Utility. Dick Hedman of Public Works was our mentor. John Blackstone was a member of the Heritage Toastmasters at the Army Corps of Engineers. Dick Hedman was member of a Toastmaster club in Minneapolis. Once the Toastmaster club was started at the City Hall Annex, there were no real problems in getting 20 people to join in order to “charter” the club. With the connections the core members had, the club experienced a number of outside employees who became members and influenced the group with diversity. Mayor George Latimer came to our charter party. We were chartered as Public Employees Toastmasters in June of 1989. Up until the present time Public Works Department employees have been the main group from which this club has received its members, but the diversity has grown as the club has continued to exist. As manager, Tom Kuhfeld and Don Sobania were in a position to encourage several employees like me (Duane Jagiello, Charter member) to take the plunge and practice speaking which our jobs required. I owe those folds for instilling in me the desire to enjoy my work, especially by improving my communication skills, which will last a lifetime. Now it is your turn to learn more about improving your communication skills. Remember, it will last a lifetime as well as some good times along the way. Respectfully submitted Duane Jagiello, Charter member October 20, 2005