Arborfield school review committee proposal


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Arborfield school review committee proposal

  1. 1. January 16, 2012Arborfield School Review Committee members: Mike Wassill Corrina Kapeller Erin Gray Alois Bronner Marilyn Johnson Helen Soucy Jo-Ann Edwards Munden Coates Dan Mielke
  2. 2. Preamble Inception in 1931. Current building constructed in 1947. Further additions in ‘59, ‘65, ‘82, ‘88, ’91 increased the size to 34 000 square feet. Building has a 10 yr old roof, some new windows and stucco, numerous electrical retrofits, new furnaces, drainage control and meticulous janitorial services.
  3. 3. Our Facility Our building offers... A full size gymnasium. Two state of the art computer rooms. A fully equipped wood shop. A home economic lab. Science lab. Well stocked library/resource center. 7 large, technology integrated, classrooms. 3 multiuse classrooms. A sparsely furnished staff room. Office space. Fully wheelchair accessible.
  4. 4. Our facility (cont’d) Our facility/community also offers... A safe and well maintained playground. 2 ball diamonds. A volleyball court and track facilities. Bordering our property are... Curling and Skating Rink. Community Hall. Public Library. Town Office. 36 businesses offering a variety of goods and services. We have turnkey privileges to both rinks and the hall.
  5. 5. Bussing About ½ our students are bussed to our facility. Currently, our longest bus route is 30 minutes. Community survey indicated that there was a concern about longer bus routes (67% of respondents).
  6. 6. Our Proposal Our review committee would like to present the following proposal for your consideration. It is our belief that this proposal presents the most viable, effective and efficient solution to address the problems faced by both our school and Ecole Zenon Park School.
  7. 7. Background Our proposal is the culmination of many hours of meetings and research including... Public meetings with the communities of Arborfield and the SCC for Ecole Zenon Park School. Public presentations in Arborfield and Zenon Park. Meetings with MLA Fred Bradshaw, board member Ted Kwiatkowski and North East School Division support staff. A review committee was formed and they issued a community/student survey to gather data on a draft amalgamation plan. Further meetings and analysis of the survey data have fed into the proposal we present today.
  8. 8. Arborfield School Review Committee Proposal The Arborfield School Review Committee would like to propose the following: 1. An amalgamated school between Arborfield and Zenon Park to be housed in Arborfield School, which would serve the educational and cultural needs of both communities. 2. That the Board merge Arborfield School with Ecole Zenon Park School with a new name, signage, logo, etc. 3. This proposal will allow for fewer multigrade classrooms, more in house offerings of core subject areas. 4. It will also create opportunities for a more effective use of the industrial arts and home economics facilities. 5. Complete extra curricular programming will be restored for all students.
  9. 9. How do we address potential language issues? With an Enhanced Core French program. The following points will outline our vision of “Enhanced Core French” in an amalgamated school. 1. The primary language of instruction be English and an Enhanced Core French program be implemented at all levels. From the outset there would be mandatory French classes in primary classes, with optional classes in grades 4-12. As primary students move into elementary and high school classes, French instruction continues. 2. Any senior students would have the opportunity to take distance learning classes or Advanced Placement to complete their bilingual certification.
  10. 10. 3. Almost immediately, some courses like Phys-Ed, Industrial Arts, Home Economics and Math could incorporate a French component. The vision is that in 4- 5 years, students will have access to bilingual instruction in most courses. 4. All students completing the Enhanced Core French program will be strongly encouraged to write the DELF (Diplome d’etudes en Francais) proficiency test to certify their ability to function in the French language. (DELF is an internationally recognized French language certification).
  11. 11. 5. An educational support person be hired to help teachers with French instruction. 6. A French Club be started for non-French speaking parents and students to practice the language. 7. All signage, announcements, student lead conferences and official publications would be in both languages. 8. At its essence, Enhanced Core French is a bold educational initiative that will develop an environment where students learn to function in both official languages.
  12. 12. Results of the Community/Student Survey A draft of the aforementioned proposal was presented to the stakeholders. They were questioned on the merits of schooling in Arborfield. Predictably a huge majority preferred to have students attend Arborfield School (94%). The most telling piece of data from the survey was the 80% support for an amalgamated school offering Enhanced Core French.
  13. 13. Would you support an amalgamated school with an enhanced or basic Core French Program? Community Survey Student Survey
  14. 14. Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Challenges Analysis
  15. 15. trengths 1. Our proposal addresses the full educational needs of both communities. 2. There is no need for additional infrastructure. 3. Attainment of maximum use of Arborfield’s facilities; Industrial Arts, Home Economics, Accessibility Features, Labs. 4. An amalgamation would be based on a model that has been working in our schools for years. We have shared French Classes, Industrial Arts, Home Economics, Drivers’ Education, Pre School and Extracurricular opportunities and facilities.
  16. 16. 5. The bus routes that are in place now are sufficient, no student will spend extended time on the bus. 6. Qualified teachers and support staff are already present in the schools. 7. Student to teacher ratio will better reflect the divisional mean. 8. Fewer online classes and fewer multi-grade classrooms will be needed. 9. North East School Division maintains one school in the geographic center of the division. trengths
  17. 17. 1. Zenon Park will lose their school, but Ecole Notre- Dame-Des-Vertus maintains a K-12 presence in the community. 2. Our proposal cannot include French Immersion; but Enhanced Core French plus locally developed options, online elective credits, family involvement, DELF provides full certification of one’s ability to function in the French language. 3. A transition period will be required to upgrade students’ French skills. eaknesses
  18. 18. 4. Some senior teachers from both schools are not bilingual. However, an Education Support Person would play an important role in assisting these teachers. 5. Arborfield School has no stage. However, our community hall is at our disposal. 6. We have only anecdotal evidence that our proposal would be supported in Zenon Park. eaknesses
  19. 19. 1. We believe that our proposed amalgamation creates a synergistic education experience to what is being offered in the two separate schools. 2. Our proposal permits the two communities to work together for the students. It also creates opportunities to build and foster lasting partnerships between the school, provincial, national and international organizations. 3. This is an opportunity to return quality French education to Arborfield School. 4. Our proposal provides and efficient and effective use of staff, facilities and bussing. pportunities
  20. 20. pportunities 5. Our proposal offers a model for cooperation between 2 communities as opposed to wholesale closure of 2 rural schools. 6. Our plan provides the North East School Division with an economically viable option for maintaining a school between the two communities.
  21. 21. 1. The transition will require the work of a sensitive and competent staff. 2. Two groups of parents will have to unite to perform the essential duties of a new School Community Council. 3. We are creating a unique kind of school. 4. If the two communities do not act now, there may not be another opportunity. hallenges
  22. 22. Conclusion We feel we have made a compelling argument for the North East School Division to continue to maintain a facility that serves Arborfield and Zenon Park. We recognize that a change from the present situation is necessary. We offer our community’s commitment to make this proposal work.