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Nasf 2013 partners in community forestry final
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Nasf 2013 partners in community forestry final


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Published in: Spiritual, News & Politics

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  • Good morning. I’d like to thank the Arbor Day Foundation for the opportunity to welcome you to the Partners in Community Forestry meeting on behalf on the National Association of State Foresters.
  • Three organizations represent regionalized State and Territorial Forester interests and work closely with each other, NASF and partner organizations on natural resource and policy issues.
  • There are seven active committees in NASF, each having regional representation.
  • The urban and community forestry committee represents divergent community interests across the United States. Whether we are learning about exotic pest issues /controls of pests in tropical urban and community forestsOr getting updates from our regional UCF coordinator regional representatives and national NGO partnersOr visiting working habitats such as the wild land urban interface in Edmond and the survivor tree at the Murrah federal building in Oklahoma CityOr working closely with our federal partnersOur committee is interested and involved in all aspects of community forestry in all size communities
  • At the heart of gettingour work done at the state and community level are the state urban and community forestry coordinators. These folks are the people who work to develop key partnerships at the grassroots level and keep state and federal UCF programs growing and maintaining. Working closely with them in states and islands are volunteer coordinators. State staff cannot be effective environmental stewards alone.
  • This is a brief and incomplete listing of important partnerships. Read slide. Please join in with us by meeting your state UCF staff here or back home.
  • This iswho we are and what we do. So, welcome to the Partners in Community Forestry Meeting. We are all lucky to be able to meet in a great facility and also to be able to interact with professional and practitioners across the spectrum (constituency) of urban and community forestry. Please take some to interact with, learn and share informationwith your fellow meeting goers as you take your place as part of the national network community stewardship. Thanks.
  • Transcript

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    • 3. R onal St at e For est er O gani zat i ons egi r Council of Western State Foresters (CWSF) Northeastern Area Association of State Foresters (NAASF) National Association of State Foresters (NASF) Southern Group of State Foresters (SGSF)
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    • 6. St at e U ban and C m t y For est r y r om uni C di nat or s oor Volunteer coordinators
    • 7. I M R N PA TN SH PS PO TA T R ER I Feder al – nat i onal and r egi onal of f i ce U F C pr ogr am coor di nat or s N i onal at and N O Gs – Al l i ed non-pr of i t or gani zat i ons St at e and Local – com uni t y and r egi onal nonm pr of i t or gani zat i ons and N O st at ew de U F G s, i C counci l s and r esi dent s